Map of Clark County School District Elementary School Race and Ethnicity

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List of Elementary Schools in Clark County School District Nevada

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityMajority Race/Ethnicity
Abston Elementary School89147Las VegasHispanic: 28%
Adams Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 66%
Adcock Elementary School89107Las VegasHispanic: 66%
Alamo Elementary School89139Las VegasAsian: 24%
Allen Elementary School89149Las VegasWhite: 51%
Antonello Elementary School89031North Las VegasHispanic: 47%
Bailey Elementary School89122Las VegasHispanic: 51%
Barber Elementary School89183Las VegasHispanic: 37%
Bartlett Elementary School89074HendersonWhite: 39%
Bass Elementary School89183Las VegasHispanic: 32%
Batterman Elementary School89148Las VegasWhite: 30%
Beatty Elementary School89123Las VegasWhite: 34%
Beckley Elementary School89121Las VegasHispanic: 74%
Bell Elementary School89102Las VegasHispanic: 52%
Bendorf Elementary School89147Las VegasHispanic: 30%
Bennett Elementary School89029LaughlinHispanic: 40%
Berkley Elementary School89148Las VegasWhite: 26%
Bilbray Elementary School89143Las VegasWhite: 48%
Blackhurst Elementary School89179Las VegasWhite: 37%
Blue Diamond Elementary School89004Blue DiamondWhite: 68%
Bonner Elementary School89144Las VegasWhite: 45%
Booker Elementary School89106Las VegasHispanic: 59%
Bozarth Elementary School89149Las VegasWhite: 47%
Brookman Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 67%
Brown Elementary School89012HendersonN/A
Bruner Elementary School89032North Las VegasHispanic: 54%
Bunker Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 56%
Cahlan Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 82%
Cambeiro Elementary School89101Las VegasHispanic: 74%
Carl Elementary School89130Las VegasHispanic: 37%
Cartwright Elementary School89123Las VegasHispanic: 37%
Christensen Elementary School89117Las VegasHispanic: 31%
Clyde Cox Elementary School89115Las VegasHispanic: 71%
Conners Elementary School89129Las VegasWhite: 38%
Cortez Elementary School89115Las VegasHispanic: 65%
Cozine Elementary School89031North Las VegasHispanic: 50%
Craig Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 61%
Crestwood Elementary School89104Las VegasHispanic: 82%
Culley Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 73%
Cunningham Elementary School89122Las VegasHispanic: 39%
Darnell Elementary School89149Las VegasWhite: 36%
David Cox Elementary School89074HendersonWhite: 40%
Dearing Elementary School89121Las VegasHispanic: 57%
Decker Elementary School89103Las VegasHispanic: 65%
Derfelt Elementary School89117Las VegasHispanic: 37%
Deskin Elementary School89129Las VegasHispanic: 41%
Detwiler Elementary School89106Las VegasHispanic: 50%
Diaz Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 72%
Dickens Elementary School89081North Las VegasHispanic: 42%
Diskin Elementary School89147Las VegasHispanic: 57%
Divich Elementary School89149Las VegasWhite: 42%
Dondero Elementary School89103Las VegasHispanic: 68%
Dooley Elementary School89002HendersonWhite: 59%
Edwards Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 87%
Eisenberg Elementary School89129Las VegasHispanic: 34%
Elizondo Elementary School89031North Las VegasHispanic: 45%
Ellis Elementary School89044HendersonWhite: 49%
Ferron Elementary School89121Las VegasHispanic: 71%
Fine Elementary School89139Las VegasAsian: 24%
Fitzgerald Elementary School89030North Las VegasBlack: 48%
Fong Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 50%
Forbuss Elementary School89178Las VegasHispanic: 30%
French Elementary School89120Las VegasHispanic: 53%
Frias Elementary School89141Las VegasWhite: 37%
