Power Plants in Iowa

There are a total of 284 power plants in Iowa. The most common type of power plant in Iowa is Wind with a total of 121 locations. Wind generates the most power in Iowa with 12602.4 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas363676.1

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Map of Power Plants in Iowa

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Iowa

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
Adair Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind174.8Adair50002
Adams Wind
MidAmerican Energy Cowind150.0Lenox50851
City of Algona - (IA)petroleum16.1Algona50511
E&E Enterprises LLCwind5.6Allendorf51354
Alliant SBD 8601 Quad Graphics
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum3.6Marengo52301
Alliant SBD 8602 Marion Sub
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum5.6Marion52405
Alliant SBD 9106 Rockwell CR
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum16.0Cedar Rapids52498
Alliant SBD 9107 JBS USA
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum11.4Marshalltown50158
Alliant SBD 9201 Norplex
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum2.1Postville52162
Alliant SBD 9203 Profol
American Profol Incorporatedpetroleum5.6Cedar Rapids52404
Alliant SBD 9205 A Y McDonald
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum3.6Dubuque52002
Alliant SBD 9206 Donaldson
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum1.6Cresco52136
Alliant SBD 9301 Prairie Farms
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum3.5Dubuque52001
Alliant SBD 9403 Aegon DC
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum4.1Cedar Rapids52402
Alliant SBD 9502 Eaton
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum5.4Belmond50421
Alliant SBD0201 Ingredion
Industrial Energy Applications Incpetroleum6.1Cedar Rapids52405
Alliant SBG 9802 Toyota
Industrial Energy Applications Incnatural gas1.0Cedar Rapids52411
Alta Municipal Utilities
City of Alta - (IA)petroleum4.0Alta51002
Amana Society Service Company
Amana Society Service Copetroleum21.6Middle Amana52307
Ames Electric Services Power Plant
City of Ames - (IA)natural gas105.5Ames50010
Ames GT
City of Ames - (IA)petroleum38.3Ames50010
Anchor Wind, LLC
Acciona Energy USA Global, LLCwind5.9Mechanicsville52306
Anderson Erickson
Anderson Erickson Dairypetroleum2.0Des Moines50317
City of Anita - (IA)petroleum2.7Anita50020
Arbor Hill Solar
MidAmerican Energy Cosolar24.0Greenfield50849
Arbor Hill Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind310.0Greenfield50849
Archer Daniels Midland Cedar Rapids
Archer Daniels Midland Cocoal295.0Cedar Rapids52406
Archer Daniels Midland Clinton
Archer Daniels Midland Cocoal180.0Clinton52732
Archer Daniels Midland Des Moines
Archer Daniels Midland Cocoal7.9Des Moines50316
Atlantic Municipal Utilitiesnatural gas9.8Atlantic50022
August Wind Farm
August Wind Energy, LLCwind1.8Clearfield50840
Bancroft Municipal Utilitiespetroleum4.1Bancroft50517
Barton Windpower LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind160.0Kensett50448
Beaver Creek Wind
MidAmerican Energy Cowind340.0Ogden50212
City of Bellevue - (IA)petroleum8.7Bellevue52031
Birch Power LLCwind1.8Clearfield50840
City of Bloomfield - (IA)natural gas6.9Bloomfield52537
Bloomfield Municipal Utilities Solar
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar1.6Bloomfield52537
