SNAP/Food Stamp Participation in Kentucky

of the 120 Counties in Kentucky The County with the highest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is Owsley County with 30.5%. The County with the lowest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is Oldham County with 2.3%. The data is provided by the US Department of Agriculture (July 2023).

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Map of Kentucky SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate by County

5% to 10%
10% to 15%
15% to 20%
20% to 25%
> 25%

List of Counties in Kentucky with SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate (July 2023)

Map KeyNameTotal SNAP/Food Stamp RecipientsPercentage of Residents Receiving SNAP/Food Stamps
Adair County3,40818.3%
Allen County2,56012.8%
Anderson County1,7168.0%
Ballard County7889.5%
Barren County5,95214.1%
Bath County2,25119.3%
Bell County7,23225.3%
Boone County6,6715.6%
Bourbon County2,71413.6%
Boyd County6,90514.0%
Boyle County3,15011.1%
Bracken County97111.4%
Breathitt County3,80427.3%
Breckinridge County2,43312.1%
Bullitt County5,4007.3%
Butler County1,91715.0%
Caldwell County1,55912.0%
Calloway County3,1188.4%
Campbell County5,5046.1%
Carlisle County53510.5%
Carroll County1,50413.9%
Carter County4,50716.3%
Casey County2,77917.4%
Christian County8,85412.0%
Clark County4,72713.3%
Clay County5,97927.4%
Clinton County2,45824.0%
Crittenden County8709.3%
Cumberland County1,36119.9%
Daviess County10,38410.7%
Edmonson County1,43611.8%
Elliott County1,38617.8%
Estill County2,80519.1%
Fayette County26,7399.0%
Fleming County2,18515.2%
Floyd County8,69222.0%
Franklin County4,93910.0%
Fulton County1,26518.7%
Gallatin County7749.1%
Garrard County1,98411.8%
Grant County2,90711.8%
Graves County4,19911.3%
Grayson County3,57913.9%
Green County1,70015.0%
Greenup County4,11611.2%
Hancock County87710.2%
Hardin County9,2628.9%
Harlan County7,50225.7%
Harrison County2,14811.4%
Hart County2,81715.4%
Henderson County5,24311.3%
Henry County1,2628.2%
Hickman County64213.2%
Hopkins County6,00412.8%
Jackson County3,26724.2%
Jefferson County90,11612.2%
Jessamine County5,70711.7%
Johnson County4,51819.4%
Kenton County12,2637.7%
Knott County3,52821.6%
Knox County8,89127.9%
Larue County1,71712.1%
Laurel County11,03518.7%
Lawrence County3,21620.2%
Lee County1,79622.9%
Leslie County2,37721.0%
Letcher County4,83819.9%
Lewis County2,68119.3%
Lincoln County3,87615.7%
Livingston County98610.4%
Logan County3,12511.7%
Lyon County5246.3%
Madison County10,15812.2%
Magoffin County3,23224.4%
Marion County2,24411.3%
Marshall County2,7488.8%
Martin County2,58720.0%
Mason County2,85816.3%
Mccracken County7,34411.2%
Mccreary County4,56725.1%
Mclean County1,06511.2%
Meade County2,0747.2%
Menifee County1,40722.2%
Mercer County2,21010.4%
Metcalfe County2,03520.2%
Monroe County1,92917.7%
Montgomery County3,95214.9%
Morgan County2,25916.2%
Muhlenberg County4,39514.0%
Nelson County3,6118.3%
Nicholas County1,05714.9%
Ohio County3,09612.9%
Oldham County1,3832.3%
Owen County1,16310.7%
Owsley County1,45130.5%
Pendleton County1,69411.5%
Perry County6,74623.6%
Pike County11,25017.3%
Powell County2,55120.2%
Pulaski County10,86417.2%
Robertson County31814.1%
Rockcastle County3,18418.6%
Rowan County3,73316.0%
Russell County3,34219.0%
Scott County4,2819.1%
Shelby County2,3585.6%
Simpson County2,09612.1%
Spencer County8935.2%
Taylor County4,04216.5%
Todd County1,50312.1%
Trigg County1,43610.1%
Trimble County7768.8%
Union County1,55510.4%
Warren County15,48613.6%
Washington County2,12718.2%
Wayne County4,87223.4%
Webster County1,49110.9%
Whitley County8,09922.6%
Wolfe County1,89526.0%
Woodford County1,6586.7%