Map of Washoe County School District Elementary School Attendance Zones

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List of Elementary Schools in Washoe County School District Nevada

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityTotal Students
Allen Elementary School89433Sparks414
Anderson Elementary School89509Reno434
Beasley Elementary School89436Sparks628
Beck Elementary School89509Reno528
Bennett Elementary School89433Sparks410
Bohach Elementary School89436Sparks537
Booth Elementary School89502Reno370
Brown Elementary School89521Reno552
Cannan Elementary School89512Reno398
Caughlin Ranch Elementary School89509Reno469
Corbett Elementary School89502Reno375
Desert Heights Elementary School89506Reno472
Diedrichsen Elementary School89434Sparks366
Dodson Elementary School89502Reno264
Donner Springs Elementary School89502Reno457
Double Diamond Elementary School89521Reno519
Drake Elementary School89431Sparks211
Duncan Elementary School89512Reno381
Dunn Elementary School89434Sparks493
Echo Loder Elementary School89502Reno436
Elmcrest Elementary School89503Reno324
Gerlach K-12 School89412Gerlach21
Gomes Elementary School89506Reno564
Gomm Elementary School89519Reno437
Greenbrae Elementary School89431Sparks331
Hall Elementary School89436Sparks448
Hidden Valley Elementary School89502Reno267
Huffaker Elementary School89511Reno326
Hunsberger Elementary School89511Reno505
Hunter Lake Elementary School89509Reno352
Incline Elementary School89451Incline Village283
Inskeep Elementary School89508RenoN/A
Juniper Elementary School89431Sparks412
Kate Smith Elementary School89431Sparks225
Lemelson Elementary School89512Reno264
Lemmon Valley Elementary School89506Reno593
Lenz Elementary School89511Reno430
Lincoln Park Elementary School89431Sparks390
Mathews Elementary School89512Reno489
Maxwell Elementary School89431Sparks418
Melton Elementary School89523Reno529
Mitchell Elementary School89431Sparks347
Moss Elementary School89434Sparks325
Mount Rose Elementary School89509Reno401
Natchez Elementary School89442Wadsworth106
Palmer Elementary School89433Sparks441
Peavine Elementary School89503Reno337
Pleasant Valley Elementary School89511Reno331
Poulakidas Elementary School89521Reno793
Risley Elementary School89431Sparks420
Sepulveda Elementary School89436Sparks562
Silver Lake Elementary School89506Reno508
Smith Elementary School89506Reno731
Smithridge Elementary School89502Reno664
Spanish Springs Elementary School89441Sparks500
Stead Elementary School89506Reno675
Sun Valley Elementary School89433Sparks497
Taylor Elementary School89441Sparks430
Towles Elementary School89503Reno305
Van Gorder Elementary School89436Sparks612
Verdi Elementary School89439Verdi244
Veterans Elementary School89502Reno314
Warner Elementary School89503Reno310
Westergard Elementary School89523Reno477
Whitehead Elementary School89434Sparks307
Winnemucca Elementary School89523Reno595

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