Map of Pierce County, Washington Elementary School Attendance Zones

List of Elementary Schools in Pierce County Washington

Map KeySchool NameSchool DistrictCityTotal Students
Anderson Island Elementary SchoolSteilacoom Historical School DistrictAnderson Island34
Arlington Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma272
Artondale Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor475
Beachwood Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictJoint Base Lewis-McChord331
Birney Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma436
Blix Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma523
Bonney Lake Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictBonney Lake536
Boze Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma390
Brookdale Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma464
Brouillet Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup736
Browns Point Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma428
Bryant Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma478
Camas Prairie Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictSpanaway607
Carbonado Elementary SchoolCarbonado School DistrictCarbonado175
Carson Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup918
Carter Lake Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictTacoma498
Centennial Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham487
Central Avenue Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma496
Chambers Elementary SchoolUniversity Place School DistrictUniversity Place503
Cherrydale Elementary SchoolSteilacoom Historical School DistrictSteilacoom359
Chloe Clark Elementary SchoolSteilacoom Historical School DistrictDuPont592
Christensen Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma461
Clover Creek Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictTacoma737
Collins Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma396
Columbia Crest Elementary SchoolEatonville School DistrictAshford202
Crescent Heights Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma483
Crestwood Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictBonney Lake462
Custer Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood313
Daffodil Valley Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictSumner531
Delong Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma418
Dieringer Heights Elementary SchoolDieringer School DistrictLake Tapps494
Discovery Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor478
Discovery Primary SchoolFife Public SchoolsMilton605
Dower Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood292
Downing Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma311
Eatonville Elementary SchoolEatonville School DistrictEatonville364
Edgerton Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup770
Edison Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma467
Eismann Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictBonney Lake608
Elk Ridge Elementary SchoolWhite River School DistrictBuckley413
Elmhurst Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma461
Emerald Hills Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictBonney Lake446
Endeavour Intermediate SchoolFife Public SchoolsMilton583
Evergreen Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictLakebay255
Evergreen Primary SchoolUniversity Place School DistrictUniversity Place529
Fawcett Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma446
Fern Hill Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma312
Firgrove Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictSouth Hill668
Foothills Elementary SchoolWhite River School DistrictBuckley549
Four Heroes Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood715
Franklin Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma314
Frederickson Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictSouth Hill651
Fruitland Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup660
Geiger Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma445
Graham Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham711
Grant Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma382
Harbor Heights Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor591
Harvard Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma400
Hedden Elementary SchoolFife Public SchoolsEdgewood563
Hillside Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLewis Mcchord558
Idlewild Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood501
Jefferson Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma280
Kapowsin Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham418
Karshner Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup345
Lake Louise Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood390
Lake Tapps Elementary SchoolDieringer School DistrictLake Tapps438
Lakeland Hills Elementary SchoolAuburn School DistrictAuburn725
Lakeview Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood700
Larchmont Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma371
Liberty Ridge Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictBonney Lake446
Lister Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma486
Lowell Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma442
Lyon Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma360
Manitou Park Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma487
Mann Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma483
Maple Lawn Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictSumner646
Maplewood Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup425
McCarver Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma409
McKenna Elementary SchoolYelm Community SchoolsRoy494
Meeker Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup412
Midland Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma576
Minter Creek Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor385
Mountain Meadow Elementary SchoolWhite River School DistrictBuckley508
Mt View Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictEdgewood363
Naches Trail Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictTacoma579
Nelson Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham545
North Star Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham468
Northeast Tacoma Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma392
Northwood Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictEdgewood427
Oakbrook Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood343
Orting Primary SchoolOrting School DistrictOrting516
Park Lodge Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictTacoma478
Pioneer Valley Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictSpanaway457
Point Defiance Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma438
Pope Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup584
Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary SchoolOrting School DistrictOrting687
Purdy Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor621
Rainier Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictJoint Base Lewis-McChord530
Reed Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma487
Ridgecrest Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup552
Rocky Ridge Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham482
Roosevelt Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma269
Roy Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictRoy312
Sales Elementary SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma478
Saltars Point Elementary SchoolSteilacoom Historical School DistrictSteilacoom429
Shaw Road Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup666
Sheridan Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma569
Sherman Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma425
Shining Mountain Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictSpanaway746
Skyline Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma377
Spanaway Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictSpanaway361
Spinning Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup314
Stafford Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma513
Stanley Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma290
Stewart Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup374
Sunrise Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup528
Sunset Primary SchoolUniversity Place School DistrictUniversity Place422
Thompson Elementary SchoolBethel School DistrictTacoma580
Tillicum Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood352
Tyee Park Elementary SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood455
University Place Primary SchoolUniversity Place School DistrictUniversity Place534
Vaughn Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictVaughn385
Victor Falls Elementary SchoolSumner School DistrictBonney Lake586
Voyager Elementary SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor563
Waller Road Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictTacoma342
Warren Hunt Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup638
Washington-Hoyt Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma473
Weyerhaeuser Elementary SchoolEatonville School DistrictEatonville276
Whitman Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma420
Whittier Elementary SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsFircrest368
Wildwood Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup500
Wilkeson Elementary SchoolWhite River School DistrictWilkeson264
Woodland Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup696
Zeiger Elementary SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup699