Map of Fayette County School District Elementary School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

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List of Elementary Schools in Fayette County School District Kentucky

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Arlington Elementary School40505Lexington92.42%
Ashland Elementary School40502Lexington53.47%
Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School40509Lexington13.81%
Breckinridge Elementary School40502Lexington88.30%
Cardinal Valley Elementary School40504Lexington92.14%
Cassidy Elementary School40502Lexington33.13%
Clays Mill Elementary School40503Lexington27.85%
Coventry Oak Elementary School40511Lexington74.95%
Deep Springs Elementary School40505Lexington85.37%
Dixie Elementary School40505Lexington61.67%
Garden Springs Elementary School40504Lexington51.88%
Garrett Morgan Elementary School40509Lexington35.39%
Glendover Elementary School40502Lexington51.89%
Harrison Elementary School40507Lexington93.06%
James Lane Allen Elementary School40504Lexington80.37%
Julius Marks Elementary School40502Lexington72.59%
Lansdowne Elementary School40517Lexington82.03%
Liberty Elementary School40509Lexington44.10%
Mary Todd Elementary School40505Lexington86.59%
Meadowthorpe Elementary School40511Lexington50.69%
Millcreek Elementary School40517Lexington77.69%
Northern Elementary School40505Lexington86.05%
Picadome Elementary School40504Lexington67.27%
Rosa Parks Elementary School40513Lexington13.40%
Russell Cave Elementary School40511Lexington84.91%
Sandersville Elementary School40511Lexington48.60%
Southern Elementary School40517Lexington67.11%
Squires Elementary School40515Lexington65.13%
Stonewall Elementary School40503Lexington28.37%
Tates Creek Elementary School40517Lexington78.18%
Veterans Park Elementary School40515Lexington26.46%
Washington Elementary School40508Lexington87.27%
Wellington Elementary School40503Lexington39.48%
William Wells Brown Elementary School40508Lexington94.47%
Yates Elementary School40505Lexington84.20%

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