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List of Elementary Schools in Snohomish County Washington

Map KeySchool NameSchool DistrictCityTitle 1 Status
Allen Creek Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Beverly Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Brier Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictBrierNo
Canyon Creek Elementary SchoolNorthshore School DistrictBothellNo
Cascade Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Cascade View Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishNo
Cathcart Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishNo
Cedar Valley Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Cedar Way Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictMountlake TerraceYes
Cedar Wood Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictBothellNo
Cedarhome Elementary SchoolStanwood-Camano School DistrictStanwoodNo
Chain Lake Elementary SchoolMonroe School DistrictSnohomishNo
Challenger Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEverettYes
Chase Lake Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictEdmondsYes
College Place Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Columbia Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictMukilteoNo
Cougar Creek Elementary SchoolLakewood School DistrictArlingtonNo
Crystal Springs Elementary SchoolNorthshore School DistrictBothellNo
Darrington Elementary SchoolDarrington School DistrictDarringtonYes
Discovery Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEverettYes
Dutch Hill Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishNo
Eagle Creek Elementary SchoolArlington School DistrictArlingtonYes
Edmonds Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictEdmondsNo
Emerson Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishYes
Endeavour Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictMukilteoNo
English Crossing Elementary SchoolLakewood School DistrictMarysvilleNo
Fairmount Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEverettYes
Fernwood Elementary SchoolNorthshore School DistrictBothellNo
Forest View Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettNo
Frank Love Elementary SchoolNorthshore School DistrictBothellNo
Frank Wagner Elementary SchoolMonroe School DistrictMonroeYes
Fryelands Elementary SchoolMonroe School DistrictMonroeNo
Garfield Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettYes
Glenwood Elementary SchoolLake Stevens School DistrictLake StevensNo
Gold Bar Elementary SchoolSultan School DistrictGold BarYes
Grove Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleNo
Hawthorne Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettYes
Hazelwood Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodNo
Highland Elementary SchoolLake Stevens School DistrictLake StevensNo
Hillcrest Elementary SchoolLake Stevens School DistrictLake StevensNo
Hilltop Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodNo
Horizon Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEverettYes
Index Elementary SchoolIndex School DistrictIndexNo
Jackson Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettYes
Jefferson Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettNo
Kellogg Marsh Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Kent Prairie Elementary SchoolArlington School DistrictArlingtonYes
Kokanee Elementary SchoolNorthshore School DistrictWoodinvilleNo
Lake Stickney Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Lakewood Elementary SchoolLakewood School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Liberty Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Little Cedars Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishNo
Lockwood Elementary SchoolNorthshore School DistrictBothellNo
Lowell Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettYes
Lynndale Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictEdmondsYes
Lynnwood Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Machias Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishNo
Madison Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettYes
Maltby Elementary SchoolMonroe School DistrictSnohomishNo
Marshall Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Martha Lake Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Meadowdale Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Mill Creek Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictMill CreekNo
Monroe Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettYes
Monte Cristo Elementary SchoolGranite Falls School DistrictGranite FallsYes
Mountain Way Elementary SchoolGranite Falls School DistrictGranite FallsYes
Mountlake Terrace Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictMountlake TerraceYes
Mt. Pilchuck Elementary SchoolLake Stevens School DistrictLake StevensNo
Mukilteo Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictMukilteoNo
Oak Heights Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Odyssey Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEverettYes
Olivia Park Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEverettYes
Penny Creek Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettNo
Picnic Point Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEdmondsNo
Pinewood Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Pioneer Elementary SchoolArlington School DistrictArlingtonNo
Presidents Elementary SchoolArlington School DistrictArlingtonNo
Quil Ceda Tulalip Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictTulalipYes
Riverview Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishNo
Salem Woods Elementary SchoolMonroe School DistrictMonroeNo
Seattle Hill Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictEverettNo
Seaview Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictEdmondsNo
Serene Lake Elementary SchoolMukilteo School DistrictEdmondsYes
Shelton View Elementary SchoolNorthshore School DistrictBothellNo
Sherwood Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictEdmondsNo
Shoultes Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleYes
Silver Firs Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettNo
Silver Lake Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettYes
Skyline Elementary SchoolLake Stevens School DistrictLake StevensNo
Spruce Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictLynnwoodYes
Stanwood Elementary SchoolStanwood-Camano School DistrictStanwoodNo
Sultan Elementary SchoolSultan School DistrictSultanYes
Sunnycrest Elementary SchoolLake Stevens School DistrictLake StevensNo
Sunnyside Elementary SchoolMarysville School DistrictMarysvilleNo
Terrace Park Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictMountlake TerraceNo
Totem Falls Elementary SchoolSnohomish School DistrictSnohomishNo
Twin City Elementary SchoolStanwood-Camano School DistrictStanwoodNo
View Ridge Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettNo
Westgate Elementary SchoolEdmonds School DistrictEdmondsNo
Whittier Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictEverettNo
Woodside Elementary SchoolEverett School DistrictBothellNo

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