Power Plants in Colorado

There are a total of 260 power plants in Colorado. The most common type of power plant in Colorado is Solar with a total of 129 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in Colorado with 6596.1 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas286596.1
Pumped Storage2581.9

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Map of Power Plants in Colorado

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Colorado

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
3 MW LLCother3.0Somerset81434
AFA Solar Farm
Solar Star Colorado II LLCsolar5.5Colorado Springs80840
Adams Community Solar Garden III LLC
Adams Community Solar Garden III LLCsolar1.2Watkins80137
Adams Community Solar Garden LLC
Adams Community Solar Garden LLCsolar1.2Watkins80137
Airport 1 Solar (DIA)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Denver80249
Airport Industrial
Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLCpetroleum10.0Pueblo81001
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas27.0Alamosa81101
Alamosa Solar South CSG
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.6Alamosa81101
Alden Solar CSG LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.6Greeley80631
Amazon DEN2 Solar Project
Solar Star Prime 1 LLCsolar1.2Aurora80019
Amazon Denver DEN3
Westbound Solar LLCsolar4.6Thornton80023
American Gypsum Cogeneration
Eagle Materials Co LLCnatural gas7.6Gypsum81637
Ames Hydro
Public Service Co of Coloradohydroelectric2.8Ophir81426
Arapahoe 3 Community Solar Array
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.8Aurora80138
Arapahoe Combustion Turbine Project
SWG Arapahoe, LLCnatural gas122.5Denver80223
Ash Mesa Solar, LLC
Ash Mesa Solar, LLCsolar7.8Olathe81425
Bar D
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Meeker81641
City of Aspen- (CO)hydroelectric4.5Aspen81611
Big Thompson
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric5.2Loveland80538
Bighorn Solar 1
Lightsource Renewable Energy Asset Management, LLCsolar240.0Pueblo81006
Bison Solar LLC
Bison Solar LLCsolar30.0Wellington80549
Blue Mesa
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric86.4Gunnison81401
Blue Spruce Energy Center
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas264.0Aurora80019
Boulder Canyon Hydro
Boulder City ofhydroelectric5.0Boulder80306
Boulder City Betasso Hydro Plant
Boulder City ofhydroelectric3.0Boulder80306
Boulder City Lakewood Hydro
Boulder City ofhydroelectric3.5Boulder80306
Boulder City Silver Lake Hydro
Boulder City ofhydroelectric3.3Boulder80306
Brighton PV Solar Plant
Hangar 160 LLCsolar1.8Brighton80602
Bronco Plains Wind, LLC
Bronco Plains Wind, LLCwind299.0Flagler80815
Brush Generation Facility
Colorado Energy Managementnatural gas292.0Brush80723
Burlington (CO)
Tri-State G & T Assn, Incpetroleum100.0Burlington80807
Busch Ranch II Wind Farm
Black Hills Electric Generation LLCwind59.4Walsenburg81089
Busch Ranch Wind Energy Farm
Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLCwind29.0Walsenburg81089
CEC Solar #1117, LLC
Clean Focus Renewables, Inc.solar1.5Pueblo81001
CO LI CSG 1 - Kamerra
Standard Solarsolar1.5Watkins80137
CSU Pueblo
Scale Sustainable I, LLCsolar1.0Pueblo81001
Cabin Creek
Public Service Co of Coloradopumped storage351.9Georgetown80444
Carousel Wind Farm LLC
Carousel Wind Farm, LLCwind150.0Burlington80807
Carson Solar I
Carson Solar 1 LLCsolar1.5Colorado Springs80913
Carter Hydro
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy Districthydroelectric2.6Berthoud80513
Cedar Creek II
AE Power Services LLCwind248.3New Raymer80742
Cedar Creek Wind
Leeward Asset Management, LLCwind300.5Grover80729
Cedar Point Wind
Cedar Point LLCwind252.0Limon80828
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas886.0Denver80216
Cheyenne Ridge Wind Farm
Public Service Co of Coloradowind477.1Cheyenne Wells80810
City & County of Denver at Denver Int'l
Denver Airport Solar, LLCsolar3.4Denver80249
City of Boulder WWTP
SunE NLB-2, LLCsolar0.9Boulder80301
Clear Spring Ranch PV Project
DG Colorado Solar, LLCsolar10.0Fountain80817
Cogentrix of Alamosa
KEPCO Alamosa LLCsolar30.0Mosca81146
Colorado Energy Nations Company
Molson Coors USA LLCnatural gas40.0Golden80401
Colorado Green Holdings LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind162.0Lamar81052
Colorado Highlands Wind
Colorado Highlands Wind LLCwind96.1Fleming80728
Comanche (CO)
Public Service Co of Coloradocoal1085.0Pueblo81006
Comanche Solar
Onward Energysolar120.0Pueblo81006
Conejos 1 Community Solar Array
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.5La Jara81140
Cortez Solar 1, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.2Cortez81321
Cortez Solar 3, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.0Cortez81321
Coyote Ridge Community Solar
Poudre Valley REA, Incsolar1.5Fort Collins80526
Craig (CO)
Tri-State G & T Assn, Inccoal1285.0Craig81626
Crossing Trails Wind Power Project LLC.
EDP Renewables North America LLCwind104.0Seibert80834
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric35.0Montrose81401
DADS Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass3.2Aurora80018
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar4.5Denver80249
Denver Int Airport
MMA DAS Powersolar1.9Denver80249
Denver Intl Airport IV Solar
Denver Int'l Airport IV Solarsolar1.5Denver80249
Denver Metro Solar
Denver Metro Solar LLCsolar1.6Watkins80137
Dillon Hydro Plant
Denver City & County ofhydroelectric1.8Summit80435
Drop 5
Drop 5 Hydro LLChydroelectric2.4Montrose81403
Eagle Springs Solar LLC
Eagle Springs Solar LLCsolar1.0Silt81652
Eagle Valley Clean Energy LLC Biomass
Eagle Valley Clean Energy LLCbiomass12.6Gypsum81637
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric51.6Estes Park80517
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric94.5Loveland80539
Foothills Hydro Plant
Denver City & County-Foothillshydroelectric3.1Littleton80125
Fort Carson Battery Energy Storage System
Department of the Army, Fort Carsonbatteries4.2Fort Carson80913
Fort Lupton
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas88.0Ft. Lupton80621
Fort St Vrain
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas985.0Platteville80651
Fountain Valley Power Facility
Fountain Valley Power LLCnatural gas234.0Fountain80817
Frank Knutson
Tri-State G & T Assn, Incnatural gas134.0Commerce City80022
Fremont CO 1, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.8Canon City81212
Front Range Power Plant
City of Colorado Springs - (CO)natural gas460.0Fountain80817
Front Range Project
Timberline Energy LLCbiomass3.1Erie80516
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas14.0Grand Junction81521
Gaylord Rockies CHP
UE - 00602CO, LLCnatural gas4.0Aurora80019
George Birdsall
City of Colorado Springs - (CO)natural gas55.0Colorado Springs80907
Georgetown Hydro
Public Service Co of Coloradohydroelectric1.6Georgetown80444
Gilcrest Solar
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.5Platteville80651
Gilcrest Sun CSG
SunShare Managementsolar1.8Platteville80651
Gilcrest V CSG
SunShare Managementsolar4.8Platteville80651
Golden West Power Partners LLC
Golden West Power Partners, LLCwind250.0Calhan80808
Granby Hydro
Northern Water Hydropower Enterprisehydroelectric1.2Granby80446
Grazing Yak Solar
Grazing Yak Solar, LLCsolar35.0Calhan80808
Greater Sandhill I
Greater Sandhill I LLCsolar19.0Mosca81146
Green Mountain
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric26.0Kremmling80459
Gross Hydro Plant
Denver City & County ofhydroelectric8.0Boulder80471
Public Service Co of Coloradocoal441.0Hayden81639
Hillcrest Pump Station
Denver City & County ofhydroelectric2.0Denver80237
Town of Holly - (CO)petroleum2.7Holly81047
Hooper Solar
Solar Star Colorado III, LLCsolar52.0Mosca81146
Huerfano River Wind
Huerfano River Wind, LLCwind8.0Walsenburg81089
I25 Battery Storage
United Power, Incbatteries4.0Longmont80504
IBM Solar
DG Colorado Solar, LLCsolar8.1Boulder80301
Imboden Solar Garden
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar3.0Watkins80137
JM Shafer Generating Station
Tri-State G & T Assn, Incnatural gas272.0Ft. Lupton80621
Jack's Solar Garden
Jack's Solar Gardensolar1.0Longmont80504
James W. Broderick Hydropower Plant
James W. Broderick Hydropower Planthydroelectric7.1Pueblo81005
Jeffco Community Solar Gardens LLC
SunShare Managementsolar1.2Arvada80005
City of Julesburg - (CO)petroleum2.2Julesburg80737
Kit Carson Windpower
Duke Energy Renewables Serviceswind51.0Burlington80807
Lafayette Horizon Solar CSG LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.6Lafayette80026
Lamar Plant
City of Lamar - (CO)wind7.5Lamar81052
Las Animas
City of Las Animas - (CO)petroleum5.1Las Animas81054
Limon Generating Station
