Power Plants in North Carolina

There are a total of 885 power plants in North Carolina. The most common type of power plant in North Carolina is Solar with a total of 728 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in North Carolina with 17253.8 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas2317253.8
Pumped Storage1173.7

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Map of Power Plants in North Carolina

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in North Carolina

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
1001 Ebenezer Church Solar
1001 Ebenezer Church Solar, LLCsolar5.0StateRoad28676
1008 Matthews Solar
1008 Matthews Solar, LLCsolar4.9East Bend27018
1009 Yadkin Solar
1009 Yadkin Solar, LLCsolar4.9Yadkinville28676
1025 Traveller Solar, LLC
CI-II Mitchell Holding LLCsolar5.0Sanford27332
1034 Catherine Lake Solar, LLC
1034 Catherine Lake Solar, LLCsolar4.9Jacksonville28540
1045 Tomlin Mill Solar
1045 Tomlin Mill Solar, LLCsolar4.9Statesville28625
1047 Little Mountain Solar, LLC
CI-II Mitchell Holding LLCsolar3.0Jonesville28642
1051 Lucky Solar, LLC
1051 Lucky Solar, LLCsolar3.0Hamptonville27020
1073 Onslow Solar
1073 Onslow Solar, LLCsolar4.7Hubert28539
231 Dixon 74 Solar I, LLC
231 Dixon 74 Solar I, LLCsolar2.0Kings Mountain28086
232 Long Branch 29 Solar I, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar2.0Shelby28152
233 Randolph 74 Solar I, LLC
233 Randolph 74 Solar I, LLCsolar2.0Shelby28150
315 Vinson Road
Red Toad 315 Vinson Road, LLCsolar2.0Clayton27527
USF Surry, LLCsolar5.0Four Oaks27524
510 REPP One
510 REPP One LLCsolar1.3Garysburg27831
ABD Farms
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Asheboro27203
AGA TAG Solar IV LLCsolar4.8Leland28451
AM Best Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Goldsboro27530
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar5.0Leland28451
Achilles Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Troy27371
Acme Solar, LLC
Acme Solar, LLCsolar4.9Riegelwood28456
TWE Ahoskie Solar Project, LLCsolar5.0Ahoskie27910
Ajax Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Shannon28386
Albemarle Beach Solar
Albemarle Beach Solar, LLCsolar80.0Roper27970
Albemarle Hospital Unit
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Albemarle28001
Albemarle Prime Power Park
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum3.6New London28127
Albemarle Solar Center LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Kinston28501
Albertson Solar LLC
Albertson Solar LLCsolar5.0Albertson28508
Alpha Value Solar
Alpha Value Solar, LLCsolar5.0Hertford27944
American Legion PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar16.0Roanoke Rapids27870
Amethyst Solar
Amethyst Solar LLCsolar3.0Forest City28043
Anderson Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar1.9Roseboro28382
Andrew Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0New Bern28560
Angel Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Newton28658
Angier Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Angier27501
Anson County Generation Facility
North Carolina El Member Corpnatural gas339.0Lilesville28091
Apple Data Center - PV2
Apple, Incsolar19.4Conover28613
Apple Data Center PV
Apple, Incsolar20.0Maiden28650
Apple Data Center PV3
Apple, Incsolar17.5Conover28613
Apple One
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Newton28658
Ararat Rock Solar, LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.5Mount Airy27030
Arba Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries10.1Hamlet28530
Arba Solar, LLC
Leyline Renewable Energy, LLCsolar2.0Snow Hill28580
Arborgate Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Pittsboro27530
Archer Daniels Midland Southport
Archer Daniels Midland Conatural gas45.0Southport28461
Arndt Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Claremont28610
Arthur 2 Solar
Arthur Solar 2, LLCsolar5.0Tabor City28463
Arthur Solar, LLC
Rigelsolar5.0Tabor City28463
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)natural gas796.0Arden28704
Asheville-Rock Hill Battery
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)batteries8.8Asheville28803
Ashley Solar Farm
Ashley Solar Farm, LLCsolar4.0Hamptonville27020
Aspen Solar, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Rose Hill28458
Atkinson Farm Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Beulaville28518
Atkinson Solar II
Atkinson Solar II LLCsolar1.9Beulaville28518
Audrey Solar
Audrey Solar LLCsolar3.0Shelby28150
Augustus Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Farmville27828
Aulander Holloman Solar, LLC
Aulander Holloman Solar, LLCsolar99.9Aulander27805
Aulander Hwy 42 Solar, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar5.0Aulander27805
Auten Road Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Gastonia28054
Avalon Hydropower
Avalon Hydropower LLChydroelectric1.2Mayodan27027
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar19.4Shelby28152
BG Stewart Solar Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Marshville28103
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Oxford27565
BRE NC Solar 3
Pine Gate Renewablessolar5.0Oxford27565
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Maysville28555
Bailey Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Bailey27807
Bakatsias Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Haw River27258
Baker PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Aulander27805
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Sanford27330
Baltimore Church Solar, LLC
Baltimore Church Solar, LLCsolar5.4Fairmont28340
Banner Solar
Banner Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Barker Solar, LLC
Barker Solar, LLCsolar5.0Lumberton28358
Barnhill Road Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar3.1Elizabeth City27909
Battleboro Farm
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar5.2South Whitakers27809
AES Distributed Energysolar3.0Kings Mountain28086
Bay Branch Solar
Sol Systemssolar5.0Chocowinity27187
Bay Tree
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar70.1Harrells28444
Bayboro Solar Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Alliance28509
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Farmville27828
Bear Creek Dam
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric9.5Tuckasegee28783
Bear Creek Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Bear Creek27207
BearPond Solar Center LLC
BearPond Solar Center LLCsolar4.8Henderson27537
Bearford Farm Solar Project
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Willard28478
Bearford Solar II
Bearford Solar II, LLCsolar4.9Burgaw28425
Beaufort Solar, LLC
Capital Power Corporationsolar15.0Chocowinity27817
Beckwith Solar
Beckwith Solar, LLCsolar5.0Tabor City28463
Beetle Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Mooresboro28111
Strata Manager, LLCsolar3.4Calypso28365
Belews Creek
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas2220.0Belews Creek27052
Belwood Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar4.0Lawndale28090
Benson Solar, LLC
NES Olympossolar4.9Benson27504
Benthall Bridge PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Murfreesboro27855
Bernhardt Furniture Solar Farm
Bernhardt Furniture Companysolar1.0Lenoir28645
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Julian27283
Bethel Price Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar3.2Bethel27812
Bethel Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Bethel27812
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Beulaville28518
