SNAP/Food Stamp Participation in Nebraska

of the 93 Counties in Nebraska The County with the highest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is with 0%. The County with the lowest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is with 100000000%. The data is provided by the US Department of Agriculture ( ).

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Map of Nebraska SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate by

5% to 10%
10% to 15%
15% to 20%
20% to 25%
> 25%

List of Counties in Nebraska with SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate ( )

Map KeyNameTotal SNAP/Food Stamp RecipientsPercentage of Residents Receiving SNAP/Food Stamps
Adams CountyN/AN/A
Antelope CountyN/AN/A
Arthur CountyN/AN/A
Banner CountyN/AN/A
Blaine CountyN/AN/A
Boone CountyN/AN/A
Box Butte CountyN/AN/A
Boyd CountyN/AN/A
Brown CountyN/AN/A
Buffalo CountyN/AN/A
Burt CountyN/AN/A
Butler CountyN/AN/A
Cass CountyN/AN/A
Cedar CountyN/AN/A
Chase CountyN/AN/A
Cherry CountyN/AN/A
Cheyenne CountyN/AN/A
Clay CountyN/AN/A
Colfax CountyN/AN/A
Cuming CountyN/AN/A
Custer CountyN/AN/A
Dakota CountyN/AN/A
Dawes CountyN/AN/A
Dawson CountyN/AN/A
Deuel CountyN/AN/A
Dixon CountyN/AN/A
Dodge CountyN/AN/A
Douglas CountyN/AN/A
Dundy CountyN/AN/A
Fillmore CountyN/AN/A
Franklin CountyN/AN/A
Frontier CountyN/AN/A
Furnas CountyN/AN/A
Gage CountyN/AN/A
Garden CountyN/AN/A
Garfield CountyN/AN/A
Gosper CountyN/AN/A
Grant CountyN/AN/A
Greeley CountyN/AN/A
Hall CountyN/AN/A
Hamilton CountyN/AN/A
Harlan CountyN/AN/A
Hayes CountyN/AN/A
Hitchcock CountyN/AN/A
Holt CountyN/AN/A
Hooker CountyN/AN/A
Howard CountyN/AN/A
Jefferson CountyN/AN/A
Johnson CountyN/AN/A
Kearney CountyN/AN/A
Keith CountyN/AN/A
Keya Paha CountyN/AN/A
Kimball CountyN/AN/A
Knox CountyN/AN/A
Lancaster CountyN/AN/A
Lincoln CountyN/AN/A
Logan CountyN/AN/A
Loup CountyN/AN/A
Madison CountyN/AN/A
Mcpherson CountyN/AN/A
Merrick CountyN/AN/A
Morrill CountyN/AN/A
Nance CountyN/AN/A
Nemaha CountyN/AN/A
Nuckolls CountyN/AN/A
Otoe CountyN/AN/A
Pawnee CountyN/AN/A
Perkins CountyN/AN/A
Phelps CountyN/AN/A
Pierce CountyN/AN/A
Platte CountyN/AN/A
Polk CountyN/AN/A
Red Willow CountyN/AN/A
Richardson CountyN/AN/A
Rock CountyN/AN/A
Saline CountyN/AN/A
Sarpy CountyN/AN/A
Saunders CountyN/AN/A
Scotts Bluff CountyN/AN/A
Seward CountyN/AN/A
Sheridan CountyN/AN/A
Sherman CountyN/AN/A
Sioux CountyN/AN/A
Stanton CountyN/AN/A
Thayer CountyN/AN/A
Thomas CountyN/AN/A
Thurston CountyN/AN/A
Valley CountyN/AN/A
Washington CountyN/AN/A
Wayne CountyN/AN/A
Webster CountyN/AN/A
Wheeler CountyN/AN/A
York CountyN/AN/A