Power Plants in Arizona

There are a total of 151 power plants in Arizona. The most common type of power plant in Arizona is Solar with a total of 88 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in Arizona with 14829.7 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas3214829.7
Pumped Storage3257.8

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Map of Power Plants in Arizona

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Arizona

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
AES ES GILBERT, LLCbatteries10.0Chandler85226
AZ State University - Tempe Campus Solar
Arizona State University FDMsolar2.4Tempe85287
Actus Lend Lease DMAFB
Tesla Inc.solar3.0Tucson85707
Agua Caliente Solar Project
Agua Caliente Solarsolar347.7Dateland85333
Agua Fria
Salt River Projectnatural gas750.2Glendale85303
Amazon TUS2
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar2.6Tucson85756
Amphitheater High School Solar
Luminace Solar Arizona 2, LLCsolar1.0Tucson85705
Apache Solar 1
Arizona Electric Pwr Coop Incsolar20.0Cochise85606
Apache Station
Arizona Electric Pwr Coop Incnatural gas548.5Cochise85606
Arizona State University CHP
Energy Center Phoenix LLCnatural gas17.1Tempe85287
Arizona Western College PV
AES Distributed Energysolar4.7Yuma85365
Arlington Valley Energy Facility
Arlington Valley LLCnatural gas580.0Arlington85322
Arlington Valley Solar Energy II
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar125.4Arlington85326
Avalon Solar
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar29.0Pima85543
Avalon Solar II
Avalon Solar Partners II, LLCsolar16.0Sahuarita85629
Avra Valley Solar
Avra Valley Solarsolar25.0Marana85653
Badger 1
Desert Sky Solar LLCsolar14.8Tonopah85354
Black Mountain Generating Station
UNS Electric, Incnatural gas90.0Golden Valley86413
Black Mountain Solar LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar9.0Golden Valley86413
Bonnybrooke PV
Apple, Incsolar50.0Florence85132
Broadway 2 - Tucson Phase II
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.0Tucson85714
Broadway 3 - Tucson Phase I
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.0Tucson85743
Buckeye Union HS District 201
Luminace Solar Arizona, LLCsolar3.3Buckeye85326
Canyon Del Oro High School Solar
Luminace Solar Arizona 2, LLCsolar1.5Oro Valley85704
Central Line Solar, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar100.0Coolidge85131
Chevelon Butte Wind Farm
AES Clean Energywind238.2Winslow86047
Chino Solar Valley
Arizona Public Service Cosolar19.0Chino Valley86323
Arizona Public Service Cocoal387.0Joseph City86032
Cogeneration 1
University of Arizonanatural gas8.3Tucson85721
Cogeneration 2
University of Arizonanatural gas5.0Tucson85821
Cogenra - TEP
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.0Tucson85747
Coolidge Generation Station
Salt River Projectnatural gas520.8Coolidge85228
Salt River Projectcoal762.0St Johns85936
Cotton Center Solar Hybrid
Arizona Public Service Cosolar34.0Gila Bend85337
Salt River Projecthydroelectric3.0Tempe85281
Davis Dam
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric254.8Kingman86430
Davis Monthan AFB (AZ) West Airfield
MN8 Energy LLCsolar12.6Tucson85707
Demoss Petrie
Tucson Electric Power Conatural gas75.0Tucson85705
Desert Basin
Salt River Projectnatural gas703.8Casa Grande85193
Desert Star Hybrid
Arizona Public Service Cosolar20.0Buckeye58326
Arizona Public Service Copetroleum15.0Douglas85607
Dry Lake Wind LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind63.0Heber85928
East Line Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar100.0Coolidge85131
Arizona Public Service Cobatteries50.0Phoenix85363
Estrella Mountain PV
Tesla Inc.solar1.8Avondale85323
