Map of Thurston County, Washington High School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

List of High Schools in Thurston County Washington

Map KeySchool NameSchool DistrictCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
AG West Black Hills High SchoolTumwater School DistrictTumwater26.43%
Avanti High SchoolOlympia School DistrictOlympia27.41%
Capital High SchoolOlympia School DistrictOlympia29.97%
H.E.A.R.T. High SchoolRochester School DistrictRochester52.00%
North Thurston High SchoolNorth Thurston Public SchoolsLacey39.86%
Olympia High SchoolOlympia School DistrictOlympia15.80%
Rainier Senior High SchoolRainier School DistrictRainier44.63%
River Ridge High SchoolNorth Thurston Public SchoolsLacey39.18%
Rochester High SchoolRochester School DistrictRochester45.18%
Tenino High SchoolTenino School DistrictTenino41.60%
Timberline High SchoolNorth Thurston Public SchoolsLacey37.16%
Tumwater High SchoolTumwater School DistrictTumwater24.95%
Yelm High School 12Yelm Community SchoolsYelm40.66%