Big Boy
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar3.0Gibsonville27405
Biltmore Solar Fields
The Biltmore Companysolar1.5Asheville28803
Biscoe Solar LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar4.0Biscoe27209
Bizzell Church Solar 1, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Selma27526
Bizzell Church Solar 2
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Selma27576
Blackburn Landfill Co-Generation
Catawba Countybiomass2.9Newton28658
Bladen Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar50.0Fayetteville28312
Bladenboro Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Bladenboro28320
Bladenboro Solar 2
Bladenboro Farm 2 LLCsolar4.5Bladenboro28320
Bladenboro Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.8Bladenboro28320
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)petroleum79.0Lilesville28091
Blueberry One
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Grantham27530
Bo Biggs Solar
Bo Biggs Solar, LLCsolar4.9Lumberton28358
Boaz Farm Solar
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Sanford27331
Bolton Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Warrenton27589
Bondi Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Kinston28501
Boseman Solar Center LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Rocky Mount27804
Bostic Delivery No 2
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.0Bostic28018
Boykin PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar16.0Wade28395
Bradley PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Aulander27805
Brantley Solar
John Laing US Solar Corp.solar50.2Spring Hope27882
Brick City Solar
Brick City Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric31.5Morganton28655
Brighter Future Solar
Brighter Future Solar LLCsolar11.0Granite Falls28630
Broad River Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar50.0Mooresboro28107
Broadridge Solar, LLC
Broadridge Solar, LLCsolar5.0Lumberton28358
Broadway Road Solar, LLC
Broadway Road Solar, LLCsolar2.0Sanford27332
Broadway Solar Center, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Chadbourn28431
Brunswick Nuclear
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)nuclear1870.0Southport28461
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas668.0Salisbury28145
Buckleberry Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar52.1Grifton28530
Buddy Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Gold Hill28071
Bullock Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar50.0Manson27553
Bunn Level Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Bunnlevel28323
Burgaw Solar, LLC
CI-II Mitchell Holding LLCsolar5.0Burgaw28425
Butler-Warner Generation Plant
Fayetteville Public Works Commissionnatural gas226.5Fayetteville28312
Buttercup Solar, LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Rose Hill28458
North Carolina El Member Corppetroleum15.0Buxton27920
CB Bladen Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Fayetteville28312
CBC Solar Energy Gen Fac Phase 2
CBC Alternative Energy, LLCsolar2.5Garner27529
CII Methane Management IV, LLC
Frontier Operation Servicesbiomass1.5Smithfield27577
Petra Engineeringbiomass1.5Mount Airy27030
CS Murphy Point, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar0.9Murphy28906
Cabin Creek Solar, LLC
Cabin Creek Solar, LLCsolar70.2Biscoe27209
Camden Dam Solar, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Camden27921
Camden Solar LLC
Camden Solar LLCsolar20.0South Camden27921
Camp Lejeune Solar and Energy Storage
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)solar23.8Camp Lejeune28547
Candace Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Princeton27569
Canton North Carolina
Blue Ridge Paper Products Incbiomass7.5Canton28716
Carl Friedrich Gauss Solar
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Halifax27839
Carol Jean Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Walnut Cove27052
Carolina Lily Solar
Carolina Lily Solar, LLCsolar5.0Advance27006
Carolina Poultry Power Farmville
Carolina Poultry Powerbiomass1.7Farmville27828
Carter PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Fayetteville28312
Cash Solar
Cash Solar, LLCsolar5.0Nashville27856
Castalia Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Castalia27816
Catawba River Pollution Control
City of Morganton - (NC)petroleum1.1Morganton28655
Catawba Solar LLC
Catawba Solar LLCsolar2.0Salisbury28146
Cathcart Solar, LLC
Cathcart Solar, LLCsolar5.0Whiteville28472
Cedar Cliff
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric6.4Tuckasegee28783
Cedar Solar, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Beulaville28518
Century Drive Solar Farm
J.T. Hobby and Son, Inc.solar1.0Raleigh27612
Chadbourn Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Whiteville28472
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Asheboro27203
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Julian27283
Charlotte Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Forest City28043
Tennessee Valley Authorityhydroelectric13.9Hayesville28904
Chauncey Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Lake Waccamaw28450
Chei Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Middlesex27557
Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower LPhydroelectric143.0Tapoco28771
Cherryville City Hall
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Cherryville28021
Chestnut Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar74.9Enfield27823
Choco Solar, LLC
Choco Solar LLCsolar5.0Chocowinity27817
Chocowinity Solar LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar5.0Chocowinity27817
Chowan Jehu Solar
Chowan Jehu Road Solar, LLCsolar5.0Tyner27980
Church Road Solar LLC
Cirrus Solar LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar5.0Bunn27508
Clear Solar I, LLC
Clear Solar I, LLCsolar3.6Forest City28043
Cleveland Cnty Generating Facility
Southern Power Conatural gas737.9Kings Mountain28086
Cline Solar Farm, LLC
Cline Solar, LLCsolar4.9Hildebran28637
Clipperton Holdings LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar5.0Clinton28328
Clovelly Solar
Clovelly Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Coats Solar Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Coats27521
Cohen Farm Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar6.5Sanford27330
Concord Energy
Concord Energy LLCbiomass7.8Concord28027
Concord Farm
Shoe Show, Inc.solar4.9Concord28027
Conetoe II Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar80.0Conetoe27819
Conetoe Solar
Conetoe Solar, LLCsolar5.0Tarboro27866
Coogee Solar
Coogee Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Goldsboro27530
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Troy27306
Cork Oak Solar
Cork Oak Solar, LLCsolar20.0Halifax27839
Cornelius Delivery No 1
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum2.0Cornelius28031
Cornwall Solar Center, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Oxford27565
Cotten Farm, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar4.9Sanford27330
Cottonwood Solar, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar3.0Garysburg27831
Cougar Solar, LLC
Cougar Solar, LLCsolar1.9Sanford27331
County Home Solar Center, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar2.0Shelby28152
County Home Solar LLC
Cowans Ford
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric324.0Stanley28164
Craven County Wood Energy LP
CMS Generation Operating Co IIbiomass47.0New Bern28562
