Power Plants in Georgia

There are a total of 239 power plants in Georgia. The most common type of power plant in Georgia is Solar with a total of 124 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in Georgia with 16533.7 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas3016533.7
Pumped Storage42587

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Map of Power Plants in Georgia

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Georgia

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
191 Peachtree Tower
Banyan St./GAP 191 Peachtree Owner, LLCpetroleum2.4Atlanta30303
ADS Renewable Energy-Wolf Creek LLC
ADS Renewable Energy- Wolf Creek, LLCbiomass2.8Dry Branch31020
AL Sandersville LLC
SEPG Operating Services, LLC ALSnatural gas576.4Warthen31094
Albany Green Energy
Albany Green Energy, LLCbiomass49.5Albany31705
USCE-Mobile Districthydroelectric72.0Cartersville30120
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.5Hephzibah30815
Arnold Cochran
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.7Cochran31014
Athens Regional Medical Center
Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Centerpetroleum4.6Athens30606
Atlanta Falcons Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar1.0Atlanta30313
Atlanta Gift Mart LP
Atlanta Gift Mart LPpetroleum1.2Atlanta30303
Azalea Solar, LLC
Onward Energysolar7.7Davisboro31018
BE Solar LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar3.0Atlanta39819
Baconton Power Plant
Baconton Power LLCnatural gas196.0Baconton31716
Bainbridge Solar
Bainbridge Solar, LLCsolar1.0Bainbridge39817
Bank of America Plaza
600 Peachtree PropCo, LLCpetroleum2.6Atlanta30308
SR Baxley, LLCsolar25.0Baxley31513
Bibb Jones
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.0Macon31208
Blue Ridge
Tennessee Valley Authorityhydroelectric17.3Blue Ridge30513
Georgia Power Cocoal3200.0Cartersville30120
Brady Solar LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar1.8Americus31709
Brunswick Cellulose
Brunswick Cellulose LLCbiomass72.2Brunswick31520
USCE-Mobile Districthydroelectric126.8Buford30518
Bulldog Solar LLC
Bulldog Solar LLCsolar80.0Warrenton30828
Bulloch County GA S3 LLC
SolRiver Capital LLCsolar3.0Statesboro30458
Bulloch County GA S4 LLC
SolRiver Capital LLCsolar3.0Statesboro30458
Bulloch Neville Farms
Safari Energy, LLCsolar2.7Brooklet30415
Burton Dam
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric9.6Clayton30523
Butler Solar Farm 20
Southern Power Cosolar20.0Butler31006
Butler Solar Project 103
Southern Power Cosolar100.0Butler31006
CII Methane Management III LFG Plant
Frontier Operation Servicesbiomass1.6Winterville30605
CNN Center
Turner Properties Incpetroleum12.8Atlanta30303
Cairo Solar Farm, LLC
Southeastern Solar Farm Fund, LLCsolar2.0Cairo39827
Camilla Solar Energy Project
Invenergy Services LLCsolar171.4Camilla31730
Camilla Solar Plant
Axium US Solar Holdings LLCsolar16.0Pelham31779
Camp Solar Plant
Axium US Solar Holdings LLCsolar2.4Woodbury30293
USCE-Mobile Districtpumped storage560.0Chatsworth30705
Cedar Creek Solar, LLC
Southeastern Solar Farm Fund, LLCsolar2.0Winder30680
Chattahoochee Energy Facility
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas466.0Franklin30217
Columbia Bryson
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.4Grovetown31813
Columbia Substation
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.0Appling30802
Comer Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar2.2Comer30629
Coody Cochran
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.6Cochran31014
Cool Springs Solar (Hybrid)
Cool Springs Solar, LLCsolar253.0Bainbridge39819
Crisp Plant
Crisp County Power Commnatural gas14.0Warwick31796
Curry Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.1Reidsville30453
Southern Power Conatural gas745.6Nicholson30565
Dalton 2
Georgia Power Cosolar6.5Dalton30721
Decatur County Solar Project
Southern Power Cosolar19.0Bainbridge39817
Decatur Parkway Solar Project, LLC
Southern Power Cosolar80.0Bainbridge39817
Denver Braswell PV
IGS ORIX Solar I, LLCsolar1.6Moultrie31768
Dougherty County Solar, LLC
Dougherty County Solar, LLCsolar120.0Albany31703
Doyle Energy Facility
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas322.0Monroe30656
Dublin Solar I
AES Distributed Energysolar4.1Dublin31021
Edward L. Addison Generating Plant
Southern Power Conatural gas591.9Thomaston30286
Edwin I Hatch
Georgia Power Conuclear1759.0Baxley31513
Effingham Energy Facility
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas514.0Rincon31326
Emory Decatur Hospital
DeKalb Regional Health Systempetroleum3.6Decatur30033
Emory Hillandale Hospital
DeKalb Regional Health Systempetroleum1.4Lithonia30058
Flint River
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric6.3Albany31071
Flint River Operations
International Paper - Flint River Millbiomass77.1Oglethorpe31068
Fort Benning Solar Facility
Georgia Power Cosolar30.0Fort Benning31905
Fort Gordon Solar Facility
Georgia Power Cosolar30.0Fort Gordon30905
Fort Stewart Solar Facility
Georgia Power Cosolar30.0Fort Stewart31314
Fort Valley State University Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar10.8Fort Valley31030
Fountain Folkston
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.1Folkston31014
Franklin Milliken
Safari Energy, LLCsolar3.0Lavonia30553
Freeman Avenue
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.4Andersonville31031
GRP Franklin Renewable Energy Facility
GRP Franklin Renewable Energy Facility, LLCbiomass58.0Carnesville30521
GRP Madison Renewable Energy Facility
GRP Madison Renewable Energy Facility, LLCbiomass58.0Colbert30628
Georgia LFG Oak Grove Plant
Cube District Energy, LLCbiomass6.3Winder30680
Georgia LFG Pine Ridge Plant
Cube District Energy, LLCbiomass6.3Griffin30223
Georgia LFG Richland Creek Plant
Cube District Energy, LLCbiomass10.8Buford30288
Georgia Pacific Center
GP Center Holdings LLCpetroleum1.4Atlanta30303
Georgia Power at Jakin GA PV
Luminace Solar Georgia 2, LLCsolar1.5Jakin39861
Georgia Power at Swainsboro
Luminace Solar Georgia 2, LLCsolar2.9Swainsboro30401
Georgia Power at Wadley GA
Luminace Solar Georgia, LLCsolar1.0Wadley30477
Georgia-Pacific Cedar Springs
Georgia-Pacific Cedar Springs LLCbiomass90.0Cedar Springs39832
Graniteville Enterprise Division
Augusta Canal Authorityhydroelectric1.0Augusta30901
Graphic Packaging International Augusta Mill
Graphic Packaging International - Augustabiomass79.3Augusta30906
Gratis Road Solar Facility
Walton Solarsolar3.0Monroe30656
Greene Durham
Safari Energy, LLCsolar3.0Union Point30669
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.0Greenville30222
Guyton Community Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar3.6Guyton31312
Harris Shiloh
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.1Shiloh31826
Hartwell Energy Facility
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas298.1Hartwell30643
Hartwell Lake
USCE-Savannah Districthydroelectric405.0Hartwell30643
Hawk Road Facility
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas456.3Franklin30217
Hazlehurst II
SR South Loving, LLCsolar52.5Hazlehurst31539
Hazlehurst III
SR Hazlehurst III, LLCsolar40.0Hazlehurst31539
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
SWVP Alpharetta Owners, LLCpetroleum7.8Alpharetta30004
Hickory Park Solar Hybrid
RWE Renewables Americas, LLCsolar235.5Camilla31730
Hickory Ridge Landfill Solar Project
BFI Waste Systems of GA, LLCsolar0.6Conley30288
High Shoals Hydro (GA)
High Shoals Hydrohydroelectric1.4High Shoals30645
IKEA Savannah 490
IKEA Property Incsolar2.4Port Wentworth31407
Imperial Savannah LP
Imperial Savannah LPnatural gas11.2Port Wentworth31407
DCII-250 Williams Street NW, LLCpetroleum1.3Atlanta30303
Inland Paperboard Packaging Rome
Inland Paperboard - Rome Millpetroleum61.0Rome30165
Inst and Envir Dir Marine Logistics Base
Inst and Envir Div Marine Logistics Basebiomass1.8Albany31704
International Paper Savanna Mill
International Paper Cobiomass153.9Savannah31402
Interstate Paper LLC Riceboro
Interstate Paper LLCbiomass14.5Riceboro31323
Jack McDonough
Georgia Power Conatural gas2535.0Smyrna30080
Jesup Plant
Rayonier Advanced Materialsbiomass64.7Jesup31545
Kimberly-Clark Solar
DG Georgia Solar II, LLCsolar2.3LaGrange30240
King Mill
Augusta Canal Authorityhydroelectric2.0Augusta30904
Kings Bay Solar Facility
Georgia Power Cosolar30.2Kings Bay31547
Lake Blackshear Project
Crisp County Power Commhydroelectric15.2Warwick31796
Lakeland Solar Energy LLC
Invenergy Services LLCsolar1.8Lakeland31635
Lancaster Solar GA
Lancaster Solar GA, LLCsolar80.0Arlington39813
Laredo Bus Facility Solar Canopies
Live Oak Solar, LLC
Live Oak Solar, LLCsolar51.0Metter30439
Lloyd Shoals
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric22.8Jackson31024
Lowndes IDA
Safari Energy, LLCsolar1.5Valdosta31606
Lowndes Tycor Farms
Safari Energy, LLCsolar2.3Lake Park31636
MAS ASB Cogen Plant
Cube District Energy, LLCnatural gas6.6Atlanta30354
MCLB Landfill Gas to Energy
Inst and Envir Div Marine Logistics Basebiomass3.6Albany31704
MPC Generating
SEPG Operating Services, LLC MPCnatural gas302.5Monroe30656
Marine Corps Logistics Base Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar31.2Albany31704
McCleskey Cotton
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.9Dawson39842
Georgia Power Conatural gas657.6Rincon31326
McIntosh Combined Cycle Facility
Georgia Power Conatural gas1315.6Rincon31326
Georgia Power Copetroleum416.0Brunswick31523
Meriwether Jackson
Safari Energy, LLCsolar3.0Machester31816
Mid-Georgia Cogeneration Facility
SEPG MGA, LLCnatural gas303.0Kathleen31047
Moody Air Force Base Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar49.5Valdosta31605
Morgan Falls
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric10.5Dunwoody30350
Mount Vernon Solar
Walton Electric Member Corpsolar1.0Monroe30655
Multitrade Rabun Gap, LLC
Multitrade Rabun Gap LLCbiomass18.0Rabun Gap30568
Murray Treadwell Farms
Safari Energy, LLCsolar3.0Chatsworth30705
Muscogee Public Works
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.5Columbus31907
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric6.0Lakemont30523
Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay
Kings Bay Naval Basepetroleum30.0Kings Bay31547
North Highlands
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric34.4Columbus31904
Tennessee Valley Authorityhydroelectric20.1Blairsville30512
GA Solar 3, LLCsolar57.5Camilla31730
Oil Dri 2 Solar
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.4Ochlocknee31773
Old Midville Solar
Citizens Enterprises Corporationsolar19.7Millen30442
Oliver Dam
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric59.0Columbus31904
PCA-Valdosta Mill
PCA-Valdosta Millbiomass69.9Valdosta31601
Pawpaw Solar Plant
Southern Power Cosolar30.0Butler31006
Pecan Row Landfill To Electric Facility
EDL Incbiomass6.4Valdosta31601
Piedmont Green Power
Piedmont Green Power LLCbiomass55.0Barnesville30204
Pinova Inc.