City of Brooklyn - (IA)petroleum2.0Brooklyn52211
Brooklyn City North Plant
City of Brooklyn - (IA)petroleum2.0Brooklyn52211
Buffalo Center Wind LLC
Buffalo Center Wind LLCwind1.5Little Cedar50454
Bulldog Wind Energy, LLCwind1.5Orient50858
Burlington (IA)
Interstate Power and Light Conatural gas196.0Burlington52601
CED Centerville Wind
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.wind7.9Centerville52544
CED Manchester Wind
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.wind7.9Manchester52057
CED Mason City Wind
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.wind7.9Mason City50401
Cargill Corn Milling Division
Cargill Inc North America Sweetnersnatural gas36.7Eddyville52553
Carroll Area Wind Farm
SRIV Partnership LLCwind20.7Templeton51463
Carroll Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind150.0Carroll51401
Cascade Municipal Utilitiespetroleum6.8Cascade52033
Cedar Falls Solar Farm
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.5Cedar Falls50613
MidAmerican Energy Cowind201.2Blairsburg50034
Cerro Gordo Wind Farm
Cerro Gordo Wind Farmwind42.0Union50482
Charles City Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind75.0Charles City50616
Coggon Municipal Light Plantpetroleum1.8Coggon52218
Contrail Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind110.0Bedford50833
Coon Rapids II
City of Coon Rapidspetroleum5.1Coon Rapids50058
Coralville GT
MidAmerican Energy Conatural gas62.1Coralville52240
City of Corning - (IA)petroleum6.8Corning50841
Crane Creek Wind Energy Center
Wisconsin Public Service Corpwind99.0Riceville50466
Crosswind Energy Project
Crosswind Energy Projectwind21.0Ruthven50516
Crystal Lake 3 LLC
Crystal Lake 3 LLCwind66.0Britt50423
Cumberland Rose
Cumberland Rose Wind Energy, LLCwind1.6Orient50858
Davenport Water Pollution Control Plant
Davenport City ofbiomass1.6Davenport52802
Dayton (IA)
City of Dayton - (IA)petroleum1.8Dayton50530
Decorah Battery
Interstate Power and Light Cobatteries2.5Decorah52101
Deer Run Battery
Interstate Power and Light Cobatteries5.0Cedar Rapids52404
Des Moines Wastewater Reclamation Fac
Des Moines Metro WRFbiomass2.8Des Moines50317
Diamond Trail Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind250.0Ladora52251
Dike City Power Plant
City of Dikepetroleum2.0Dike50624
Downtown Generation Plant
City of Greenfield - (IA)petroleum5.0Greenfield50849
City of Durant - (IA)petroleum4.4Durant52747
Earl F Wisdom
Corn Belt Power Coopnatural gas113.5Spencer51301
City of Earlville - (IA)petroleum1.8Earlville52041
Eastern Iowa Solar
Central Iowa Power Cooperativesolar1.8Wilton52778
Eclipse Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind200.0Adair50002
MidAmerican Energy Conatural gas178.3Waterloo50701
Elk Wind Farm
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationwind40.8Greeley52050
Emery Station
Interstate Power and Light Conatural gas530.5Clear Lake50428
English Farms
Interstate Power and Light Cowind171.5Montezuma50171
City of Estherville - (IA)natural gas13.6Estherville51334
Western Minnesota Mun Pwr Agnypetroleum140.1Brayton50042
FPL Energy Crystal Lake Wind II LLC
FPL Energy Crystal Lake Wind II LLCwind199.0Britt50423
FPL Energy Crystal Lake Wind LLC
FPL Energy Crystal Lake Wind LLCwind150.0Britt50423
FPL Energy Story Wind LLC
FPL Energy Story Wind LLCwind150.0Zearing50278
Farmers Electric Cooperative - Kalona
Farmers Electric Coop - (IA)petroleum6.0Kalona52247
