Map of Tacoma Public Schools Elementary School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

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List of Elementary Schools in Tacoma Public Schools Washington

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Arlington Elementary School98409Tacoma72.06%
Birney Elementary School98408Tacoma68.86%
Blix Elementary School98404Tacoma73.49%
Boze Elementary School98404Tacoma72.36%
Browns Point Elementary School98422Tacoma18.14%
Bryant Elementary School98405Tacoma50.36%
Crescent Heights Elementary School98422Tacoma36.36%
Delong Elementary School98405Tacoma61.27%
Downing Elementary School98406Tacoma44.69%
Edison Elementary School98409Tacoma71.12%
Fawcett Elementary School98404Tacoma64.08%
Fern Hill Elementary School98444Tacoma69.02%
Franklin Elementary School98405Tacoma66.13%
Geiger Elementary School98465Tacoma39.04%
Grant Elementary School98406Tacoma27.33%
Jefferson Elementary School98406Tacoma38.61%
Larchmont Elementary School98445Tacoma68.47%
Lister Elementary School98404Tacoma77.32%
Lowell Elementary School98403Tacoma19.41%
Lyon Elementary School98404Tacoma66.39%
Manitou Park Elementary School98409Tacoma68.54%
Mann Elementary School98408Tacoma64.83%
McCarver Elementary School98405Tacoma82.43%
Northeast Tacoma Elementary School98422Tacoma52.86%
Point Defiance Elementary School98407Tacoma33.43%
Reed Elementary School98418Tacoma76.79%
Roosevelt Elementary School98404Tacoma80.68%
Sheridan Elementary School98404Tacoma73.87%
Sherman Elementary School98407Tacoma12.47%
Skyline Elementary School98406Tacoma53.35%
Stafford Elementary School98444Tacoma75.00%
Stanley Elementary School98405Tacoma62.80%
Washington-Hoyt Elementary School98407Tacoma20.42%
Whitman Elementary School98408Tacoma68.02%
Whittier Elementary School98466Tacoma49.60%

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