Creech Solar 2, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Garner27529
Crestwood Solar Center LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Oxford27565
Creswell Alligood Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar14.0Creswell27928
Crockett Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Kinston28501
Crooked Run
Cubico USA, LLCsolar70.1Willard28478
Cruise Solar, LLC
Cruise Solar, LLCsolar1.9Jacksonville28540
Cubera Solar, LLC
Cubera Solar, LLCsolar2.0Dunn28334
Cummins Whitakers PV Arrays
Cummins, Inc.solar2.9Whitakers27891
Currin Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Oxford27565
DD Fayetteville Solar NC LLC
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)solar23.1Fayetteville28306
DE Solar 10240 Old Dowd Rd
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar1.9Charlotte28214
DE Solar 1725 Drywall Dr
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar1.0Mt. Holly28210
DE Solar 657 Brigham Rd
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar1.3Greensboro27409
DSM Pharmaceuticals
Patheon Manufacturing Service LLCpetroleum8.7Greenville27835
Dan River
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas662.0Eden27288
Daniel Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Mocksville27038
Davidson Gas Producers LLC
Davidson Gas Producers LLCbiomass1.6Lexington27292
Davis Lane Solar, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Edenton27932
Daystar Solar
Daystar Solar, LLCsolar5.0Pollocksville28573
Deep Branch Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Pembroke28372
Delco Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Riegelwood28456
Dement Farm LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Henderson27536
Desert Wind Farm, LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind208.0Hertford27944
Dessie Solar Center LLC
Dessie Solar Center LLCsolar4.8Chadbourn28431
Dibrell Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Pelham27311
Dixon Dairy Road Solar
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar4.0Kings Mountain28086
Dogwood Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0Scotland Neck27874
Domtar Paper Co LLC Plymouth NC
Domtar Paper Company LLCbiomass114.8Plymouth27962
Downs Farm Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Cofield27977
Dragstrip Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Hickory28601
Drexel Operations Center
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum2.0Drexel28619
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Dunn28334
Duplin Solar I LLC (160 Houston Lane)
Duplin Solar I, LLCsolar5.0Kenansville28349
Duplin Solar LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Warsaw28398
Durham Solar
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar3.4Durham27704
ESA Albemarle NC Solar
ESA Albemarle NC Solar, LLCsolar2.0 0
ESA Boston Solar, LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Roxboro27574
ESA Buies Creek, LLC
Sol Systemssolar2.8Lillington27546
ESA Four Oaks 2 NC LLC
ESA Four Oaks 2 NC LLCsolar2.0Four Oaks27524
ESA Hamlet NC , LLC
ESA Hamlet NC LLCsolar5.0Hamlet28345
ESA Selma
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.8Selma27576
ESA Smithfield
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.8Smithfield27577
Eagle Solar
NES Olympossolar4.0Warrenton27589
East Wayne Solar LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Goldsboro27534
Eastover Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Laurinburg28352
Eastside WWTP
City Of High Pointpetroleum5.4High Point27260
Eden Solar LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar47.7Ellerbe28338
Edenton Generators
Town of Edenton - (NC)petroleum2.4Edenton27932
Edenton Solar
Edenton Solar solar5.0Edenton27932
Edison Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Eden28328
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Ellerbe28338
Elliana Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Burlington27217
Elm City Solar Facility
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)solar40.0Elm City27822
Elm Solar, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Sanford27330
Ennis Solar, LLC
CI-II Mitchell Holding LLCsolar5.0Lillington27546
Eros Solar, LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Mt Olive28365
Erwin Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Erwin28339
Everett PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar10.0Parmele27871
Everetts Wildcat Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Williamston27892
Exum Farm Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Grifton28530
FLS Solar 170, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar2.0Lumberton28358
FLS Solar 200, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar4.3Lumberton28358
FLS Solar 230 (Warren)
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.8Albertson28508
Facile Solar
Facile Solar LLCsolar2.0Elon27244
Fairmont-FLS 100
AES Distributed Energysolar3.0Fairmont28340
Faison Solar
USF Surry, LLCsolar2.0Faison28341
Falls Hydro
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric30.0Badin28009
Farrington Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar1.0Chapel Hill27517
Fern Solar LLC
BayWa r.e. Solar Projects LLCsolar100.0Battleboro27089
Fisher Solar Farm - NC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Oakboro28129
Five Forks Solar
Five Forks Solarsolar20.0Macon27551
Flash Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Conover28613
Flat Meeks PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Robersonville27871
Flatwood Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Moncure27559
Flemming Solar Center LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Greenville27834
Flint Hill Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Carthage28327
Flowers Solar LLC
Flowers Solar LLCsolar4.3Benson27512
Floyd Road Solar Farm
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Gaston29053
Floyd Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar6.5Fairmont28340
Fontana Dam
Tennessee Valley Authorityhydroelectric304.2Fontana Dam28733
Fort Bragg - Camp Mackall PV BESS System
Ameresco Federal Solutionsbatteries3.0Hoffman28347
Fox Creek Solar
John Laing US Solar Corp.solar50.2Louisburg27549
Foxfire Solar Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0West End27376
Franklin (NC)
Northbrook Carolina Hydro II, LLChydroelectric1.0Franklin28734
Franklin Solar 2
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Louisburg27549
Franklin Solar, LLC
Leyline Renewable Energy, LLCsolar2.0Louisburg27549
Franklinton Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Franklinton27515
Freemont Solar Center LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Stanley28164
Freight Line Solar, LLC
North Carolina El Member Corpsolar2.0Pink Hill28572
Fremont Farm LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar5.0Fremont27830
Fuquay Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Middle Creek Township27592
G G Allen
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCcoal421.0Belmont28012
GKS Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Belvidere27918
Gas Recovery Systems Incbiomass4.3Concord28027
Gainey Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Clarkton28434
Gamble Solar
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.0Bostic28018
Garrell Solar Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Chadbourn28341
Garysburg Solar
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Garysburg27831
Virginia Electric & Power Cohydroelectric220.0Roanoke Rapids27870
Gaston County Renewable Energy Center
