Map of Clark County School District Middle School Title 1 Status

List of Middle Schools in Clark County School District Nevada

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityTitle 1 Status
Anthony Saville Middle School89131Las VegasYes
Bailey Middle School89156Las VegasYes
Becker Middle School89134Las VegasYes
Bridger Middle School89030North Las VegasYes
Brinley Middle School89108Las VegasYes
Brown Junior High School89015HendersonYes
Burkholder Junior High School89015HendersonYes
Cadwallader Middle School89131Las VegasYes
Canarelli Middle School89139Las VegasYes
Cannon Junior High School89120Las VegasYes
Cashman Middle School89102Las VegasYes
Cortney Junior High School89122Las VegasYes
Cram Middle School89084North Las VegasYes
Escobedo Middle School89149Las VegasYes
Faiss Middle School89148Las VegasYes
Findlay Middle School89031North Las VegasYes
Garrett Junior High School89005Boulder CityNo
Garside Junior High School89107Las VegasYes
Gibson Middle School89107Las VegasYes
Greenspun Middle School89074HendersonYes
Guinn Middle School89103Las VegasYes
Gunderson Middle School89178Las VegasN/A
Harney Middle School89142Las VegasYes
Hughes Middle School89027MesquiteYes
Hyde Park Middle School89107Las VegasYes
Indian Springs Middle School89018Indian SpringsYes
Johnson Junior High School89145Las VegasYes
Johnston Middle School89081North Las VegasYes
Keller Middle School89110Las VegasYes
Knudson Junior High School89104Las VegasYes
Laughlin High School89029LaughlinYes
Lawrence Junior High School89147Las VegasYes
Leavitt Middle School89129Las VegasYes
Lyon Middle School89040Moapa ValleyNo
Mack Middle School89121Las VegasYes
Mannion Middle School89002HendersonNo
Martin Middle School89101Las VegasYes
Miller Middle School89052HendersonNo
Molasky Junior High School89129Las VegasYes
Monaco Middle School89115Las VegasYes
Orr Middle School89119Las VegasYes
Robison Middle School89110Las VegasYes
Rogich Middle School89144Las VegasNo
Sandy Valley High School89019Sandy ValleyYes
Sawyer Middle School89118Las VegasYes
Schofield Middle School89123Las VegasYes
Sedway Middle School89032North Las VegasYes
Silvestri Junior High School89123Las VegasYes
Smith Middle School89030North Las VegasYes
Swainston Middle School89032North Las VegasYes
Tarkanian Middle School89141Las VegasYes
Tobel Middle School89115Las VegasYes
Victoria Fertitta Middle School89148Las VegasYes
Webb Middle School89052HendersonNo
West Preparatory Academy89106Las VegasYes
Woodbury Middle School89121Las VegasYes

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