Tri-State G & T Assn, Incnatural gas134.0Limon80828
Limon III Wind LLC
Limon Wind I
Limon Wind II
Logan 1 Community Solar Array
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.5Sterling80751
Logan Wind Energy
Logan Wind Energy LLCwind201.0Peetz80747
Lower Molina
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric5.6Molina81401
Manchief Electric Generating Station
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas264.0Brush80723
Manitou Springs
City of Colorado Springs - (CO)hydroelectric5.5Manitou Spring80829
Marys Lake
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric9.3Estes Park80517
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric1.2Cortez81302
Mesa CSG 1 Murdock
Standard Solarsolar1.5Grand Junction81526
Mesa CSG 2 Massicotte
Standard Solarsolar1.5Palisade81526
Mesa PV1
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.6Grand Junction81504
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
Colorado Energy Nations Company, LLCbiomass9.8Denver80229
Monte Vista Solar 2 CSG, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.6Monte Vista97114
Morrow Point
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric173.2Montrose81401
Mount Elbert
U S Bureau of Reclamationpumped storage230.0Twin Lakes80461
Mountain Breeze Wind, LLC
Leeward Asset Management, LLCwind171.7Grover80729
Mtn Solar 6 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Sterling80751
Mtn. Solar 1
Standard Solarsolar1.5Watkins80137
Mtn. Solar 2
Standard Solarsolar1.5Watkins80137
Mtn. Solar 3 CSG
Standard Solarsolar1.5Brush80723
Mtn. Solar 4 (CSG)
Standard Solarsolar1.5Lakewood80215
NSE Camber BH CSG 2, LLC
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Ordway80651
NSE Camber Solar PS11 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Sterling80751
NSE Camber Solar PS13 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Sterling80751
NSE Camber Solar PS5 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Platteville80651
NSE Camber Solar PS6 LLC CSG
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Platteville80651
Niyol Wind, LLC
Niyol Wind, LLCwind205.0Fleming80728
North Fork Hydro Plant
Denver City & County ofhydroelectric5.5Grant80448
Northern Colorado Wind LLC
Northern Colorado Wind LLCwind174.3Peetz80747
OREG 4 Peetz
Ormat Nevada Incother3.0Peetz80747
Oak Leaf Solar XVIII LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar9.0Denver80211
Oak Leaf Solar XXI (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Watkins80137
Oak Leaf Solar XXII LLC (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Denver80249
Oak Leaf Solar XXIII LLC (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Watkins80137
Oak Leaf Solar XXIV LLC (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Watkins80137
Oak Leaf Solar XXV LLC (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Watkins80137
Oak Leaf Solar XXVI LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Denver80249
Oak Leaf Solar XXVII LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Greely80631
Oak Leaf Solar XXVIII LLC (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Platteville80651
Oak Leaf Solar XXX LLC (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Alamosa81101
Oak Leaf Solar XXXI LLC (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Debeque81630
Oak Leaf Solar XXXII (CSG)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Rifle81650
Oak Leaf Solar XXXIII LLC (Lantz)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar3.0Salida81201
Palmer Solar
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar60.0Fountain80817
Panasonic Carport Solar Hybrid
Public Service Co of Coloradosolar2.3Denver80249
Panorama Wind, LLC
Leeward Asset Management, LLCwind145.0Grover80729
Public Service Co of Coloradocoal505.0Brush80723
Peak View Wind Farm
Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLCwind60.8Walsenburg81089
Peetz Table Wind Energy
FPL Peetz Table Wind Energywind199.5Peetz80747
Pikes Peak Solar Garden 1 LLC CSG
Pikes Peak Solar Garden 1 LLCsolar2.0Colorado Springs80911
Pioneer Solar (CO), LLC
Pioneer Solar (CO), LLCsolar80.0Bennett80102
Pitkin County Solar
Coolangatta Solar LLCsolar5.0Aspen81611
Pivot Solar 1 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar1.0Parachute81635
Pivot Solar 12 LLC(CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar1.0Sterling80751
Pivot Solar 14 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Brush80723
Pivot Solar 15 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar1.0Brush80723
Pivot Solar 2 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Brush80723
Pivot Solar 3 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Parachute81635
Pivot Solar 4 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Platteville80651
Pivot Solar 7 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Rifle81650
Pivot Solar 8 LLC (CSG)
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar2.0Platteville80651
Plains End
Plains End Operating Services LLCnatural gas114.0Arvada80001
Plains End II LLC
Plains End Operating Services LLCnatural gas116.2Arvada80007
Platteville Solar CSG, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.3Platteville80651
Pole Hill
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric38.2Loveland80537
Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLCpetroleum8.0Pueblo81003
Pueblo Airport Generating Station
Black Hills Service Company LLCnatural gas408.0Pueblo81001
Quincy II Solar Garden
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar1.5Aurora80127
Quincy Solar
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.5Watkins80136
RV CSU Power II LLCsolar3.0Fort Collins80521
RV CSU Power LLCsolar1.9Fort Collins80521
Platte River Power Authoritynatural gas668.0Wellington80549
Rawhide Prairie Solar Hybrid
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar23.0Wellington80549
Ray D Nixon
City of Colorado Springs - (CO)coal268.0Fountain80817
Redlands Water & Power
Redlands Water & Power Companyhydroelectric1.4Grand Junction81507
Ridge Crest Wind Partners
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind29.7Peetz80747
Riverview Solar
Highline Services, LLCsolar1.5Sterling80751
Rock Creek 2 CSG
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.6Alamosa81101
Rocky Ford
Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLCpetroleum10.0Rocky Ford81067
Rocky Mountain Energy Center
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas580.0Keenesburg80643
Rush Creek Wind
Public Service Co of Coloradowind582.3Matheson80830
Ruxton Park
City of Colorado Springs - (CO)hydroelectric1.0Manitou Spring80829
SMPA Solar 1 Community Solar
San Miguel Power Assn, Incsolar1.0Bedrock81411
SR Jenkins Ft Lupton
SR Jenkins, LLCsolar13.0Ft. Lupton80621
SR Kersey
SR Kersey, LLCsolar3.5Kersey80644
SR Kersey II
SR Kersey II, LLCsolar1.0Kersey80644
SR Mavericks
SR Mavericks, LLCsolar7.8Mead80542
SR Platte Solar Farm
SR Platte, LLCsolar16.0Platteville80651
SR Rattlesnake
SR Rattlesnake, LLCsolar6.0Platteville80651
SR Skylark B
SR Skylark B, LLCsolar2.0Severance80546
SR Skylark C
SR Skylark C, LLCsolar1.1Windsor80550
Public Service Co of Coloradohydroelectric0.6Salida81201
San Isabel Solar, LLC
San Isabel Solar, LLCsolar30.0Trinidad81082
San Luis Solar Garden
AES Distributed Energysolar1.2Antonito81120
San Luis Valley Solar Array
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar2.7Center81125
San Luis Valley Solar Ranch
Avangrid Renewables LLCsolar35.0Mosca81146
Shavano Falls Hydro
Shavano Falls Hydro LLChydroelectric2.8Montrose81403
Shavano Falls Hydro Drop 4
Shavano Falls Hydro LLC - Drop 4 Projecthydroelectric4.5Montrose81401
