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List of Middle Schools in Montgomery County Public Schools Maryland

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityTitle 1 Status
Argyle Middle School20906Silver SpringYes
Baker Middle School20872DamascusNo
Banneker Middle School20866BurtonsvilleYes
Briggs Chaney Middle School20905Silver SpringYes
Cabin John Middle School20854PotomacNo
Clemente Middle School20874GermantownYes
Eastern Middle School20901Silver SpringYes
Farquhar Middle School20832OlneyNo
Forest Oak Middle School20877GaithersburgYes
Francis Scott Key Middle School20903Silver SpringYes
Gaithersburg Middle School20877GaithersburgYes
Herbert Hoover Middle School20854PotomacNo
Julius West Middle School20850RockvilleNo
King Middle School20874GermantownYes
Kingsview Middle School20874GermantownNo
Lakelands Park Middle School20878GaithersburgNo
Lee Middle School20902Silver SpringYes
Loiederman Middle School20906Silver SpringYes
Montgomery Village Middle School20886Montgomery VillageYes
Neelsville Middle School20876GermantownYes
Newport Mill Middle School20895KensingtonYes
North Bethesda Middle School20817BethesdaNo
Parkland Middle School20853RockvilleYes
Poole Middle School20837PoolesvilleNo
Pyle Middle School20817BethesdaNo
Redland Middle School20855RockvilleYes
Ridgeview Middle School20878GaithersburgNo
Robert Frost Middle School20850RockvilleNo
Rocky Hill Middle School20871ClarksburgNo
Rosa Parks Middle School20832OlneyNo
Shady Grove Middle School20877GaithersburgYes
Silver Spring International Middle School20910Silver SpringYes
Sligo Middle School20902Silver SpringYes
Takoma Park Middle School20910Silver SpringNo
Tilden Middle School20852RockvilleNo
Westland Middle School20816BethesdaNo
White Oak Middle School20904Silver SpringYes
Wood Middle School20853RockvilleYes

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