Flying Cloud Power Partners LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind43.5Lake Park51347
Forward Fontanelle Power, LLCwind1.6Fontanelle50846
Forest City Light Plant
City of Forest City- (IA)petroleum21.2Forest City50436
Forest City Solar
Butter Solar, LLCsolar3.0Forest City50436
Franklin County Solar
MidAmerican Energy Cosolar7.0Hampton50441
Franklin County Wind Farm
Interstate Power and Light Cowind99.0Iowa Falls50126
Garden Wind LLC
Garden Wind LLCwind150.0Zearing50278
Gas Turbine (IA)
Cedar Falls Utilitiesnatural gas40.3Cedar Falls50613
George Neal North
MidAmerican Energy Cocoal503.9Sergeant Bluff51052
George Neal South
MidAmerican Energy Cocoal640.6Salix51052
Gilliam South
City of Stuart - (IA)petroleum4.0Stuart50250
Glaciers Edge Wind Project
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind200.0Cleghorn51035
Golden Plains
Interstate Power and Light Cowind199.8Buffalo Center50424
Gowrie Municipal Utilitiespetroleum2.2Gowrie50543
City of Graettinger - (IA)petroleum3.6Graettinger51342
Grand Junction
City of Grand Junction - (IA)petroleum1.7Grand Junction50107
Great Pathfinder Wind
Great Pathfinder Windwind224.4Stratford50249
Greater Des Moines
MidAmerican Energy Conatural gas510.8Pleasant Hill50327
Green Energy Machine
Green Energy Machine, LLCwind1.7Anita50849
Greenfield Wind
Greenfield Wind Power, LLCwind1.6Greenfield50849
Grundy Center City Light Plant
Grundy Center Mun Light & Powerpetroleum8.7Grundy Center50638
Hancock County Wind Energy Center
FPL Energy Hancock County Wind, LLCwind98.0Garner50438
Hardin Hilltop Wind LLC
Hardin Hilltop Wind, LLCwind14.7Jefferson50129
Harlan Municipal Utilities - (IA)petroleum3.2Harlan51537
Hawkeye Power Partners LLC
Hawkeye Power Partners LLCwind42.0Garner50438
Hawkeye Wind Farm
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationwind34.0Sumner50674
Heartland Divide II
Heartland Divide IIwind200.0Audubon50110
Heartland Divide Wind Project, LLC
Heartland Divide Wind Project, LLCwind103.5Melville50025
Highland Wind Project (IA)
MidAmerican Energy Cowind475.0Primghar51245
Holliday Creek Solar
MidAmerican Energy Cosolar100.0Fort Dodge50501
City of Hopkinton - (IA)petroleum3.8Hopkinton52237
IA - City of Ames - Airport Road
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.0Ames50010
Ida Grove II
MidAmerican Energy Cowind200.0Ida Grove51445
Ida Grove Wind
MidAmerican Energy Cowind300.0Ida Grove51455
Independence Wind Farm
Independence Wind Energy LLCwind54.0Manchester52057
Indianola Municipal Utilitiespetroleum42.2Indianola50125
MidAmerican Energy Cowind175.5Schaller51053
Iowa Distributed Wind Generation Project
City of Algona - (IA)wind2.3Algona50511
Iowa Hydro LLC
Renewable World Energies LLChydroelectric1.2Maquoketa52060
Iowa Lakes Community College Wind Farm
Iowa Lakes Community Collegewind1.0Estherville51334
Iowa Lakes Superior Wind Farm
Iowa Lakes Electric Coopwind10.5Superior51363
Iowa State University
Iowa State Universitynatural gas39.9Ames50011
Ivester Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind90.0Wellsburg50680
John Deere Dubuque Works
John Deere Dubuque Workspetroleum8.4Dubuque52001
Johnson County Hills Solar
MidAmerican Energy Cosolar3.0Iowa City52240
Junction Hilltop Wind Farm
Junction Hilltop Management LLCwind8.0Dana50064
Union Electric Co - (MO)hydroelectric146.0Keokuk52632
Kirkwood Wind Turbine
Kirkwood Community Collegewind0.7Cedar Rapids52404
