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List of Elementary Schools in Wake County Schools North Carolina

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityTitle 1 Status
Abbotts Creek Elementary School27614RaleighNo
Adams Elementary School27511CaryYes
Alston Ridge Elementary School27519CaryNo
Apex Elementary School27502ApexNo
Aversboro Elementary School27529GarnerYes
Baileywick Road Elementary School27615RaleighYes
Ballentine Elementary School27526Fuquay-VarinaNo
Banks Road Elementary School27603RaleighNo
Barwell Road Elementary School27610RaleighYes
Baucom Elementary School27502ApexNo
Beaverdam Elementary School27604RaleighYes
Brassfield Elementary School27614RaleighNo
Brentwood Elementary School27604RaleighYes
Briarcliff Elementary School27511CaryNo
Brier Creek Elementary School27617RaleighNo
Brooks Elementary School27609RaleighYes
Bryan Road Elementary School27529GarnerYes
Buckhorn Creek Elementary School27540Holly SpringsNo
Bugg Elementary School27610RaleighYes
Carpenter Elementary School27519CaryNo
Carver Elementary School27591WendellYes
Cary Elementary School27511CaryNo
Cedar Fork Elementary School27560MorrisvilleNo
Combs Elementary School27606RaleighNo
Conn Elementary School27616RaleighYes
Creech Road Elementary School27529GarnerYes
Davis Drive Elementary School27519CaryNo
Dillard Drive Elementary School27606RaleighYes
Douglas Elementary School27609RaleighNo
Durant Road Elementary School27614RaleighYes
East Garner Elementary School27529GarnerYes
Farmington Woods Elementary School27511CaryNo
Forest Pines Elementary School27614RaleighYes
Forestville Road Elementary School27545KnightdaleYes
Fox Road Elementary School27616RaleighYes
Fuller Elementary School27529GarnerYes
Fuquay-Varina Elementary School27526Fuquay-VarinaNo
Green Elementary School27609RaleighYes
Green Hope Elementary School27519CaryNo
Harris Creek Elementary School27616RaleighNo
Herbert Akins Road Elementary School27526Fuquay-VarinaNo
Heritage Elementary School27587Wake ForestNo
Highcroft Drive Elementary School27519CaryNo
Hilburn Drive Elementary School27613RaleighNo
Hodge Road Elementary School27545KnightdaleYes
Holly Grove Elementary School27540Holly SpringsNo
Holly Ridge Elementary School27540Holly SpringsNo
Holly Springs Elementary School27540Holly SpringsNo
Hortons Creek Elementary School27519CaryNo
Hunter Elementary School27601RaleighNo
Jeffreys Grove Elementary School27612RaleighNo
Jones Dairy Elementary School27587Wake ForestNo
Joyner Elementary School27608RaleighNo
Kingswood Elementary School27513CaryYes
Knightdale Elementary School27545KnightdaleYes
Lacy Elementary School27607RaleighNo
Lake Myra Elementary School27591WendellYes
Laurel Park Elementary School27523ApexNo
Lead Mine Elementary School27615RaleighNo
Leesville Road Elementary School27613RaleighNo
Lincoln Heights Elementary School27526Fuquay-VarinaYes
Lockhart Elementary School27545KnightdaleYes
Lynn Road Elementary School27612RaleighYes
Middle Creek Elementary School27539ApexNo
Millbrook Elementary School27609RaleighYes
Mills Park Elementary School27519CaryNo
Morrisville Elementary School27560MorrisvilleNo
North Forest Pines Elementary School27614RaleighNo
North Ridge Elementary School27615RaleighYes
Northwoods Elementary School27513CaryNo
Oak Grove Elementary School27606RaleighNo
Oakview Elementary School27539ApexNo
Olds Elementary School27607RaleighNo
Olive Chapel Elementary School27502ApexNo
Parkside Elementary School27560MorrisvilleNo
Partnership Elementary School27605RaleighNo
Penny Road Elementary School27518CaryNo
Pleasant Grove Elementary School27560MorrisvilleYes
Pleasant Union Elementary School27614RaleighNo
Poe Elementary School27610RaleighYes
Powell Elementary School27610RaleighYes
Rand Road Elementary School27529GarnerYes
Reedy Creek Elementary School27513CaryYes
Richland Creek Elementary School27587Wake ForestYes
River Bend Elementary School27616RaleighYes
Rogers Lane Elementary School27610RaleighYes
Rolesville Elementary School27571RolesvilleNo
Root Elementary School27609RaleighNo
Salem Elementary School27523ApexNo
Sanford Creek Elementary School27571RolesvilleNo
Scott's Ridge Elementary School27502ApexNo
Smith Elementary School27603RaleighYes
South Lakes Elementary School27526Fuquay-VarinaNo
Southeast Raleigh Elementary School27610RaleighYes
Stough Elementary School27612RaleighNo
Swift Creek Elementary School27606RaleighNo
Sycamore Creek Elementary School27613RaleighNo
Timber Drive Elementary School27529GarnerNo
Turner Creek Elementary School27519CaryNo
Underwood Elementary School27608RaleighNo
Vance Elementary School27603RaleighNo
Vandora Springs Elementary School27529GarnerYes
Wake Forest Elementary School27587Wake ForestYes
Wakefield Elementary School27614RaleighYes
Wakelon Elementary School27597ZebulonYes
Walnut Creek Elementary School27610RaleighYes
Washington Elementary School27601RaleighNo
Weatherstone Elementary School27513CaryNo
Wendell Elementary School27591WendellYes
West Lake Elementary School27539ApexNo
White Oak Elementary School27523ApexNo
Wilburn Elementary School27604RaleighYes
Wildwood Forest Elementary School27616RaleighYes
Wiley Elementary School27605RaleighNo
Willow Springs Elementary School27592Willow SpringNo
Yates Mill Elementary School27606RaleighYes
York Elementary School27613RaleighYes
Zebulon Elementary School27597ZebulonYes

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