Gaston County Solid Waste and Recycling Divisionbiomass4.2Dallas28034
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Gastonia City ofpetroleum1.8Gastonia28054
Gaston Solar
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Gaston27832
Gaston Solar Power Plant
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar25.0Cherryville Township28016
Gastonia Prime Power Park
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum11.2Dallas28034
Gastonia Solar Center
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar4.3Gastonia28056
Gastonia, Tulip Drive
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum5.4Gastonia28052
Gates Solar LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar5.0Eure27935
Germantown Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar1.5Rural Hall27045
Strata Manager, LLCsolar3.5Gilead27306
Gladstone Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0West End27376
Gliden (Op Zone)
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Tyner27980
Graham Solar Center LLC
Graham Solar Center LLCsolar4.8Fair Bluff28439
Grandy PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar20.0Grandy27939
Granite Falls Walmart
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum2.0Granite Falls28630
Granville Solar PV Power Project
Southern Power Cosolar2.5Oxford27565
Green Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Robersonville27871
Grissom Solar, LLC
Grissom Solar, LLCbatteries15.0Enfield27823
Grove Solar
Sol Systemssolar5.0New Bern28560
Gutenberg Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar79.9Garysburg27831
HCE Johnston I, LLC
HCE Johnston I, LLCsolar1.9Willow Springs27592
HCE Moore I
HCE Moore I, LLCsolar2.0Aberdeen28315
HWY 158 PV
Ecoplexus, Incsolar9.0Murfreesboro27855
HXNAir Solar One
HXNAir Solar One LLCsolar5.0Halifax27839
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0Roanoke Rapids27879
Hall Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries4.5Teachey28521
Hamlet Generating Facility
North Carolina El Member Corpnatural gas339.0Hamlet28345
Hamlet Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpsolar1.0Hamlet28345
Hanover Solar, LLC
Happy Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Four Oaks27524
Hardison Farm Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Williamston27892
Harrell's Hill Solar Center LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Mt. Olive28365
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)nuclear964.0New Hill27562
Harrison Solar, LLC
Harrison Solar, LLCsolar5.0Roseboro28382
Harts Mill Solar, LLC
Harts Mills Solar, LLCsolar80.0Tarboro27886
Harvest Beulaville, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar2.0Beulaville28518
Haw River Hydro
Haw River Hydro Cohydroelectric1.5Saxapahaw27340
Hawtree Solar
Hawtree Creek Farm Solar, LLCsolar65.0Warrenton27589
Hayes Solar, LLC
Hayes Solar, LLCsolar3.0Dobson27017
Haynes Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Lincolnton28092
Haywood Farm Solar, LLC
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar4.9Troy27371
Hector Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Troy27371
Heedeh Solar
Hemlock Solar
Hemlock Solar LLCsolar5.0Garysburg27831
Henry Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Liberty27298
Hertford Solar Farm
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Hertford27944
Hertford Solar Power, LLC
Four Brothers 2, LLCsolar10.0Ahoskie27910
Hew Fulton Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Laurinburg28352
Current Energy Groupsolar5.0Rose Hill28458
High Point, Fairfield
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8High Point27263
High Point, POLO
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8High Point27260
High Point, Pump Station Rd
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum3.6High Point27260
High Rock Hydro
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric39.0Denton28239
High Shoals Hydro (NC)
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric1.8High Shoals28077
High Shoals PV1
Pine Gate Renewablessolar16.0High Shoals28092
Highest Power Solar, LLC
Highest Power Solar, LLCsolar48.7Louisburg29054
Highland Solar Center LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Grifton28530
Highwater Solar I
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Stoney Creek27530
Hiwassee Dam
Tennessee Valley Authoritypumped storage173.7Murphy28906
Holly Swamp Solar, LLC
North Carolina El Member Corpsolar2.0Lumberton28360
Holstein Plant
Strata Manager, LLCsolar20.0Maxton28364
Hood Farm Solar, LLC
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar4.9Trenton28585
Hopewell Friends
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar1.3Asheboro27205
Hot Springs Energy Storage & Microgrid
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)batteries6.3Hot Springs28743
Howell Midland Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Midland28107
Huntersville Delivery No 2
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum2.0Huntersville28078
Husky Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Reidsville27320
Hutchinson Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Shelby28152
Ingredion Winston Salem
Ingredion Inc - Winston Salembiomass7.0Winston-Salem27107
Innovative Solar 10
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar1.5Canton28716
Innovative Solar 14, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Hendersonville28792
Innovative Solar 15, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Ellenboro28040
Innovative Solar 16
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Hendersonville28792
Innovative Solar 18, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar1.9Bostic28018
Innovative Solar 23
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Kings Mountain28086
Innovative Solar 26, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar1.9Hildebran28637
Innovative Solar 31
US Funding 1solar35.0Bladenboro28320
Innovative Solar 35, LLC
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar1.9Albertson28508
Innovative Solar 37 LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar97.5Morven28119
Innovative Solar 42
Innovative Solar 42, LLCsolar71.0Fayetteville28306
Innovative Solar 43, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar50.8Ivanhoe28447
Innovative Solar 44
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Shannon28364
Innovative Solar 46
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar78.5Hope Mills28348
Innovative Solar 47
US Funding 1solar33.8Maxton28364
Innovative Solar 48
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Maxton28364
Innovative Solar 54
John Laing US Solar Corp.solar50.0Kinston28504
Innovative Solar 55
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar6.5Pembroke28364
Innovative Solar 59, LLC
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar1.9Nashville28756
Innovative Solar 6
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar3.6Leicester28748
Innovative Solar 60, LLC
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar1.9Castalia27856
Innovative Solar 63, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Snow Hill28580
Innovative Solar 64
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Clinton28328
Innovative Solar 65
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Laurinburg28352
Innovative Solar 67
John Laing US Solar Corp.solar33.3Willard28364
International Paper Co. - New Bern Mill
International Paper Co. - New Bern Millbiomass29.0New Bern28563
International Paper Riegelwood Mill