Galloway Elementary School89002HendersonWhite: 51%
Garehime Elementary School89129Las VegasWhite: 34%
Gibson Elementary School89074HendersonWhite: 40%
Goldfarb Elementary School89142Las VegasHispanic: 69%
Goodsprings Elementary School89019GoodspringsHispanic: 69%
Goolsby Elementary School89135Las VegasWhite: 52%
Goynes Elementary School89084North Las VegasWhite: 31%
Gragson Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 78%
Grant Bowler Elementary School89021Moapa ValleyWhite: 83%
Gray Elementary School89146Las VegasHispanic: 56%
Griffith Elementary School89107Las VegasHispanic: 78%
Hal Smith Elementary School89122Las VegasHispanic: 43%
Hancock Elementary School89146Las VegasHispanic: 50%
Harmon Elementary School89120Las VegasHispanic: 75%
Harris Elementary School89121Las VegasHispanic: 62%
Hayden Elementary School89084North Las VegasBlack: 37%
Hayes Elementary School89147Las VegasWhite: 26%
Heckethorn Elementary School89131Las VegasWhite: 39%
Helen Smith Elementary School89145Las VegasHispanic: 53%
Herr Elementary School89156Las VegasHispanic: 73%
Herron Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 90%
Hewetson Elementary School89101Las VegasHispanic: 81%
Hickey Elementary School89156Las VegasHispanic: 64%
Hill Elementary School89123Las VegasHispanic: 37%
Hinman Elementary School89015HendersonHispanic: 46%
Hollingsworth Elementary School89101Las VegasHispanic: 71%
Hummel Elementary School89183Las VegasHispanic: 37%
Indian Springs Elementary School89018Indian SpringsWhite: 55%
Ira Earl Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 81%
Iverson Elementary School89142Las VegasHispanic: 60%
Jacobson Elementary School89145Las VegasHispanic: 48%
Jeffers Elementary School89115Las VegasHispanic: 84%
Jenkins Elementary School89142Las VegasHispanic: 58%
Joseph Bowler Elementary School89007BunkervilleHispanic: 57%
Jydstrup Elementary School89118Las VegasBlack: 42%
Kelly Elementary School89106Las VegasBlack: 72%
Kesterson Elementary School89074HendersonWhite: 35%
Kim Elementary School89147Las VegasHispanic: 42%
Lake Elementary School89169Las VegasHispanic: 67%
Lamping Elementary School89052HendersonWhite: 53%
Lincoln Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 87%
Long Elementary School89104Las VegasHispanic: 71%
Lummis Elementary School89134Las VegasWhite: 50%
Lundy Elementary School89124Mt CharlestonWhite: 67%
Lunt Elementary School89101Las VegasHispanic: 81%
Lynch Elementary School89115Las VegasHispanic: 67%
Mack Elementary School89014HendersonHispanic: 39%
Manch Elementary School89115Las VegasBlack: 44%
Marion Earl Elementary School89118Las VegasHispanic: 43%
Martin Luther King.Elementary School89156Las VegasHispanic: 64%
Martinez Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 64%
Mathis Elementary School89139Las VegasHispanic: 29%
May Elementary School89130Las VegasHispanic: 37%
McCall Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 69%
McDoniel Elementary School89014HendersonHispanic: 39%
McDonough Ward Elementary School89183Las VegasWhite: 52%
McMillan Elementary School89128Las VegasHispanic: 38%
McWilliams Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 78%
Mendoza Elementary School89142Las VegasHispanic: 73%
Mitchell Elementary School89005Boulder CityWhite: 74%
Moore Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 69%
Morrow Elementary School89015HendersonWhite: 53%
Mountain View Elementary School89156Las VegasHispanic: 63%
Neal Elementary School89130Las VegasWhite: 38%
Newton Elementary School89015HendersonWhite: 48%
O'Roarke Elementary School89143Las VegasWhite: 56%
Ober Elementary School89135Las VegasWhite: 34%
Ortwein Elementary School89141Las VegasHispanic: 28%
Paradise Elementary School89119Las VegasHispanic: 51%
