Map of Virginia Beach City Public Schools Elementary School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

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List of Elementary Schools in Virginia Beach City Public Schools Virginia

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Alanton Elementary School23454Virginia Beach38.70%
Arrowhead Elementary School23462Virginia Beach50.90%
Bayside Elementary School23455Virginia Beach56.50%
Birdneck Elementary School23451Virginia Beach68.60%
Brookwood Elementary School23452Virginia Beach59.10%
Centerville Elementary School23464Virginia Beach25.80%
Christopher Farms Elementary School23453Virginia Beach30.00%
College Park Elementary School23464Virginia Beach72.50%
Cooke Elementary School23451Virginia Beach44.10%
Corporate Landing Elementary School23454Virginia Beach50.80%
Creeds Elementary School23457Virginia Beach24.30%
Dey Elementary School23454Virginia Beach18.30%
Diamond Springs Elementary School23462Virginia Beach84.90%
Fairfield Elementary School23464Virginia Beach33.40%
Glenwood Elementary School23464Virginia Beach39.00%
Green Run Elementary School23453Virginia Beach64.90%
Hermitage Elementary School23455Virginia Beach40.60%
Holland Elementary School23452Virginia Beach83.80%
Indian Lakes Elementary School23464Virginia Beach39.60%
Kempsville Elementary School23464Virginia Beach34.20%
Kempsville Meadows Elementary School23462Virginia Beach42.40%
King's Grant Elementary School23452Virginia Beach43.10%
Kingston Elementary School23452Virginia Beach10.00%
Landstown Elementary School23456Virginia Beach39.20%
Linkhorn Park Elementary School23454Virginia Beach37.20%
Luxford Elementary School23455Virginia Beach58.30%
Lynnhaven Elementary School23452Virginia Beach64.50%
Malibu Elementary School23452Virginia Beach43.30%
New Castle Elementary School23456Virginia Beach20.60%
Newtown Elementary School23462Virginia Beach84.40%
North Landing Elementary School23456Virginia Beach12.30%
Ocean Lakes Elementary School23454Virginia Beach29.00%
Parkway Elementary School23453Virginia Beach99.30%
Pembroke Elementary School23462Virginia Beach57.00%
Pembroke Meadows Elementary School23455Virginia Beach41.90%
Point O' View Elementary School23462Virginia Beach58.10%
Princess Anne Elementary School23456Virginia Beach7.10%
Providence Elementary School23464Virginia Beach34.60%
Red Mill Elementary School23456Virginia Beach12.60%
Rosemont Elementary School23453Virginia Beach63.70%
Rosemont Forest Elementary School23456Virginia Beach28.20%
Salem Elementary School23456Virginia Beach37.40%
Seatack Elementary School23451Virginia Beach99.30%
Shelton Park Elementary School23455Virginia Beach44.50%
Strawbridge Elementary School23456Virginia Beach18.90%
Tallwood Elementary School23464Virginia Beach41.10%
Thalia Elementary School23452Virginia Beach51.60%
Thoroughgood Elementary School23455Virginia Beach17.60%
Three Oaks Elementary School23456Virginia Beach15.20%
Trantwood Elementary School23454Virginia Beach21.60%
White Oaks Elementary School23462Virginia Beach57.20%
Williams Elementary School23462Virginia Beach83.70%
Windsor Oaks Elementary School23452Virginia Beach55.60%
Windsor Woods Elementary School23452Virginia Beach52.80%
Woodstock Elementary School23464Virginia Beach41.40%

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