Knoxville Battery Energy Storage
MidAmerican Energy Cobatteries1.1Knoxville50138
Knoxville Industrial
MidAmerican Energy Copetroleum16.0Knoxville50138
Wisconsin Power & Light Cowind152.2Lu Verne50560
Kossuth County Wind
Kossuth County Wind, LLCwind70.0Lu Verne50560
La Porte
La Porte City Utilitiespetroleum5.4La Porte City50651
Lake Mills
City of Lake Millspetroleum17.7Lake Mills50450
Lake Mills Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass4.0Lake Mills50450
Lake Park
City of Lake Park - (IA)petroleum4.0Lake Park51347
Lakota Wind Wind Farm
Iowa Lakes Electric Coopwind10.5Lakota50451
Lamoni Municipal Utilities
City of Lamoni - (IA)petroleum10.0Lamoni50140
Interstate Power and Light Cocoal241.4Lansing52151
Laurel Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind119.6Laurel50158
City of Laurens - (IA)petroleum8.3Laurens50554
Ledyard Windpower, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Serviceswind200.0Lakota50451
City of Lenox - (IA)petroleum5.8Lenox50851
Leonardo Wind 1 LLC
Leonardo Wind 1 LLCwind3.0Alden50441
Lime Creek
Interstate Power and Light Copetroleum66.0Mason City50401
Lost Lakes Wind Farm LLC
Lost Lakes Wind Farm LLCwind100.0Lake Park51347
MidAmerican Energy Cocoal746.9Muscatine52761
Lundgren Wind Project
MidAmerican Energy Cowind250.0Otho50569
Luther College Wind Project
Luther College Wind Energy Project LLCwind1.6Decorah52101
Macksburg Wind Project
MidAmerican Energy Cowind119.6Macksburg50155
City of Manningpetroleum7.9Manning51455
Maple City
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Osage Township50461
Maquoketa 1
City of Maquoketa - (IA)natural gas22.0Maquoketa52060
Maquoketa 2
City of Maquoketa - (IA)petroleum5.1Maquoketa52060
Interstate Power and Light Conatural gas164.3Marshalltown50158
Marshalltown Generating Station
Interstate Power and Light Conatural gas666.1Marshalltown50158
City of McGregor- (IA)petroleum1.5McGregor52157
Meadow Ridge
Meadow Ridge Wind Energy, LLCwind1.6Greenfield50849
Merl Parr
MidAmerican Energy Conatural gas32.8Charles City50616
Metro Methane Recovery Facility
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass11.2Mitchellville50169
Michelangelo Wind 1 LLC
Michelangelo Wind 1 LLCwind3.0Huxley50124
Michelangelo Wind 3 LLC
Michelangelo Wind 3 LLCwind3.0Huxley50014
Michelangelo Wind 4 LLC
Michelangelo Wind 4 LLCwind3.0Ames50011
City of Milford - (IA)petroleum6.5Milford51351
City of Montezuma - (IA)petroleum9.6Montezuma50171
Morning Light Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind100.0Adair50002
Mt Pleasant
City of Mt Pleasant - (IA)petroleum24.0Mt Pleasant52641
Muscatine Plant #1
Board of Water Electric & Communicationscoal220.5Muscatine52761
NCAH Central Utility Plant
National Centers for Animal Healthpetroleum14.9Ames50010
New London Municipal Utilitieswind1.5New London52645
Neal Energy Center Solar
MidAmerican Energy Cosolar4.0Salix51052
New Hampton
City of New Hampton - (IA)natural gas24.1New Hampton50659
New Harvest Wind Project LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind100.0Schleswig51461
North English
MidAmerican Energy Cowind340.0Montezuma50171
North Generation Plant
City of Greenfield - (IA)petroleum8.0Greenfield50849
Northern Iowa Windfarm
Black Hills Electric Generation LLCwind80.0Joice50446
Northern Iowa Windpower II
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind80.0Kensett50448
O'Brien Wind
MidAmerican Energy Cowind250.3Primghar51245