Pinova Inc.biomass7.1Brunswick31520
Pleasant Valley Solar
Walton Electric Member Corpsolar2.5Monroe30655
Polk Cedartown
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.2Cedartown30125
Polk County GA S1, LLC
Safari Energy, LLCsolar3.0Cedartown30125
Port Wentworth Mill
International Paper Port Wentworth Millbiomass72.3Port Wentworth31407
Putnam Erickson
Safari Energy, LLCsolar2.7Eatonton31024
Putnam Erikson 2
SolAmerica Energy, LLCsolar2.9Eatonton31024
Quitman II Solar
Quitman II Solar, LLCsolar150.0Quitman31643
Quitman Solar
Quitman Solar, LLCsolar150.0Quitman31643
Richard B Russell
USCE-Savannah Districtpumped storage664.0Elberton30635
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.0Columbus31825
Richland Solar Center
Onward Energysolar20.0Jeffersonville31044
Richmond County GA S2 LLC
SolRiver Capital LLCsolar3.0Hephzibah30815
Richmond Hayes Solar
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.3Augusta30906
Rincon Solar I
AES Distributed Energysolar18.3Rincon31312
Riverwood 100 Building
Highwoods Propertiespetroleum1.1Atlanta30339
Riverwood International Macon Mill
Riverwood Intl USA Incbiomass76.4Macon31206
Georgia Power Conatural gas160.0Robins AFB31098
Robins Air Force Base Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar128.0Macon31216
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar2.6Rockmart30153
Rocky Mountain Hydroelectric Plant
Oglethorpe Power Corporationpumped storage1035.0Rome30165
SR Arlington I
SR Arlington, LLCsolar20.0Arlington39823
SR Arlington II
SR Arlington II MT, LLCsolar102.5Blakely39823
SR Cedar Springs, LLC
SR Cedar Springs, LLCsolar70.0Blakely39813
SR Clay, LLC
SR Clay, LLCsolar106.0Fort Gaines39851
SR DeSoto I, LLC
SR DeSoto I, LLCsolar165.0DeSoto31743
SR Hazlehurst
SR Hazlehurst, LLCsolar20.0Hazlehurst31539
SR Lumpkin
SR Lumpkin, LLCsolar100.0Lumpkin31815
SR Odom
Odom Solar, LLCsolar20.0Moultrie31788
SR Perry
SR Perry, LLCsolar68.0Perry31069
SR Snipesville II
SR Snipesville II, LLCsolar107.0Denton31532
SR Terrell
SR Terrell, LLCsolar74.0Dawson39842
Savannah River Mill
Georgia-Pacific Consr Prods LP-Savannahpetroleum126.6Rincon31326
Georgia Power Cocoal2580.0Juliette31046
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.6Donalsonville39845
Sewell Creek Energy
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas452.3Cedartown30125
Shawnee - GA
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.0Waynesboro30830
Shepherd Center
Shepherd Centerpetroleum1.7Atlanta30309
Sibley Mill
Augusta Canal Authorityhydroelectric2.1Augusta30904
Simon Solar Farm LLC
Simon Solar Farm, LLCsolar30.0Social Circle30025
Sinclair Dam
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric43.8Milledgeville31061
Smarr Energy Center
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas191.6Forsyth31029
SR Snipesville, LLCsolar86.0Denton31532
Solar BESS Hybrid
Cobb Electric Membership Corporationsolar3.1Marietta30060
Solar Glynn
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar18.0Brunswick31525
South Columbus Water Resource Facility
Columbus Water Worksbiomass3.6Columbus31904
South Georgia Medical Center
Lowndes County Hospital Authoritypetroleum5.5Valdosta31603
Sowega Power
SOWEGA Power LLCnatural gas97.0Baconton31716
State Farm Support Center East
State Farm Mutual Auto Ins Copetroleum10.8Alpharetta30005
Statesboro Solar LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar3.0Statesboro30458