International Paper Co-Riegelwoodbiomass44.5Riegelwood28456
Iredell County LFG Facility
Iredell Transmission LLCbiomass3.2Statesville28625
Ivy River Hydro
Madison Hydro Partnershydroelectric1.2Marshall28753
Jackson Solar Farm
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar8.6Wilson27893
Jacob Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Reidsville27320
Jakana Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Williamston27892
James E. Rogers Energy Complex
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas1388.0Cliffside28024
Jamesville Road Solar, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Jamesville27846
Jersey Holdings
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Lumberton28358
Jester Solar
Sol Systemssolar4.9Goldsboro27534
Jordan Hydroelectric Project
Jordan Hydroelectric LTD PTPhydroelectric4.4Moncure27559
Kalish Farm Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Candor27209
KapStone Kraft Paper Corp
Westrock Kraft Paper, LLCbiomass30.0Roanoke Rapids27870
Kathleen Solar
Sol Systemssolar5.0Fuquay Varina27526
Keen Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Four Oaks27524
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0Lewiston Woodville27847
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.7Kelford27847
Kelly Solar, LLC
Kelly Solar, LLCsolar5.0Henderson27538
AES Distributed Energysolar1.9Kenansville28349
Kenansville Solar 2, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Kenansville28349
Kenansville Solar Farm, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.5Kenansville28349
Kendall Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Liberty27298
Kennedy Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Warsaw28398
Kenneth Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar3.0Warrenton27589
Kings Mountain Energy Center
Carolina Power Partners, LLCnatural gas486.0Kings Mountain28086
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Kinston28504
Kinston Davis Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Kinston28504
Kinston Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Grifton28530
Kirkwall Holdings
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Warsaw27530
Kojak Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Bailey27807
L V Sutton Combined Cycle
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)natural gas691.0Wilmington28401
Lafayette Solar I, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Shelby28150
Lake Lure
Lake Lure Town ofhydroelectric3.6Lake Lure28746
Landis Delivery No 2
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum2.0Landis28088
Lane II Solar, LLC
NES Olympossolar4.9Goldsboro27530
Lane Solar
Lane Solar Farm LLCsolar5.0Goldsboro27530
Lang Solar Farm
Lang Solar Farm, LLCsolar5.0La Grange28551
Langdon Solar Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Four Oaks27524
Langley PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Elm City27822
Lanier Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Beulaville28518
Laurinburg Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Laurinburg28352
Laurinburg Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Laurinburg28352
Laurinburg Solar, LLC (Heelstone)
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Maxton28364
Lee Combined Cycle Plant
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)natural gas888.0Goldsboro27530
Leggett Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Leggett27886
Lenoir Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Kinston28504
Lenoir Farm 2
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Kinston28501
Lewiston Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Lewiston27849
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum3.6Lexington27292
Lexington Health Center
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Lexington27292
Lick Creek Solar, LLC
Lick Creek Solar, LLCsolar50.0Walnut Cove27052
Lillington Solar
Lillington Solar LLCsolar5.0Lillington27546
Lincoln Combustion
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas1161.0Stanley28164
Lincoln Solar, LLC (NC)
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Bostic28018
Lincolnton High School
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Lincolnton28092
Little River PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Randolph27205
Littlefield Solar Center LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Ayden28513
Lockville Hydropower
Brooks Energy, LLChydroelectric1.2Moncure27559
Long Creek Waste Water Plant
Gastonia City ofpetroleum5.1Dallas28034
Long Farm 46 Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Garysburg27831
Long Henry Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Seven Springs28578
Lookout Shoals
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric27.0Statesville28625
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Elon27244
Lowe Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries4.5Asheboro27205
Ludie Brown Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries4.5Chinquapin28521
NC Renewable Power - Lumberton LLCbiomass34.7Lumberton28359
Lux Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Kings Mountain28086
MC1 Solar
MC1 Solar Farm, LLCsolar5.0Williamston27892
Maiden Community Center
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Maiden28650
Maiden Creek Solar Power Plant
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar69.3Maiden28650
Manning PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Elon27244
Manway Solar Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Garland28441
Mariposa Solar Center LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Stanley28164
Market Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar4.9Reidsville27320
Marshall (NC)
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas2058.0Terrell28682
Marshall Dam
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)hydroelectric4.0Marshall28753
Marshville Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Marshville28103
Martin Creek Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar3.0Henderson27536
Martins Creek Solar NC, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar0.9Murphy28906
Mas Durham Power, LLC
Mas Durham Power, LLCbiomass2.2Durham27704
Maxton Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Maxton28364
Mayberry Solar LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar1.2Mt. Airy27030
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)coal704.0Roxboro27573
McCallum Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Rowland28383
McGoogan Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Lumber Bridge28357
McGrigor Farm Solar
Carolina Solar Energy LLCsolar5.0Clinton28328
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnuclear2315.6Huntersville28078
McKenzie Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Whiteville28427
Meadowbrook Solar Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Rockwell28138
Meadowlark Solar
Meadowlark Solar, LLCsolar4.9Dunn28334
Meadows PV 1
Fresh Air Energy XVIII, LLCsolar20.0Williamston27892
Meeks Solar, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar2.0Robersonville27871
Melinda Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Henderson27537
Meriwether Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Oxford27565
Metropolitan Sewerage District
Metropolitan Sewerage Districthydroelectric2.4Asheville28804
Mile Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar5.0Rougemont27572
Mill Pond Solar Farm, LLC
Mill Pond Solar Farm, LLCsolar5.0Whiteville28472
