Power Plants in Idaho

There are a total of 139 power plants in Idaho. The most common type of power plant in Idaho is Hydroelectric with a total of 76 locations. Hydroelectric generates the most power in Idaho with 2672.3 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas81239.4

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Map of Power Plants in Idaho

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Idaho

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
AJMS, LLChydroelectric1.2Shoshone83352
Albeni Falls
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric42.0Oldtown83822
Amalgamated Sugar LLC Nampa
Amalgamated Sugar Co-Nampanatural gas8.2Nampa83651
Amalgamated Sugar Twin Falls
The Amalgamated Sugar Conatural gas8.5Twin Falls83301
American Falls
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric105.0American Falls83211
American Falls Solar
American Falls Solar LLCsolar20.0American Falls83650
American Falls Solar II
American Falls Solar II, LLCsolar20.0American Falls83650
Anderson Ranch
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric40.0Mountain Home83647
Arrowrock Hydroelectric Project
Boise-Kuna Irrigation Districthydroelectric16.0Boise83716
BYUI Central Energy Facility
Brigham Young Univ Idahonatural gas4.6Rexburg83460
Bannock County LFG to Energy
Bannock County Landfillbiomass2.8Pocatello83204
Barber Dam
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric4.0Boise83712
Bennett Creek Windfarm LLC - Mountain Home
Bennett Creek Windfarm LLCwind21.0Mountain Home83623
Bennett Mountain
Idaho Power Conatural gas203.9Mountain Home83647
Big Sky Dairy Digester
DF-AP #1 LLCbiomass1.4Gooding83330
Birch Creek Power
Birch Power Cohydroelectric2.6Terreton83409
Black Canyon
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric10.2Emmet83617
Blind Canyon Hydro
Blind Canyon Aquaranch, Inc.hydroelectric1.3Wendell83355
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric77.6Bliss83314
Boise R Diversion
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric3.3Boise83706
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric668.7Cambridge83610
Burley Butte Windpark
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind21.3Burley83318
North Side Energy Companyhydroelectric9.9Hazelton83335
C J Strike
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric91.3Bruneau83604
Cabinet Gorge
Avista Corphydroelectric254.6Clark Fork83811
Camp Reed
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind22.5Glenns Ferry83332
Cargill B6 Biofactory
Pico Energy, LLCbiomass2.2Jerome83338
Cascade Dam
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric13.1Cascade83611
Cassia Gulch
Cassia Gulch Wind Park, LLCwind18.9Hagerman83301
Cassia Wind
Cassia Wind Farm, LLCwind8.4Hagerman83301
Chester Diversion Hydroelectric Project
Fall River Rural Elec Coop Inchydroelectric3.6Chester83421
City Power Plant
City of Idaho Falls - (ID)hydroelectric8.0Idaho Falls83402
Clear Lake
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric2.2Buhl83316
Clearwater Paper IPP Lewiston
Clearwater Paper Corporationbiomass54.5Lewiston83501
Clif Bar Bakery of Twin Falls
Clif Bar Bakery of Twin Falls, LLCsolar2.0Twin Falls83301
Cold Springs Windfarm
Mountain Air Projects, LLCwind23.0Glenns Ferry83623
Crystal Springs
Crystal Springs Hydro Elec LPhydroelectric2.0Filer83328
Desert Meadow Windfarm
Mountain Air Projects, LLCwind23.0Glenns Ferry83623
Dietrich Drop
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric4.8Shoshone83324
Dry Creek Project
Dry Creek LLChydroelectric2.2Howe83244
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric465.0Ahsahka83520
El Dorado Hydro Elk Creek
Hydroland Omega LLChydroelectric2.3New Meadows83654
Evander Andrews Power Complex
Idaho Power Conatural gas287.2Mountain Home83647
Falls River Hydro
Marysville Hydro Partnershydroelectric9.0Ashton83420
Fargo Drop
Riverside Investments LLChydroelectric1.1Wilder83676
Fall River Rural Elec Coop Inchydroelectric5.9Felt83424
Fighting Creek LFGTE Plant
Kootenai Electric Cooperative Incbiomass3.2Coeur d'Alene83814
Ford Hydro LP
Ford Hydro Ltd Partnershiphydroelectric0.6Weippe83553
Fossil Gulch
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationwind10.5Hagerman83332
Gem State
City of Idaho Falls - (ID)hydroelectric23.4Idaho Falls83402
GeoBon II
Koosh, Inc.hydroelectric1.0Shoshone83352
Golden Valley Wind Park LLC
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind12.0Burley83318
Goshen Phase II
AE Power Services LLCwind124.5Idaho Falls83427
Grand View Solar Two
Grand View PV Solar Two, LLCsolar80.0Grand View83624
Hammett Hill Windfarm
Mountain Air Projects, LLCwind23.0Glenns Ferry83623
Hazelton B Hydro
Hazelton/Wilson Joint Venturehydroelectric7.6Hazelton83335
Head of U Canal Hydro Project
North Side Energy Companyhydroelectric1.2Jerome83338
Hidden Hollow Energy
Hidden Hollow Energy LLCbiomass3.0Boise83714
High Mesa
High Mesa Energy, LLCwind39.9King Hill83332
Horse Butte Wind I, LLC
Utah Associated Mun Power Syswind57.6Iona83427
Horseshoe Bend Hydroelectric Co
Horseshoe Bend Hydroelectric Cohydroelectric9.4Horseshoe Bend83629
ID Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar40.0Kuna83634
Island Park
Fall River Rural Elec Coop Inchydroelectric4.8Island Park83429
Jackpot Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar120.0Twin Falls83302
Kettle Butte Digester, LLC