Stevens Creek
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inchydroelectric12.0Martinez30907
Sun Trust Plaza
Sun Trust Plaza Associates LLCpetroleum2.0Atlanta30308
Superior Landfill Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass6.4Savannah31419
Talbot County Energy
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas579.1Box Springs31801
Tallassee Hydro Project
Tallassee Shoals LLChydroelectric2.1Clarke30607
Tallulah Falls
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric72.9Tallulah Falls30523
EDL Incbiomass8.0Mauk31058
Taylor County Solar
Southern Power Cosolar143.0Butler31006
Tech Square Microgrid
Georgia Power Conatural gas1.4Atlanta30308
Telfair Thompson
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.9McRae-Helena31037
Tenaska Georgia Generation Facility
Tenaska Georgia Partners LPnatural gas945.0Franklin30217
Terrell Riles Stovall
Safari Energy, LLCsolar1.7Dawson39842
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric17.6Tallulah Falls30523
Thomas A Smith Energy Facility
Oglethorpe Power Corporationnatural gas1344.0Dalton30721
Tri-County Solar Facility
Georgia Power Cosolar1.0Eatonton31024
Troup RC50
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.3Pine Mountain31822
Troup RC50 II
Safari Energy, LLCsolar1.5Pine Mountain31822
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric52.0Tallulah Falls30523
Turnipseed Solar, LLC
Southeastern Solar Farm Fund, LLCsolar3.0Douglasville30135
Twiggs Solar
GA Solar 4solar204.0Dry Branch31020
Upson County GA S1 LLC
SolRiver Capital LLCsolar3.0Thomaston30286
Upson Rocky Creek Solar Plant
Axium US Solar Holdings LLCsolar1.0Thomaston30286
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.0Valdosta31606
Valdosta Prison
IGS ORIX Solar I, LLCsolar1.2Valdosta31601
Valdosta Water Treatment Plant
Valdosta City ofpetroleum3.4Valdosta31605
Vidalia Water Treatment Plant
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.0Hahira31632
Georgia Power Conuclear2302.0Waynesboro30830
Wallace Dam
Georgia Power Copumped storage328.0Eatonton31024
Walter F George
USCE-Mobile Districthydroelectric168.0Ft. Gaines36373
Walton Bainbridge Power Facility
Walton Bainbridge LLCpetroleum74.0Bainbridge39817
Walton County Power, LLC
SEPG Operating Services, LLC Waltonnatural gas454.5Monroe30656
Wansley Combined Cycle
Southern Power Conatural gas1184.8Franklin30217
Wansley Unit 9
Municipal Electric Authoritynatural gas474.8Franklin30217
Ware Avra I
Safari Energy, LLCsolar3.0Waycross31503
Ware Avra II
Safari Energy, LLCsolar1.9Waycross31503
Washington County Power LLC
SEPG Operating Services, LLC WCPnatural gas623.4Sandersville31082
Waynesboro Community Solar
Georgia Power Cosolar2.4Waynesboro30830
West Point (GA)
USCE-Mobile Districthydroelectric87.0West Point31833
WestRock Southeast, LLC.
WestRock Southeast, LLCbiomass84.0Dublin31027
Westberry Jesup
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.6Jesup31545
White Oak Solar, LLC
White Oak Solar, LLCsolar76.5Waynesboro30830
White Pine Solar, LLC
White Pine Solar, LLCsolar101.2Butler31006
Wilkinson DeFore
Westbound Solar LLCsolar2.3Gordon31031
Wilkinson DeFore
Safari Energy, LLCsolar3.0Gordon31031
Georgia Power Copetroleum297.5Waynesboro30830
YKK USA Chestney
YKK USA Incpetroleum1.3Macon31217
Georgia Power Conatural gas714.0Newnan30264
Georgia Power Cohydroelectric28.5Toccoa30577
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