FRB Solar Farm
FRB Solar LLCsolar1.9Tucson85747
Foothills Solar Plant Hybrid
Arizona Public Service Cobatteries73.0Yuma85367
Fort Huachuca Solar PV Project
Tucson Electric Power Cosolar17.7Sierra Vista85613
Gato Montes Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Tucson85747
Gila Bend Hybrid
Arizona Public Service Cosolar72.0Gila Bend85337
Gila River Power Block 1
Salt River Projectnatural gas570.0Gila Bend85337
Gila River Power Block 2
Salt River Projectnatural gas570.0Gila Bend85337
Gila River Power Block 3
Salt River Projectnatural gas570.0Gila Bend85337
Gila River Power Block 4
Salt River Projectnatural gas570.0Gila Bend85337
Gilbert Solar Facility I, LLC
Gilbert Solar Facility I, LLCsolar2.5Gilbert85223
Glen Canyon Dam
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric1312.0Page86040
Gray Hawk Solar
Gray Hawk Solar, LLCsolar55.0Kingman86402
Griffith Energy LLC
Griffith Energy LLCnatural gas570.0Golden Valley86413
H Wilson Sundt Generating Station
Tucson Electric Power Conatural gas490.0Tucson85714
Harquahala Generating Project
New Harquahala Generating Co, LLCnatural gas1042.9Tonopah85354
Headgate Rock
Colorado River Indian Irr Projhydroelectric19.5Parker85344
Hoover Dam (AZ)
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric1039.7Boulder City86430
Horse Mesa
Salt River Projectpumped storage149.0Apache Junction85119
Hyder II Hybrid
Arizona Public Service Cosolar28.0Hyder85333
Hyder Solar Hybrid
Arizona Public Service Cosolar47.0Hyder85333
Intel - Ocotillo Campus Solar
Tesla Inc.solar4.2Chandler85248
Iron Horse Battery Storage Hybrid
RWE Renewables Americas, LLCbatteries12.0Tucson85747
Jacobson 5 MW Solar
UNS Electric, Incsolar4.4Kingman85409
Jewish Community Center PV
AES Distributed Energysolar1.2Scottsdale85254
Kayenta Solar Project
NGI-Kayenta Solar Lessor I, LLCsolar55.3Kayenta86504
Kingman 1
Brookfield Renewable Trading and Marketing LPwind10.5Kingman86401
Salt River Projectnatural gas525.0Tempe85283
La Senita
UNS Electric, Incsolar1.0Kingman86409
Lake Pleasant WTP
MN8 Energy LLCsolar6.0Peoria85383
Luke Solar
Arizona Public Service Cosolar12.8Glendale85309
Macys Goodyear
Macys Corporate Services, Incsolar3.5Goodyear85338
Mesa Carport PV
Apple, Incsolar4.6Mesa85212
Mesquite Generating Station Block 1
Salt River Projectnatural gas620.0Arlington85322
Mesquite Generating Station Block 2
Mesquite Power LLCnatural gas624.0Arlington85322
Mesquite Solar 1
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar170.0Tonopah85354
Mesquite Solar 2, LLC
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar100.0Tonopah85354
Mesquite Solar 3, LLC
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar150.0Tonopah85354
Mohave County Wind Farm
Mohave County Wind Farmwind350.0Willow Beach86445
Mohave Electric Cooperative at Joy Lane
Mohave Electric Cooperative, Inc.solar10.9Fort Mohave86426
Mohave Electric at Fort Mohave
Mohave Electric Cooperative, Inc.solar4.4Fort Mohave86426
Mormon Flat
Salt River Projectpumped storage68.8Apache Junction85119
North Loop
Tucson Electric Power Conatural gas95.0Tucson85704
Northwest Regional
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass3.2Surprise85387
Novo BioPower Plant
Novo Biopower LLCbiomass22.2Snowflake85937
AZ Solar 1, LLCsolar32.5Salome85348
Arizona Public Service Conatural gas623.5Tempe85281
Palo Verde
Arizona Public Service Conuclear3937.0Wintersburg85036
Paloma Solar Hybrid
Arizona Public Service Cosolar34.6Gila Bend85337
Paradise Valley H.S. PV
AES Distributed Energysolar1.4Phoenix85032
Perrin Ranch Wind LLC
Perrin Ranch Wind LLCwind99.2Williams86046
Phoenix Airport East Economy Lot
Solar Star Arizona II LLCsolar1.0Phoenix85034
Phoenix Airport Rental Car Center
