Power Plants in Nevada

There are a total of 103 power plants in Nevada. The most common type of power plant in Nevada is Solar with a total of 47 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in Nevada with 7336 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas167336

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Map of Power Plants in Nevada

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Nevada

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
Apex Generating Station
Apex Generating Stationnatural gas524.4Las Vegas89165
Apex Solar PV Power Project
Southern Power Cosolar20.0North Las Vegas89165
Battle Mountain Solar Project
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar126.0Battle Mountain89820
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal14.1Beowawe89821
Boulder Solar II, LLC
AEP Renewablessolar50.0Boulder City89005
Boulder Solar Power, LLC
Southern Power Cosolar100.0Boulder City89005
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal14.3Fallon89406
Sierra Pacific Power Copetroleum6.0Carson City89701
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar10.0Boulder City89005
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar48.0Boulder City89005
Chuck Lenzie Generating Station
Nevada Power Conatural gas1242.0Apex89124
Chukar Battery Energy Storage System
Nevada Power Cobatteries10.0Sparks89434
CityCenter Central Plant Cogen Units
CityCenter Land LLCnatural gas8.0Las Vegas89109
Clark (NVE)
Nevada Power Conatural gas1141.0Las Vegas89122
Copper Mountain Solar 2
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar154.0Boulder City89005
Copper Mountain Solar 3
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar255.0Boulder City89006
Copper Mountain Solar 4, LLC
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar93.6Boulder City89005
Copper Mountain Solar 5, LLC
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar250.0Boulder City89005
Crescent Dunes Solar Energy
Tonopah Solar Energy LLCsolar110.0Tonopah89049
Desert Peak Power Plant
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal17.3Fernley89406
Desert Star Energy Center
Desert Star Energy Center SDG&Enatural gas450.0Boulder City89005
Dignity - San Martin
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.7Las Vegas89113
Dignity - Siena Campus
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.4Henderson89052
Dixie Valley
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal58.5Fallon89406
Dodge Flat
Dodge Flat Solar, LLCsolar250.0Reno89510
Don A Campbell 1 Geothermal
ORNI 47, LLCgeothermal14.8Gabbs89420
Don A Campbell 2 Geothermal
ORNI 37 LLCgeothermal16.2Luning89420
EGP Stillwater Solar PV II, LLC
EGP Stillwater Solar PV II, LLCsolar20.0Fallon89406
ENEL Salt Wells LLC
ENEL Salt Wells LLCgeothermal20.2Fallon89406
Eagle Shadow Mountain Solar Farm
325MK 8me LLCsolar300.0Moapa River Indian Re89025
Fish Springs
Fish Springs Ranch Solar, LLCsolar125.0Reno89510
Truckee Meadows Water Authorityhydroelectric2.5Fleish89439
Fort Churchill
Sierra Pacific Power Conatural gas226.0Yerington89447
Ft. Churchill PV
Sierra Pacific Power Cosolar19.5Yerington89447
Galena 2 Geothermal Power Plant
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal12.0Reno89511
Galena 3 Geothermal Power Plant
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal20.0Reno89521
Goodsprings Waste Heat Recovery
Nevada Power Coother6.5Jean89019
Harry Allen
Nevada Power Conatural gas654.0Las Vegas89124
Harry Allen Solar Energy LLC
AEP Renewablessolar100.0Apex98191
Higgins Generating Station
Nevada Power Conatural gas620.0Primm89019
Hoover Dam (NV)
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric1039.4Boulder City89006
IKEA Las Vegas 462
IKEA Property Incsolar1.0Las Vegas89148
Jersey Valley Geothermal Power Plant
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal15.6Imlay89418
Truckee-Carson Irrigation Districthydroelectric1.8Fallon89406
Las Vegas Generating Station
Nevada Power Conatural gas282.0North Las Vegas89030
Las Vegas WPCF Solar Plant
City of Las Vegassolar3.3Las Vegas89142
Luning Energy
Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLCsolar50.0Luning89420