Oakdale Renewable Energy Plant
University of Iowanatural gas2.8Coralville52242
City of Ogden - (IA)petroleum4.0Ogden50212
Optimum Wind 3 LLC
Optimum Wind 3 LLCwind3.0Nevada50201
Optimum Wind 4 LLC
Optimum Wind 4 LLCwind3.0Nevada50201
Optimum Wind 5 LLC
Optimum Wind 5 LLCwind3.0Nevada50201
Optimum Wind 6 LLC
Optimum Wind 6 LLCwind3.0Nevada50201
Optimum Wind 7 LLC
Optimum Wind 7 LLCwind3.0Nevada50201
Orient Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind500.0Orient50849
Osage (IA)
City of Osage - (IA)natural gas17.6Osage50461
Osceola Windpower II
Osceola Windpower IIwind49.6Harris51354
Osceola Windpower LLC
Osceola Windpower LLCwind98.2Harris51345
Otter Creek Ethanol Poet - Ashton
Otter Creek Ethanol LLC - Poet Ashtonnatural gas5.5Ashton51232
Interstate Power and Light Cocoal729.3Ottumwa52501
Ottumwa City of
Ottumwa City ofhydroelectric3.2Ottumwa52501
POET Biorefining - Gowrie
POET Biorefining - Gowrienatural gas5.0Gowrie50543
POET Biorefining - Jewell
POET Biorefining - Jewellnatural gas0.9Jewell50130
POET Biorefining LLC - Corning
POET Biorefining LLC - Corningnatural gas5.0Corning50841
POET Biorefining-Hanlontown, LLC
POET Biorefining-Hanlontown, LLCnatural gas4.0Hanlontown50444
Palo Alto Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind340.0Emmetsburg50536
City of Panora - (IA)petroleum4.5Panora50216
Pella Peaking
City of Pella - (IA)petroleum25.2Pella50219
Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm
Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm I, LLCwind300.0McIntire50455
Pleasant Hill
MidAmerican Energy Conatural gas154.8Pleasant Hill50317
Plymouth Wind
MidAmerican Energy Cowind200.0Remsen51050
Pocahontas Prairie Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind80.0Pomeroy50575
Pomeroy Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind296.9Fonda50540
Prairie Creek
Interstate Power and Light Conatural gas150.1Cedar Rapids52404
Prairie Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind169.0Montezuma50171
Preston (IA)
City of Prestonnatural gas3.8Preston52069
Red Rock Hydro Plant
Western Minnesota Mun Pwr Agnyhydroelectric55.0Pella50219
Interstate Power and Light Cowind130.9Odebolt51458
Rippey Wind Farm
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationwind50.0Grand Junction50107
River Hills
MidAmerican Energy Conatural gas118.4Des Moines50309
Rock Rapids
Rock Rapids Municipal Utilitypetroleum2.5Rock Rapids51246
City of Rockford- (IA)petroleum2.9Rockford50468
Roeder Family Wind Farm LLC
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.wind1.6Manly50546
Rolling Hills Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind443.2Massena50853
Roquette America
Roquette Americanatural gas80.0Keokuk52632
Roseman Energy, LLCwind1.8Anita50020
Sac County Wind, LLC
Sac County Windwind80.0Sac City50567
Saratoga Wind Farm
Madison Gas & Electric Cowind66.0Lime Springs52155
MidAmerican Energy Copetroleum20.0Shenandoah51601
Sibley No Two
City of Sibley - (IA)petroleum1.0Sibley51249
Sibley One
City of Sibley - (IA)petroleum4.8Sibley51249
Sky Volt
Sky Volt, LLCwind1.6Greenfield50849
South Plant
Waverly Municipal Elec Utilitypetroleum11.4Waverly50677
South Strawberry
City of Strawberry Pointpetroleum3.6Strawberry Point52076
Southern Hills Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind250.0Creston50801
Spencer Gas Turbine
City of Spencer - (IA)petroleum17.0Spencer51301
State Center