Solar Star Arizona II LLCsolar1.4Phoenix85034
Picture Rocks Solar, LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar20.0Marana85653
Pima Community College
Tesla Inc.solar1.1Tucson85709
Pima Community College - East Campus
Tesla Inc.solar1.3Tucson85706
Pima Community College NW
Onyx Asset Services Groupsolar1.3Tucson85741
Pima Energy Storage System
Pima Energy Storage Systembatteries10.0Tucson85705
Pinal Central Energy Center Hybrid
Pinal Central Energy Center, LLCsolar30.0Casa Grande85194
Poseidon Solar, LLC
Axium Arizona Renewables, LLCsolar20.0Globe85501
Poseidon Wind, LLC
Axium Arizona Renewables, LLCwind65.1Herber85928
Prairie Fire
Tucson Electric Power Cosolar4.5Tucson85747
Prescott Airport
Arizona Public Service Cosolar3.0Prescott86301
Prescott Solar Plant
SunE AZ1, LLCsolar10.8Prescott86301
Punkin Center Battery Storage
Arizona Public Service Cobatteries2.0Tonto Basin85553
Queen Creek Solar Farm
Siete Solar LLCsolar18.6Queen Creek85142
RE Ajo 1 LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar4.5Ajo85321
RE Bagdad Solar I LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar14.9Bagdad86321
RE Gillespie 1 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar15.0Gila Bend85337
Raptor Ridge
Tucson Electric Power Cosolar12.5Tucson85607
Red Hawk
Arizona Public Service Conatural gas934.0Arlington85322
Red Horse 2
Red Horse 2solar81.0Willcox85643
Red Horse III
Red Horse IIIsolar30.0Wilcox85643
Red Rock
Arizona Public Service Cosolar40.0Red Rock85145
Rio Rico Solar
UNS Electric, Incsolar6.0Rio Rico85648
Roger Road WWTP
SunE M5C Holdings LLCsolar0.9Tucson85705
Salt River Projecthydroelectric34.8Roosevelt85545
Saddle Mountain Solar I
SunE AZ2, LLCsolar15.0Tonopah85354
Arizona Public Service Conatural gas176.0Red Rock85245
Saint Solar
Saint Solar LLCsolar100.0Coolidge85128
Sandstone Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar43.0Florence85132
Salt River Projectnatural gas1227.0Gilbert85296
Solana Generating Station
Arizona Solar One LLCsolar295.6Gila Bend85337
South Consolidated
Salt River Projecthydroelectric1.4Phoenix85072
South Point Energy Center
South Point Energy Center LLCnatural gas550.0Mohave Valley86440
Tucson Electric Power Cocoal1632.4Springerville85938
Stewart Mountain
Salt River Projecthydroelectric13.0Phoenix85072
Sulphur Springs
MN8 Energy LLCsolar20.0Cochise85606
Sun Streams 2
Sun Streams 2, LLCsolar150.0Hassayampa85322
Sun Streams, LLC
EDP Renewables North America LLCsolar160.0Arlington85322
Arizona Public Service Conatural gas410.0Casa Grande85228
T0588 Phoenix - AZ
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.2Phoenix85043
Tech Park Solar
RWE Renewables Americas, LLCsolar5.0Tucson85747
Tucson Electric Power Cosolar1.2Tucson85747
Union HS at Casa Grande
Luminace Solar Holding, LLCsolar1.6Casa Grande85122
University of Arizona - Biosphere 2
University of Arizona - Biosphere 2natural gas3.1Oracle85623
UNS Electric, Incnatural gas60.3Nogales85621
Valencia Solar
RWE Renewables Americas, LLCsolar10.0Tucson85706
Vista Grande HS at Casa Grande
Luminace Solar Holding, LLCsolar1.4Casa Grande85122
Central Arizona Water Conservation Distpumped storage40.0Peoria85383
Walmart Casa Grande
Tesla Inc.solar2.0Casa Grande85193
West Line Solar, LLC
West Line Solar, LLCsolar100.0City of Eloy85131
West Phoenix
Arizona Public Service Conatural gas920.0Phoenix85043
Western Renewable Energy
Western Renewable Energy LLCbiomass2.5Eagar85925
Wilmot Energy Center LLC
Wilmot Energy Center LLCsolar130.0Tucson85756
Arizona Public Service Conatural gas328.0Yuma85364
Yuma Cogeneration Associates
Falcon Power Operating Companynatural gas52.2Yuma85364
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