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List of Elementary Schools in Fayette County School District Kentucky

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityTitle 1 Status
Arlington Elementary School40505LexingtonYes
Ashland Elementary School40502LexingtonYes
Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School40509LexingtonNo
Breckinridge Elementary School40502LexingtonYes
Cardinal Valley Elementary School40504LexingtonYes
Cassidy Elementary School40502LexingtonNo
Clays Mill Elementary School40503LexingtonNo
Coventry Oak Elementary School40511LexingtonYes
Deep Springs Elementary School40505LexingtonYes
Dixie Elementary School40505LexingtonYes
Garden Springs Elementary School40504LexingtonYes
Garrett Morgan Elementary School40509LexingtonNo
Glendover Elementary School40502LexingtonYes
Harrison Elementary School40507LexingtonYes
James Lane Allen Elementary School40504LexingtonYes
Julius Marks Elementary School40502LexingtonYes
Lansdowne Elementary School40517LexingtonYes
Liberty Elementary School40509LexingtonYes
Mary Todd Elementary School40505LexingtonYes
Meadowthorpe Elementary School40511LexingtonYes
Millcreek Elementary School40517LexingtonYes
Northern Elementary School40505LexingtonYes
Picadome Elementary School40504LexingtonYes
Rosa Parks Elementary School40513LexingtonNo
Russell Cave Elementary School40511LexingtonYes
Sandersville Elementary School40511LexingtonYes
Southern Elementary School40517LexingtonYes
Squires Elementary School40515LexingtonYes
Stonewall Elementary School40503LexingtonNo
Tates Creek Elementary School40517LexingtonYes
Veterans Park Elementary School40515LexingtonNo
Washington Elementary School40508LexingtonYes
Wellington Elementary School40503LexingtonNo
William Wells Brown Elementary School40508LexingtonYes
Yates Elementary School40505LexingtonYes

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