Shoshone (CO)
Public Service Co of Coloradohydroelectric15.0Glenwood Springs81601
SR Clinch, LLCsolar4.0Severance80546
South Canal Hydro-1
Delta-Montrose Electric Associationhydroelectric3.8Montrose81401
South Canal Hydro-3
Delta-Montrose Electric Associationhydroelectric3.3Montrose81401
Spindle Hill Energy Center
Invenergy Services LLCnatural gas270.0Fort Lupton80530
Spring Canyon
Invenergy Services LLCwind60.0Peetz80747
Spring Canyon Expansion Wind Energy Ctr
Spring Canyon Expansion Wind Energy Ctrwind62.6Peetz80747
Springfield (CO)
City of Springfield - (CO)petroleum2.7Springfield81073
Sterling PV 3
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.6Sterling80751
Strontia Springs Hydro Plant
Denver City & County ofhydroelectric1.0Littleton80125
Sugarloaf Hydro Plant
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric2.5Leadville80461
Sun Mountain Solar 1
Lightsource Renewable Energy Asset Management, LLCsolar200.0Unincorporated Pueblo81006
SunE Alamosa
SunE Alamosa1 LLCsolar7.7Hooper81136
Sunnyside Ranch Community Solar Array
Holy Cross Electric Assn, Incsolar1.5Carbondale81623
Public Service Co of Coloradohydroelectric4.6Durango81301
Taylor Draw Hydroelectric Facility
Rio Blanco Water Conserv Disthydroelectric2.0Rangely81648
City of Colorado Springs - (CO)hydroelectric28.0Colorado Springs80840
Titan Solar
Titan Solar, LLCsolar50.0Deer Trail80105
Tom Sifers Solar
Mountain Parks Services, Inc.solar1.0Fraser80442
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric11.4Cortez81302
Tri-County Water Hydropower Project
Tri-County Water Conservancy Districthydroelectric8.0Ridgway81432
Trinidad (CO)
City of Trinidad - (CO)petroleum9.2Trinidad81082
Trout Creek Solar
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar2.0Buena Vista81211
TruStile Doors - Denver
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar1.2Denver80229
Twin Buttes II Wind
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind75.0Lamar81052
Twin Buttes Wind Project
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind75.0Lamar81052
University of Colorado
University of Coloradonatural gas31.0Boulder80309
Upper Molina
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric9.9Molina81401
Vallecito Hydroelectric
Ptarmigan Res & Engy Inchydroelectric5.8Bayfield81122
Valley View Solar
SR Clinch, LLCsolar4.0Greeley80634
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas43.0Boulder80302
Valmont Combustion Turbine Project
Public Service Co of Coloradonatural gas79.8Boulder80302
Vasquez V CSG
SunShare Managementsolar4.0Platteville80651
Venture 1 - 1A CSG
UXI CSG Venture 1 8301 LLCsolar1.5Aurora80019
Venture 2 - 1B
UXI CSG Venture 2 8302 LLCsolar1.5Aurora80019
Venture 3 - 1C
UXI CSG Venture 3 8303 LLCsolar1.5Aurora80019
Venture 4 - 1D
UXI CSG Venture 4 8304 LLCsolar1.5Aurora80019
Vestas Towers America, Inc.
CS Wind America, Inc.wind1.8Pueblo81004
Victory Solar LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar12.8Bennett80102
Vilas Solar Array
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar4.0Springfield81073
WWRF Solar Plant
SunE U6 Holdings LLCsolar1.3Rifle81650
Weld 1 Community Solar Array
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.5Platteville80651
Western Sugar Coop- Ft Morgan
Western Sugar Cooperativenatural gas3.0Fort Morgan80701
Whiskey Hill Solar
Mountain Parks Services, Inc.solar1.0Walden80480
Williams Fork Hydro Plant
Denver City & County ofhydroelectric3.5Parshall80468
Williams Ignacio Natural Gas Plant
Harvest Midstream Coother6.1Durango81303
Xcel Adams 1 Community Solar Array
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.8Watkins80137
Xcel Adams 2 Community Solar Array
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.5Watkins80137
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