City of State Center - (IA)petroleum6.3State Center50247
Storm Lake 1
Allete Clean Energywind105.7Alta51002
Storm Lake II
Allete Clean Energywind76.5Alta51002
Story City
City of Story City - (IA)petroleum13.5Story City50248
Story City Wind Project
Hamilton Wind Energy LLCwind1.5Story City50248
Strawberry Point DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.3Strawberry Point52076
Streeter Station
Cedar Falls Utilitiesnatural gas55.6Cedar Falls50613
Stuart (IA)
City of Stuart - (IA)petroleum2.7Stuart50250
Summit Lake
Central Iowa Power Cooperativenatural gas111.8Creston50801
City of Sumner - (IA)petroleum5.4Sumner50674
Sycamore (IA)
MidAmerican Energy Conatural gas148.9Johnston50131
City of Tipton - (IA)petroleum9.2Tipton52772
Top of Iowa Windfarm III
Madison Gas & Electric Cowind29.7Kensett50448
Traer East
City of Traer - (IA)petroleum4.0Tracer50675
Traer Main
City of Traer - (IA)petroleum3.2Traer50675
Traer South
City of Traer - (IA)petroleum1.8Traer50675
Traer Wind Project
City of Traer - (IA)wind1.5Traer50675
Turtle Creek Wind Farm LLC
Turtle Creek Wind Farm LLCwind199.2St. Ansgar50461
University of Iowa Main Power Plant
University of Iowanatural gas40.5Iowa City52242
University of Northern Iowa
University of Northern Iowapetroleum7.5Cedar Falls50614
Upland Prairie
Interstate Power and Light Cowind299.3Spencer51301
Venus Wind 3 LLC
Venus Wind 3 LLCwind3.0Grinnell50112
Victory Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind99.0Westside51401
Vienna Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind150.2Marshalltown50158
Villisca Municipal Power Plant
City of Villisca - (IA)petroleum4.0Villisca50864
City of Vinton - (IA)natural gas17.2Vinton52349
Walnut Wind Farm
MidAmerican Energy Cowind150.0Walnut51577
Walter Scott Jr Energy Center
MidAmerican Energy Cocoal1507.8Council Bluffs51501
Wapello Solar LLC
Wapello Solar LLCsolar100.0Wapello52653
Wapsie Valley Creamery Back Up Generator
Wapsie Valley Creamerypetroleum1.1Independence50644
Waterloo Lundquist
MidAmerican Energy Copetroleum18.0Waterloo50703
Waterloo Solar (IA)
MidAmerican Energy Cosolar3.0Waterloo50703
Waverly Community Wind Project
Waverly Municipal Elec Utilitywind2.7Waverly50677
Waverly Municipal Electric North Plant
Waverly Municipal Elec Utilitypetroleum25.1Waverly50677
Webster City
City of Webster City - (IA)petroleum20.7Webster City50595
Wellsburg Wind Project
MidAmerican Energy Cowind138.6Wellsburg50680
West Bend
City of West Bendpetroleum6.4West Bent50597
West Diesel Generation Unit
City of Pocahontas - (IA)petroleum3.8Pocahontas50574
West Dubuque Solar
Interstate Power and Light Cosolar3.4Dubuque52002
West Liberty
City of West Liberty - (IA)petroleum14.8West Liberty52776
West Receiving
City of Denison - (IA)petroleum1.8Denison51442
Whispering Willow North
Interstate Power and Light Cowind201.3Latimer50452
Whispering Willow Wind Farm - East
Interstate Power and Light Cowind199.7Iowa Falls50126
City of Wiltonpetroleum9.2Wilton52778
Wind GEM
Wind GEM, LLCwind1.9Stuart50250
Windwalkers LLC
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.wind1.6Kensett50448
Winnebago Wind Power Project
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind20.0Forest City50436
City of Winterset - (IA)petroleum17.6Winterset50273
Wiota Wind Energy, LLC #1wind1.6Wiota50274
Wolverine Wind Energy, LLCwind1.5Greenfield50849
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