Map of Knox County School District Elementary School Race and Ethnicity

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List of Elementary Schools in Knox County School District Tennessee

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityMajority Race/Ethnicity
A L Lotts Elementary37922KnoxvilleWhite: 74%
Adrian Burnett Elementary School37918KnoxvilleWhite: 69%
Amherst Elementary School37931KnoxvilleWhite: 64%
Ball Camp Elementary School37931KnoxvilleWhite: 74%
Bearden Elementary School37919KnoxvilleWhite: 63%
Beaumont Elementary/Magnet37921KnoxvilleWhite: 51%
Belle Morris Elementary School37917KnoxvilleWhite: 35%
Blue Grass Elementary School37922KnoxvilleWhite: 82%
Bonny Kate Elementary School37920KnoxvilleWhite: 89%
Brickey McCloud Elementary37918KnoxvilleWhite: 88%
Carter Elementary School37871Strawberry PlainsWhite: 81%
Cedar Bluff Elementary School37923KnoxvilleWhite: 59%
Chilhowee Intermediate School37914KnoxvilleWhite: 62%
Christenberry Elementary School37917KnoxvilleWhite: 39%
Copper Ridge Elementary School37849PowellWhite: 92%
Corryton Elementary School37721CorrytonWhite: 96%
Dogwood Elementary School37920KnoxvilleWhite: 50%
East Knox Elementary School37806MascotWhite: 93%
Farragut Intermediate School37922KnoxvilleWhite: 76%
Farragut Primary School37922KnoxvilleWhite: 73%
Fountain City Elementary School37918KnoxvilleWhite: 67%
Gap Creek Elementary School37920KnoxvilleWhite: 86%
Gibbs Elementary School37721CorrytonWhite: 89%
Green Magnet Math And Science Academy37915KnoxvilleBlack: 70%
Halls Elementary School37938KnoxvilleWhite: 92%
Hardin Valley Elementary School37932KnoxvilleWhite: 83%
Inskip Elementary School37912KnoxvilleWhite: 37%
Karns Elementary School37931KnoxvilleWhite: 75%
Lonsdale Elementary School37921KnoxvilleHispanic: 64%
Maynard Elementary School37921KnoxvilleBlack: 69%
Mooreland Heights Elementary School37920KnoxvilleWhite: 54%
Mt Olive Elementary School37920KnoxvilleWhite: 86%
New Hopewell Elementary School37920KnoxvilleWhite: 80%
Norwood Elementary School37912KnoxvilleWhite: 35%
Pleasant Ridge Elementary School37921KnoxvilleWhite: 52%
Pond Gap Elementary School37909KnoxvilleBlack: 35%
Powell Elementary School37849PowellWhite: 75%
Ritta Elementary School37918KnoxvilleWhite: 70%
Rocky Hill Elementary School37919KnoxvilleWhite: 80%
Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Technology Academy37914KnoxvilleBlack: 71%
Sequoyah Elementary School37919KnoxvilleWhite: 89%
Shannondale Elementary School37918KnoxvilleWhite: 78%
South Knox Elementary School37920KnoxvilleWhite: 61%
Spring Hill Elementary School37914KnoxvilleBlack: 40%
Sterchi Elementary School37912KnoxvilleWhite: 74%
Sunnyview Primary School37924KnoxvilleWhite: 62%
West Haven Elementary School37921KnoxvilleWhite: 42%
West Hills Elementary School37919KnoxvilleWhite: 61%
West View Elementary School37921KnoxvilleBlack: 33%

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