Mill Pond Solar, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Jamesville27846
Millers Chapel Solar
Millers Chapel Solar, LLCsolar4.8 0
Millikan Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Randleman27317
Mills Anson Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Lilesville28091
Milo Solar
Milo Solar LLCsolar3.0Burlington27217
Minnie Solar
Minnie Solar LLCsolar3.0Graham27253
Misenheimer Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Richfield28137
Northbrook Carolina Hydro II, LLChydroelectric1.8Murphy28906
Mocksville Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Mocksville27028
Mocksville Solar
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar15.4Mocksville27028
Modlin Solar Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Williamston27892
Moncure Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar3.0Moncure27559
Monroe Generating Station
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1natural gas24.0Monroe28110
Monroe Middle School
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Monroe28112
Monroe Moore Farm
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Monroe28110
Monroe Solar Facility
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar54.6Monroe28112
Montgomery Solar LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar20.0Biscoe27209
Moore Solar
Moore Solar, LLCsolar5.0Reidsville27320
Moore Solar Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Reidsville27320
Moorings Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0New Hope28551
Moorings Farm 2, LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar5.0LaGrange28551
Morgan Farm, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Louisburg27549
Morgan's Corner
Dominion Renewable Energysolar19.8Elizabeth City27909
Morganton Station 5
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Morganton28655
Morganton, Parker Road
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Morganton28655
Morning View
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Seagrove27341
Mount Olive Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Mount Olive28365
Mount Olive Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar2.0Mount Olive28365
Mountain Island
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric65.0Mount Holly28120
Moyer Solar
Moyer Solar, LLCsolar5.0Stoneville27048
Mt Olive Farm 2
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Mt Olive28365
Mt Olive Solar 1
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Mt. Olive28365
Murdock Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Clayton27520
Murphy Farm Power, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar0.9Culberson28903
Murphy-Brown LLC
Murphy - Brown LLCpetroleum2.4Warsaw28398
Mustang Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar5.0Robbins27325
NC 102 Project LLC
NC 102 Project LLCsolar74.8Midland28025
NCSU CCUP Cogeneration Plant
NC State University, Energy Systemsnatural gas6.3Raleigh27695
NCSU Cates Cogeneration Plant
NC State University, Energy Systemsnatural gas9.4Raleigh27695
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric45.0Topton28781
Narrows (NC)
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric119.0Badin28009
Nash 58 Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Nashville27856
Nash 64 Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Spring Hope27882
Nash 97 Solar 2
Nash 97 Solar 2, LLCsolar4.9Middlesex27557
Nash 97 Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Middlesex27557
Nashville Farms, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Nashville27856
Neisler Street Solar
Neisler Street Solar I, LLCsolar2.0Shelby28152
Neuse River Solar Farm
Scale Sustainable I, LLCsolar1.1Raleigh27610
New Bern
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass5.4New Bern28562
New Bern Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Ernul28527
Newton Grove
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Newton Grove28366
Nick Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar4.0Liberty27298
Nickelson Solar 2
Nickelson Solar 2, LLCsolar4.9Wallace28466
Nickelson Solar, LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.3Wallace28466
Nitro Solar
USF Surry, LLCsolar5.0Smitfield27577
North 301 Solar
North 301 Solar, LLC solar20.0Enfield27823
North Carolina Solar Bethea I
USF Surry, LLCsolar2.0Laurinburg28352
North Carolina Solar III LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Gibson28343
North Nash Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Castalia27816
Northern Cardinal Solar
Terraform Arcadiasolar2.0Roanoke Rapids27870
Oakboro Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar5.0Laurinburg28352
Oakwood Solar
Oakwood Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Ocracoke Hybrid
North Carolina El Member Corppetroleum4.0Ocracoke27960
Old Caroleen Solar Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Forest City28043
Old Catawba PV 1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar3.5Claremont58610
Old Cedar Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries2.3Asheboro27203
Old Pageland Monroe Road Solar Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.3Monroe28113
Old Wire Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Laurel Hill28351
Onslow Power Producers
Cube District Energy, LLCbiomass1.9Jacksonville28540
Orbit Energy Charlotte
Organ Church Solar
Ouchchy PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar3.0Mebane27302
Overhill Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Clinton28328
Overman Solar
Overman Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Owen Solar
Owen Solar LLCsolar5.0Lincolnton28092
Oxford Dam
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric40.0Conover28613
PCIP Solar
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.0Timberlake27583
PCS Phosphate
PCS Phosphateother54.0Aurora27806
PCSP3 Airport
Carolina Solar Energy LLCsolar2.5Timberlake27583
PG Solar, LLC
North Carolina El Member Corpsolar2.0Mt Olive28572
Page Solar
Page Solar Farm, LLCsolar1.6Willow Spring27592
Pamlico Partners Solar
Pamlico Partners Solar, LLCsolar5.0Washington27889
Panda Solar NC 1, LLC
Panda Solar NC 1, LLCsolar1.0Fairmont28340
Panda Solar NC 10, LLC
Panda Solar NC 10, LLCsolar2.0Hope Mills28348
Panda Solar NC 11, LLC
Panda Solar NC 11, LLCsolar2.0Hope Mills28348
Panda Solar NC 2, LLC
Panda Solar NC 2, LLCsolar2.0Fairmont28340
Panda Solar NC 3, LLC
Panda Solar NC 3, LLCsolar2.0Lumberton28360
Panda Solar NC 4, LLC
Panda Solar NC 4, LLC solar2.0Clarkton 28433
Panda Solar NC 5, LLC
Panda Solar NC 5, LLCsolar1.0Fayetteville28312
Panda Solar NC 6, LLC
Panda Solar NC 6, LLCsolar1.0Chadbourn28431
Panda Solar NC 7, LLC
Panda Solar NC 7 , LLCsolar1.5Faison28341
Panda Solar NC 8, LLC
Panda Solar NC 8, LLCsolar2.0Star27356
Panda Solar NC 9, LLC
Panda Solar NC 9, LLCsolar2.0Hope Mills28348
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0Elizabeth City27906
Pate Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Red Springs28377
Peake Road
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Oxford27565
Pecan Grove Solar, LLC
CI-II Mitchell Holding LLCsolar5.0New Bern28562
Pecan PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Cordova28330
Pecan Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar74.9Pleasant Hill27876
Penny Hill Solar
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar2.0Greenville27834
Perkins Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Roxboro27574
Phelps 158 Solar Farm
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Conway27855