McGinness Hills
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal66.6Austin89310
McGinness Hills 3
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal74.2Austin89310
Moapa Southern Paiute
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar250.0Moapa89025
Mountain View Solar
NextEra Energy Mountain View Solarsolar20.0North Las Vegas89165
NGP Blue Mountain I LLC
NGP Blue Mountain I LLCgeothermal39.0Winnemucca89445
Nellis Air Force Base Solar Array
Solar Star NAFB LLCsolar13.2Las Vegas89191
Nellis Solar PV II
Nevada Power Cosolar15.0North Las Vegas89191
Nevada Cogen Assoc#1 GarnetVly
Nevada Cogeneration Assoc # 1natural gas85.5Las Vegas89165
Nevada Cogen Associates 2 Black Mountain
Nevada Cogeneration Assoc # 2natural gas93.1Las Vegas89124
Nevada Solar One
Acciona Solar Powersolar68.5Boulder City89005
New Lahontan
Truckee-Carson Irrigation Districthydroelectric3.8Fallon89406
North Valley
North Valleygeothermal25.0Gerlach89412
North Valmy
Sierra Pacific Power Cocoal522.0Valmy89438
Patua Acquisition Project, LLC
Patua Acquisition Company, LLCgeothermal40.6Hazen89408
Playa Solar 1, LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.solar79.0North Las Vegas59165
Playa Solar 2
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.solar100.0North Las Vegas59165
Republic Services Renewable Energy, LLC
Republic Services Renewable Energy, LLCbiomass6.6Las Vegas89124
Richard Burdette Geothermal
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal20.0Reno89521
River Mountains Solar
River Mountains Solar, LLCsolar14.4Henderson89015
Saguaro Power
Saguaro Power Conatural gas101.0Henderson89015
San Emidio
USG Nevada LLCgeothermal6.0Gerlach89412
Searchlight Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar17.5Searchlight89046
Silver State Solar Power North
Silver State Solar Power North, LLCsolar50.0Primm89019
Silver State Solar Power South
Silver State Solar Power South, LLCsolar260.1Primm Valley89019
Nevada Power Conatural gas620.0North Las Vegas89124
Soda Lake 3
AMOR IX, LLCgeothermal20.0Fallon89406
Solar Las Vegas MB 2, LLC
NRG Solar Las Vegas MB 2solar1.5Las Vegas89919
Solar Las Vegas MB-1
NRG Solar Las Vegas MB-1solar4.9Las Vegas89119
Spectrum Solar PV Power Project
Southern Power Cosolar30.0Las Vegas89124
Spring Valley Wind Project
Pattern Operators LPwind150.0Ely89301
Star Peak Geothermal Plant
Star Peak Geothermal LLC.geothermal21.9Imlay89418
Steamboat Hills LP
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal23.1Reno89521
Steamboat II
Steamboat Development Corpgeothermal10.8Reno89521
Steamboat III
Steamboat Development Corpgeothermal10.8Reno89521
Stillwater Facility
Enel Stillwater LLCgeothermal62.2Fallon89406
Sun Peak Generating Station
Nevada Power Conatural gas222.0Las Vegas89142
Sunshine Valley Solar
EDP Renewables North America LLCsolar103.5Armagosa89020
TS Power Plant
Nevada Gold Energy, LLCcoal218.4Battle Mountain89820
Techren Solar I LLC
Techren Solar I LLCsolar100.0Boulder89005
Techren Solar II LLC
Techren Solar II LLCsolar200.0Boulder 89005
Techren Solar III LLC
Techren Solar III LLCsolar25.0Boulder89005
Techren Solar IV LLC
Techren Solar IV LLCsolar25.0Boulder89005
Techren Solar V
Techren Solar V LLCsolar50.0Boulder89005
Tesla Reno GigaFactory
Tesla Inc.solar6.7Sparks89434
Townsite Solar Project Hybrid
Townsite Solar, LLCsolar250.0Boulder City89005
Sierra Pacific Power Conatural gas953.6Sparks89434
Tungsten Mountain
Tungsten Mountaingeothermal48.7Fallon89406
Turquoise Liberty Solar
Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLCsolar10.0Sparks89434
Turquoise Nevada, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar60.0Sparks89510
Tuscarora Geothermal Power Plant
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal21.4Tuscarora89834
Truckee Meadows Water Authorityhydroelectric2.4Verdi89439
Truckee Meadows Water Authorityhydroelectric1.8Verdi89439
Waste Management Lockwood LFGTE
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass3.2Sparks89434
Western 102 Power Plant
Nevada Gold Minesnatural gas113.4McCarran89434
Whitegrass No. 1
Open Mountain Energy LLC.geothermal6.4Yerington89447
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