Kettle Butte Digester, LLCbiomass1.8Roberts83444
Koyle Ranch Hydroelectric Project
Koyle Hydro Inchydroelectric1.3Gooding83330
Langley Gulch Power Plant
Idaho Power Conatural gas347.0New Plymouth83655
Last Chance
Lateral 10 Ventures
Lateral 10 Ventureshydroelectric2.3Buhl83316
Little Mac Project
Little Mac Power Companyhydroelectric1.5Buhl83316
Little Wood Hydro Project
Littlewood Irrigation Districthydroelectric2.4Carey83320
Low Line Rapids
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric2.7Kimberly83341
Lower Malad
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric14.8Hagerman83332
Lower No 1
City of Idaho Falls - (ID)hydroelectric8.0Idaho Falls83402
Lower No 2
City of Idaho Falls - (ID)hydroelectric3.0Idaho Falls83402
Lower Salmon
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric69.1Hagerman83332
Lucky Peak Power Plant Project
Boise-Kuna Irrigation Districthydroelectric83.0Boise83716
MC6 Hydro Facility
MC6 Hydro Facilityhydroelectric2.3Kuna83634
Magic Dam Hydroelectric Project
Wood Hydro, LLChydroelectric8.7Shoshone83352
Mainline Windfarm
Mountain Air Projects, LLCwind23.0Glenns Ferry83623
Marco Ranch
Marco Power Inchydroelectric1.2Jerome83338
Marsh Valley Development
Marsh Valley Development Inchydroelectric1.5McCammon83250
Meadow Creek Project Company
Ridgeline Energy LLCwind115.8Idaho Falls83401
Mile 28 Water Power Project
Wood Hydro, LLChydroelectric1.4Eden83325
Milner Butte LFGE
Southern Idaho Solid Wastebiomass2.6Burley83318
Milner Dam Wind Park LLC
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind19.5Burley83318
Milner Hydro
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric56.9Murtaugh83344
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric27.7Rupert83350
Mink Creek Hydro
Mink Creek Hydro Entityhydroelectric2.0Preston83263
Mora Drop Hydroelectric Project
Boise-Kuna Irrigation Districthydroelectric0.8Kuna83634
Mountain Home
Hot Springs Windfarm, LLCwind21.0Mountain Home83623
Moyie Springs
City of Bonners Ferryhydroelectric4.3Moyie Springs83845
Mt. Home Solar 1, LLC
Standard Solarsolar20.0Pocatello83647
Murphy Flat Solar
Murphy Flat Power, LLCsolar20.0Murphy83650
North Gooding Main Hydro
North Gooding Main Hydro LLChydroelectric1.3Gooding83330
Orchard Ranch Solar
Orchard Ranch Solar, LLCsolar20.0Orchard83650
Oregon Trail Wind Park
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind13.5Hagerman83332
Palisades Dam
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric176.4Palisades83428
Payne's Ferry
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind21.0Hagerman83332
Pilgrim Stage Wind Park
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind10.5Hagerman83332
Plummer Cogen
Stimson Lumber Companybiomass5.8Plummer83851
Post Falls
Avista Corphydroelectric17.5Post Falls83854
Power County Wind Park North
Power County Wind Park North LLCwind22.5American Falls83211
Power County Wind Park South
Power County Wind Park South LLCwind22.5American Falls83211
Raft River Geothermal Power Plant
US Geothermal Inc.geothermal10.0Malta83342
Avista Corpnatural gas132.0Rathdrum83858
Rathdrum Power LLC
Rathdrum Operating Services Co., Inc.natural gas248.0Rathdrum83858
Rock Creek I
Shorock Hydro Inchydroelectric2.0Twin Falls83301
Rock Creek II
Hydroland Omega LLChydroelectric1.8Twin Falls83301
Rockland Wind Farm
Ridgeline Energy LLCwind79.2American Falls83211
Ryegrass Windfarm
Mountain Air Projects, LLCwind23.0Glenns Ferry83623
S E Hazelton A
North Side Energy Companyhydroelectric8.4Hazelton83335
Salmon Diesel
Idaho Power Copetroleum5.4Salmon83467
Salmon Falls Wind Park
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind21.0Hagerman83332
Sawtooth Wind Project
Idaho Winds LLCwind22.4Glenns Ferry83623
Shoshone Falls
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric15.2Twin Falls83301
Simcoe Solar
Simcoe Solarsolar20.0Mountain Home83647
Simplot Leasing Don Plant
Simplot Leasing Corpother14.8Pocatello83204
Smith Falls Hydro Project
Smith Creek Hydro, LLChydroelectric20.1Bonners Ferry83853
PacifiCorphydroelectric15.2Soda Springs83276
South Forks Hydro
South Forks Joint Venturehydroelectric8.0Hansen83334
Swan Falls
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric29.6Kuna83634
Tamarack Energy Partnership
Tamarack Energybiomass5.8New Meadows83654
Thousand Springs
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric6.8Wendell83355
Thousand Springs Wind Park
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind12.0Hagerman83332
Tuana Gulch Wind Park
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind10.5Hagerman83332
Tuana Springs
Tuana Springs Energy, LLCwind16.8Hagerman83301
Twin Falls (ID)
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric49.9Kimberly83341
Two Ponds Windfarm
Mountain Air Projects, LLCwind23.0Glenns Ferry83623
Upper Malad
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric8.0Hagerman83332
Upper Power Plant
City of Idaho Falls - (ID)hydroelectric8.0Idaho Falls83402
Upper Salmon A
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric18.1Hagerman83332
Upper Salmon B
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric18.4Hagerman83332
Wilson Lake Hydroelectric Project
Hazelton/Wilson Joint Venturehydroelectric8.4Eden83325
Wolverine Creek
Invenergy Services LLCwind64.5Idaho Falls83401
Yahoo Creek
Idaho Wind Partners 1 LLCwind21.0Hagerman83332
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