Map of Pierce County, Washington Middle School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

List of Middle Schools in Pierce County Washington

Map KeySchool NameSchool DistrictCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Aylen Junior High SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup32%
Baker Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma75%
Ballou Junior High SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup38%
Bethel Middle SchoolBethel School DistrictSpanaway57%
Bryant Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma41%
Carbonado Middle SchoolCarbonado School DistrictCarbonado28%
Cedarcrest Middle SchoolBethel School DistrictSpanaway61%
Columbia Junior High SchoolFife Public SchoolsFife43%
Cougar Mountain Middle SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham50%
Curtis Junior High SchoolUniversity Place School DistrictUniversity Place35%
Drum Intermediate SchoolUniversity Place School DistrictTacoma35%
Eatonville Middle SchoolEatonville School DistrictEatonville40%
Edgemont Junior High SchoolPuyallup School DistrictEdgewood38%
Ferrucci Junior High SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup46%
First Creek Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma84%
Frontier Middle SchoolBethel School DistrictGraham41%
Giaudrone Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma77%
Glacier Middle SchoolWhite River School DistrictBuckley29%
Glacier View Junior High SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup33%
Goodman Middle SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor25%
Gray Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma79%
Harbor Ridge Middle SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor19%
Hudtloff Middle SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood67%
Jason Lee Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma61%
Kalles Junior High SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup30%
Keithley Middle SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma82%
Key Peninsula Middle SchoolPeninsula School DistrictLakebay50%
Kopachuck Middle SchoolPeninsula School DistrictGig Harbor16%
Lakeridge Middle SchoolSumner School DistrictLake Tapps26%
Liberty Middle SchoolBethel School DistrictSpanaway49%
Lochburn Middle SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood84%
Mann Middle SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood55%
Mason Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma29%
Meeker Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma31%
Morris Ford Middle SchoolFranklin Pierce School DistrictTacoma77%
Mountain View Middle SchoolSumner School DistrictBonney Lake30%
Narrows View Intermediate SchoolUniversity Place School DistrictUniversity Place41%
North Tapps Middle SchoolDieringer School DistrictBonney Lake12%
Orting Middle SchoolOrting School DistrictOrting31%
Pioneer Middle SchoolSteilacoom Historical School DistrictDuPont23%
Spanaway Middle SchoolBethel School DistrictTacoma62%
Stahl Junior High SchoolPuyallup School DistrictPuyallup38%
Stewart Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma77%
Sumner Middle SchoolSumner School DistrictSumner39%
Surprise Lake Middle SchoolFife Public SchoolsMilton47%
Truman Middle SchoolTacoma Public SchoolsTacoma56%
Woodbrook Middle SchoolClover Park School DistrictLakewood72%