Map of NEW YORK CITY GEOGRAPHIC DISTRICT # 2 Elementary School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

List of Elementary Schools in NEW YORK CITY GEOGRAPHIC DISTRICT # 2 New York

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
PS 1 Alfred E. Smith School10038New York77.45%
PS 11 William T. Harris School10011New York32.38%
PS 111 Adolph S. Ochs School10019New York60.65%
PS 116 Mary Lindley Murray School10016New York31.19%
PS 124 Yung Wing School10002New York50.23%
PS 126 Jacob August Riis School10038New York76.97%
PS 130 Hernando De Soto School10013New York48.73%
PS 158 Bayard Taylor School10021New York8.49%
PS 183 Robert L. Stevenson School10021New York11.29%
PS 198 Isador E. Ida Straus School10128New York37.50%
PS 2 Meyer London School10002New York94.99%
PS 234 Independence School10007New York15.81%
PS 267 - East Side Elementary School10065New York9.85%
PS 276 - Battery Park City School10011New York15.20%
PS 281 The River School10016New York21.81%
PS 290 Manhattan New School10028New York13.01%
PS 3 Charrette School10014New York19.73%
PS 33 Chelsea Prep School10001New York49.10%
PS 4 Augustus Saint-Gaudens School10003New York12.69%
PS 41 Greenwich Village School10011New York8.26%
PS 42 Benjamin Altman School10002New York66.24%
PS 51 Elias Howe School10036New York57.14%
PS 527 - East Side School for Social Action10128New York16.38%
PS 59 Beekman Hill International School10019New York8.35%
PS 6 Lillie D. Blake School10028New York11.43%
PS 8910282New York5.20%
PS/IS 217 Roosevelt Island School10044ROOSEVELT ISLAND29.12%
Sixth Avenue Elementary School10011New York12.50%
Spruce Street School10018New York20.33%
The Peck Slip School10038New York15.89%
Yorkville Community School10128New York38.37%

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