Map of Clark County School District Middle School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

List of Middle Schools in Clark County School District Nevada

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Anthony Saville Middle School89131Las Vegas53.32%
Bailey Middle School89156Las Vegas100.00%
Becker Middle School89134Las Vegas100.00%
Bridger Middle School89030North Las Vegas100.00%
Brinley Middle School89108Las Vegas100.00%
Brown Junior High School89015Henderson100.00%
Burkholder Junior High School89015Henderson100.00%
Cadwallader Middle School89131Las Vegas48.86%
Canarelli Middle School89139Las Vegas100.00%
Cannon Junior High School89120Las Vegas100.00%
Cashman Middle School89102Las Vegas100.00%
Cortney Junior High School89122Las Vegas100.00%
Cram Middle School89084North Las Vegas100.00%
Escobedo Middle School89149Las Vegas100.00%
Faiss Middle School89148Las Vegas100.00%
Findlay Middle School89031North Las Vegas100.00%
Garrett Junior High School89005Boulder City55.82%
Garside Junior High School89107Las Vegas100.00%
Gibson Middle School89107Las Vegas100.00%
Greenspun Middle School89074Henderson100.00%
Guinn Middle School89103Las Vegas100.00%
Gunderson Middle School89178Las VegasN/A
Harney Middle School89142Las Vegas100.00%
Hughes Middle School89027Mesquite100.00%
Hyde Park Middle School89107Las Vegas100.00%
Indian Springs Middle School89018Indian Springs100.00%
Johnson Junior High School89145Las Vegas100.00%
Johnston Middle School89081North Las Vegas100.00%
Keller Middle School89110Las Vegas100.00%
Knudson Junior High School89104Las Vegas99.78%
Laughlin High School89029Laughlin99.74%
Lawrence Junior High School89147Las Vegas100.00%
Leavitt Middle School89129Las Vegas100.00%
Lyon Middle School89040Moapa Valley33.50%
Mack Middle School89121Las Vegas100.00%
Mannion Middle School89002Henderson38.07%
Martin Middle School89101Las Vegas100.00%
Miller Middle School89052Henderson28.45%
Molasky Junior High School89129Las Vegas100.00%
Monaco Middle School89115Las Vegas100.00%
Orr Middle School89119Las Vegas100.00%
Robison Middle School89110Las Vegas100.00%
Rogich Middle School89144Las Vegas25.36%
Sandy Valley High School89019Sandy Valley100.00%
Sawyer Middle School89118Las Vegas100.00%
Schofield Middle School89123Las Vegas99.91%
Sedway Middle School89032North Las Vegas100.00%
Silvestri Junior High School89123Las Vegas100.00%
Smith Middle School89030North Las Vegas100.00%
Swainston Middle School89032North Las Vegas100.00%
Tarkanian Middle School89141Las Vegas45.95%
Tobel Middle School89115Las Vegas100.00%
Victoria Fertitta Middle School89148Las Vegas100.00%
Webb Middle School89052Henderson30.69%
West Preparatory Academy89106Las Vegas99.82%
Woodbury Middle School89121Las Vegas100.00%

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