Map of NEW YORK CITY GEOGRAPHIC DISTRICT #27 Elementary School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

List of Elementary Schools in NEW YORK CITY GEOGRAPHIC DISTRICT #27 New York

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Lighthouse Elementary School11691FAR ROCKAWAY95.39%
New York City Academy for Discovery11421WOODHAVEN86.46%
PS 100 Glen Morris School11420SOUTH OZONE PARK64.55%
PS 104 The Bays Water School11691FAR ROCKAWAY84.34%
PS 105 The Bay School11691FAR ROCKAWAY95.35%
PS 108 Fowler School11420SOUTH OZONE PARK83.94%
PS 12311436SOUTH OZONE PARK82.78%
PS 124 Osmond A Church School11420SOUTH OZONE PARK65.56%
PS 146 Howard Beach School11414HOWARD BEACH50.27%
PS 15511420SOUTH OZONE PARK85.08%
PS 183 Dr. Richard R. Green School11693ROCKAWAY BEACH91.34%
PS 197 The Ocean School11691FAR ROCKAWAY91.67%
PS 207 Rockwood Park School11414HOWARD BEACH31.83%
PS 223 Lyndon B. Johnson School11436JAMAICA85.53%
PS 232 Lindenwood School11414HOWARD BEACH54.07%
PS 25311691FAR ROCKAWAY94.79%
PS 254 - The Rosa Parks School11418RICHMOND HILL77.53%
PS 27311418RICHMOND HILL87.74%
PS 37711418RICHMOND HILL64.76%
PS 4311691FAR ROCKAWAY93.81%
PS 45 Clarence Witherspoon School11436SOUTH OZONE PARK79.21%
PS 47 Chris Galas School11694ROCKAWAY PARK36.44%
PS 5111418RICHMOND HILL78.67%
PS 5611418RICHMOND HILL83.38%
PS 6 Woodhaven School11421WOODHAVEN77.34%
PS 62 - Chester Park School11419SOUTH RICHMOND HILL70.73%
PS 63 Old South School11417OZONE PARK83.44%
PS 64 Joseph P. Addabbo School11416OZONE PARK78.72%
PS 65 - The Raymond York Elementary School11417OZONE PARK74.65%
PS 66 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School11418RICHMOND HILL85.34%
PS 9 Horace Mann School11418RICHMOND HILL90.34%
PS 9611420SOUTH OZONE PARK85.91%
PS 97 Forest Park School11421WOODHAVEN87.98%
PS/MS 114 Belle Harbor School11694ROCKAWAY PARK22.05%
PS/MS 42 R. Vernam School11692ARVERNE96.89%
Waterside Children's Studio School11694ROCKAWAY PARK65.28%
Wave Preparatory Elementary School11691FAR ROCKAWAY83.65%

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