Map of NEW YORK CITY GEOGRAPHIC DISTRICT # 2 Elementary School Title 1 Status

List of Elementary Schools in NEW YORK CITY GEOGRAPHIC DISTRICT # 2 New York

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityTitle 1 Status
PS 1 Alfred E. Smith School10038New YorkYes
PS 11 William T. Harris School10011New YorkNo
PS 111 Adolph S. Ochs School10019New YorkYes
PS 116 Mary Lindley Murray School10016New YorkNo
PS 124 Yung Wing School10002New YorkYes
PS 126 Jacob August Riis School10038New YorkYes
PS 130 Hernando De Soto School10013New YorkYes
PS 158 Bayard Taylor School10021New YorkNo
PS 183 Robert L. Stevenson School10021New YorkNo
PS 198 Isador E. Ida Straus School10128New YorkNo
PS 2 Meyer London School10002New YorkYes
PS 234 Independence School10007New YorkNo
PS 267 - East Side Elementary School10065New YorkNo
PS 276 - Battery Park City School10011New YorkNo
PS 281 The River School10016New YorkNo
PS 290 Manhattan New School10028New YorkNo
PS 3 Charrette School10014New YorkNo
PS 33 Chelsea Prep School10001New YorkNo
PS 4 Augustus Saint-Gaudens School10003New YorkNo
PS 41 Greenwich Village School10011New YorkNo
PS 42 Benjamin Altman School10002New YorkYes
PS 51 Elias Howe School10036New YorkYes
PS 527 - East Side School for Social Action10128New YorkNo
PS 59 Beekman Hill International School10019New YorkNo
PS 6 Lillie D. Blake School10028New YorkNo
PS 8910282New YorkNo
PS/IS 217 Roosevelt Island School10044ROOSEVELT ISLANDNo
Sixth Avenue Elementary School10011New YorkNo
Spruce Street School10018New YorkNo
The Peck Slip School10038New YorkNo
Yorkville Community School10128New YorkNo

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