Park Elementary School89104Las VegasHispanic: 62%
Parson Elementary School89130Las VegasHispanic: 50%
Perkins Elementary School89032North Las VegasHispanic: 57%
Petersen Elementary School89169Las VegasHispanic: 43%
Pittman Elementary School89107Las VegasHispanic: 63%
Priest Elementary School89032North Las VegasHispanic: 53%
Rankin Givens Elementary School89138Las VegasWhite: 53%
Red Rock Elementary School89107Las VegasHispanic: 68%
Reed Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 55%
Reedom Elementary School89178Las VegasHispanic: 31%
Reid Elementary School89046SearchlightWhite: 71%
Rhodes Elementary School89131Las VegasWhite: 42%
Richard Bryan Elementary School89128Las VegasWhite: 37%
Ries Elementary School89141Las VegasHispanic: 28%
Roberts Elementary School89074HendersonHispanic: 35%
Roger Bryan Elementary School89147Las VegasHispanic: 34%
Rogers Elementary School89148Las VegasHispanic: 28%
Ronnow Elementary School89101Las VegasHispanic: 86%
Ronzone Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 67%
Rowe Elementary School89119Las VegasHispanic: 58%
Rundle Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 68%
Sandra Lee Thompson Elementary School89149Las VegasWhite: 31%
Sandy Valley Elementary School89019Sandy ValleyHispanic: 53%
Schorr Elementary School89183Las VegasHispanic: 30%
Scott Elementary School89081North Las VegasHispanic: 45%
Sewell Elementary School89015HendersonWhite: 36%
Simmons Elementary School89031North Las VegasHispanic: 46%
Smalley Elementary School89002HendersonWhite: 69%
Squires Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 83%
Stanford Elementary School89110Las VegasHispanic: 82%
Staton Elementary School89144Las VegasWhite: 49%
Steele Elementary School89113Las VegasWhite: 25%
Stevens Elementary School89011HendersonWhite: 32%
Stuckey Elementary School89141Las VegasWhite: 39%
Sunrise Acres Elementary School89101Las VegasHispanic: 67%
Tanaka Elementary School89148Las VegasHispanic: 29%
Tartan Elementary School89081North Las VegasBlack: 39%
Tate Elementary School89115Las VegasHispanic: 63%
Taylor Elementary School89052HendersonWhite: 46%
Thiriot Elementary School89103Las VegasHispanic: 45%
Thomas Elementary School89169Las VegasHispanic: 46%
Tobler Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 58%
Tom Williams Elementary School89030North Las VegasHispanic: 92%
Tomiyasu Elementary School89120Las VegasHispanic: 60%
Treem Elementary School89014HendersonHispanic: 44%
Triggs Elementary School89084North Las VegasHispanic: 33%
Twin Lakes Elementary School89108Las VegasHispanic: 83%
Tyrone Thompson Elementary School89178Las VegasHispanic: 31%
Ullom Elementary School89121Las VegasHispanic: 64%
Vanderburg Elementary School89012HendersonWhite: 52%
Vassiliadis Elementary School89138Las VegasWhite: 58%
Vegas Verdes Elementary School89102Las VegasHispanic: 74%
Virgin Valley Elementary School89027MesquiteHispanic: 51%
Walker Elementary School89002HendersonWhite: 54%
Wallin Elementary School89044HendersonWhite: 57%
Ward Elementary School89119Las VegasHispanic: 67%
Warren Elementary School89107Las VegasHispanic: 77%
Wasden Elementary School89107Las VegasHispanic: 51%
Watson Elementary School89031North Las VegasHispanic: 43%
Wendell Williams Elementary School89106Las VegasBlack: 66%
Wengert Elementary School89142Las VegasHispanic: 75%
Whitney Elementary School89122Las VegasHispanic: 53%
Wilhelm Elementary School89032North Las VegasHispanic: 45%
William Snyder Elementary School89104Las VegasHispanic: 68%
Wolfe Elementary School89031North Las VegasHispanic: 54%
Wolff Elementary School89052HendersonWhite: 40%
Wright Elementary School89178Las VegasHispanic: 30%
Wynn Elementary School89146Las VegasHispanic: 69%

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