Phobos Solar, LLC
Phobos Solar, LLCsolar78.8Middlesex27557
Pikeville Farm
Dominion Renewable Energysolar5.0Pikeville27863
Pilot Mountain Solar, LLC
NES Olympossolar4.9King27021
Pine Valley Solar Farm, LLC
Pine Valley Solar, LLCsolar5.0West End27376
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0West End27376
Pineville Delivery 2
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Pineville28134
Plott Hound Solar
Plott Hound Solar, LLCsolar5.0New Bern28562
Plymouth Solar LLC
Polk Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Hamlet28345
Pollocksville Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Pollocksville28573
Porter Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0New Bern28560
Powatan Road Solar
Red Toad Powatan Phase 2 LLCsolar2.0Clayton27577
USF Surry, LLCsolar5.0Princeton27589
Progress Manis I
USF Surry, LLCsolar2.0Laurinburg28352
Progress Solar 1, LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar4.0Bunn27508
Progress Solar II, LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.5Fairmont28340
Progress Solar III, LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.5Maxton28364
QVC Incsolar3.6Rocky Mount27801
Quarter Horse Solar
Quarter Horse Farm LLCsolar4.5Hampstead28443
Queens Creek
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric1.4Topton28781
Quincy Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Fayetteville28312
Raeford Farm
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Raeford28376
Railroad Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar5.0St. Pauls28384
Railroad Farm 2
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0St. Pauls28384
Railroad Solar Farm, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar4.1Pembroke28372
Rams Horn Solar Center LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Greenville27834
Ranchland Solar, LLC
Ranchland Solar, LLCsolar60.0Moyock27958
Ray Wilson Solar
Ray Wilson Solar, LLCsolar5.0Advance27006
Red Hill Solar Center, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Warrenton27589
Red Oak Solar Farm, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar4.9Nashville27856
Red Toad 1425 A Powatan Road, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Clayton27520
Red Toad 4451 Buffalo Road, LLC
Sol Systemssolar2.0Selma27576
Red Toad 5840 Buffalo Road, LLC
Sol Systemssolar2.0Selma27576
Redmon Solar Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Cleveland27013
Reventure Park
Clean Energy LLCbiomass3.5Charlotte28214
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric33.4Rhodhiss28667
Richlands Solar, LLC
Richlands Solar, LLCsolar1.9Richlands28540
Ridgeback Solar, LLCsolar2.0Liberty27298
River Road Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Cofield27922
Roanoke Rapids
Virginia Electric & Power Cohydroelectric95.0Roanoke Rapids27870
Robeson County LFG to Energy
Robeson County Landfillbiomass2.0St. Pauls28384
Robin Solar
Robin Solar LLCsolar3.8Dudley28333
Rock Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Rockingham28363
Rockingham County CT Station
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas825.0Reidsville27320
Rockingham Solar, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Marston28363
Rockwell Solar LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.5Rockwell28138
Rocky Mount Mill
Capitol Broadcasting Company Inchydroelectric1.1Rocky Mount27804
Roper Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Grover28073
Rose Acre Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries4.5Currituck27860
Rose Hill
Sol Systemssolar2.0Rose Hill28458
Rosemary Power Station
Virginia Electric & Power Copetroleum165.0Roanoke Rapids27870
Rosewood Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Goldsboro27530
Southern Power Conatural gas974.4Salisbury28147
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)coal2439.0Semora27573
Roxboro Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Roxboro27574
Roxboro Solar Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Oxford27565
Royal Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Godwin28344
Ruff Solar LLC
Sol Systemssolar22.0Ellenboro28040
Ruskin Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Dudley28333
Rutherford Farm
Southern Power Cosolar74.8Forest City28043
Ryland Road Solar
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Tyner27980
SAS Solar Farm
SAS Institute Incsolar2.0Cary27513
SID Solar I, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Shelby28152
Sabattus Solar LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Bailey27807
Sadiebrook NC Solar
Sadiebrook Solar LLCsolar5.0Clarkton28433
Salem Energy Systems LLC
Salem Energy Systems LLCbiomass3.3Winston-Salem27105
Salisbury Solar
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.8Salisbury28146
Samarcand Solar Farm, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar5.0Biscoe27209
Sampson Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Roseboro28382
Sandy Cross Solar, LLC
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar1.2Elm City27822
Sandy Solar
Sandy Solar, LLCsolar5.0Shiloh Township27973
Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower LPhydroelectric40.0Robbinsville28771
Sarah Solar
USF Surry, LLCsolar5.0Louisburg27549
Saw Solar
Saw Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Sawtell Solar
Sawtell Solar, LLCsolar3.0 0
Scarlet Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0La Grange28551
Schell Solar Farm
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Garysburg27831
Scotch Bonnet Solar, LLC
Scotch Bonnet Solar, LLCsolar4.5St Helena28425
Seaboard Solar LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Seaboard27876
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.5Seagrove27341
Sedberry Farm
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Carthage28327
Sellers Farm Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Hamlet28345
Selma Solar LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar4.0Selma27576
Selwyn Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Lilesville28091
Shankle Solar Center LLC
Shankle Solar Center LLCsolar4.8Shannon28386
Shannon Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Shannon28386
Shawboro PV1
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0Shawboro27973
Shelby Randolph Road Solar 1, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Shelby28150
Shelby Solar Energy Generation Facility
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar1.0Shelby28152
Shelby, NC
Electric Glass Fiber America, LLC.petroleum2.8Shelby28150
Shelby, Toms Street
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Shelby28150
Shelter Solar
Sol Systemssolar5.0Raeford28376
Sherwood H Smith Jr Energy Complex
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)natural gas1855.0Hamlet28345
Shieldwall Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Littleton27850
Shiloh Hwy Solar
Shiloh Hwy 1108 Solar, LLCsolar5.0Shiloh27973
Shoe Creek Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar65.0Laurinburg28352
Sigmon Catawba Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Newton28658
Siler 421 Farm, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar4.9Siler City27344
Siler City Solar 2
Siler City Solar 2, LLCsolar4.9Siler City27344
Simons Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Ahoskie27910
Smith Solar Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Gibson28343
Smithfield Farmland Corp Bladen
Smithfield Fresh Meats Corp.petroleum28.5Tar Heel28392
Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp.
Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp.petroleum2.6Wilson27893
Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp.
Smithfield Packaged Meats Corppetroleum9.2Kinston28504
Sneads Grove
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Laurinburg28352
Snow Camp Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Snow Camp27349
Snow Hill Solar 2 LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Snow Hill28580
SoINCPower5, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Battleboro27809
SoINCPower6, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Sunbury27979
Solar Lee, LLC
Solar Lee, LLCsolar4.9Mount Olive28365
Solar Star North Carolina II LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Murfreesboro27855
Soluga Farms 1
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Newton Grove28366
Soluga Farms 2 LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Clarkton28433
Soluga Farms III
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Godwin28344
Soluga Farms IV
Soluga Solar, LLCsolar3.4Godwin28334
Sonne One
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Goldsboro27530
Sonne Two
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Newton28658
Sophie Solar
Sophie Solar LLCsolar4.5Mooresboro28114
Soul City Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar3.5Norlina27563
South Atlantic Services Solar Farm I
South Atlantic Services Incsolar1.6Wilmington28402
South Louisburg Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Louisburg27549
South River H4 Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries1.1Autryville28318
South Robeson Farm
USF Surry, LLCsolar4.9Rowland28383
South Winston Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Winston-Salem27127
Southerland Farm Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Henderson27537
Southwick Solar
Southwick Solar, LLCsolar3.0 0
Speedway Solar NC, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar22.6Midland28107
Spencer Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Salisbury28144
Spencer Meadow Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries4.5Asheboro27205
Spicewood Solar Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Eagle Springs27242
Spring Hope Solar 2, LLC
Spring Hope Solar 2, LLCsolar5.0Spring Hope27882
Spring Hope Solar 3, LLC
Spring Hope Solar 3, LLCsolar5.0Spring Hope27882
Spring Valley Farm 2, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Henderson27536
St. Pauls Solar 1, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9St. Pauls28384
St. Pauls Solar 2
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar5.0St. Pauls28384
Stagecoach Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Henderson27537
Stainback Solar Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Middleburg27556
Stanly Solar, LLC
Stanly Solar, LLCsolar50.0Albemarle28001
Star Solar
Star Solar LLCsolar5.0Durham27704
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Clinton28328
Statesville Delivery No 3
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum2.0Statesville28625
Statesville Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Cleveland27013
Statesville, Highway 64
North Carolina Mun Power Agny #1petroleum1.8Statesville28677
Stikeleather Farm
Stikeleather Farm, LLCsolar5.0Hiddenite28144
Stone Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Lumberton28358
Stony Knoll Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar22.6Rockford27017
Stout Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Mebane27243
Strider Solar, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar5.0Asheboro27205
Sugar Run Solar
Sugar Run Solar, LLCsolar5.0Sunbury27979
Sugar Solar, LLC
Sugar Solar, LLCsolar60.0Yadkinville27055
Summit Farms Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar62.4Moyock27958
Summit Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar3.0Mount Olive28365
Sun Devil Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Littleton27850
Sun Farm V, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar4.8Hertford27944
Sun Farm VI, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar4.8Hertford27944
Sun Farm VIII, LLC
Sun Farm VIII, LLCsolar4.0Battleboro27809
SunEdison LV Sutton Plant Site
SunE NC Progress 1 LLCsolar1.2Wilmington28401
SunEnergy1-Scotland Neck, LLC
SunEnergy1-Scotland Neck, LLCsolar3.0Scotland Neck27874
Suncaster, LLC
Suncaster, LLCsolar2.4Pikeville27863
Sunfish Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Willow Spring27592
Sunflower Solar
Sunflower Solar, LLCsolar16.0Halifax27839
Swansboro Solar, LLC
Swansboro Solar, LLCsolar4.9Maysville28555
Sweet Tea Solar, LLC
Sweet Tea Solar, LLCsolar4.5New Bern28567
Sweetgum Solar
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Sanford27330
TWE Chocowinity Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.5Chocowinity27817
TWE New Bern Solar Project, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0New Bern28563
Tamworth Holdings
RWE Renewables Americas, LLCsolar5.0Garland28441
Tanager Holdings
RWE Renewables Americas, LLCsolar5.0Asheboro27203
Tarboro Solar
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Tarboro27886
Tart Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Godwin28344
Tate Solar
NES Olympossolar5.0Castalia27816
Taylorsville Solar LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar1.0Taylorsville28681
Tennessee Creek
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric11.5Tuckasegee28783
Terreva Wayne County RNG, LLC
Terreva Wayne County RNG, LLCbiomass2.2Dudley28333
Thanksgiving Fire Solar Farm, LLC
Sol Systemssolar2.0Zebulon27597
Thornton PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar5.0Snow Hill28580
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric19.7Tuckasegee28783
Three Bridge
Three Bridge Farm, LLCsolar2.0Pembroke28372
Thunderhead Solar, LLCsolar2.6Asheboro27203
Tiburon Holdings
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar5.0Advance27006
Tides Lane Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar3.7Louisburg27549
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)hydroelectric85.0Mount Gilead27559
Tinker (NC)
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.8Moncure27559
Tolson Solar
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.0Tarboro27886
Town of Cary
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar1.5Apex28340
Tracy Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar10.0Bailey27807
Trent River Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0New Bern28562
Trent River Solar, LLC
Trent River Solar, LLCsolar78.7Pollocksville28573
Trinity Solar
Capital Dynamicssolar4.9Trinity34655
Tripple State Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Statesville28677
Trojan Solar, LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Delco28436
Truman (NC)
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Wendell27591
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric2.5Tuckasegee28783
Tuckertown Hydro
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric39.0New London28127
Turkey Branch Solar LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar4.0Fairmont28340
Turkey Creek PV1
Fresh Air Energy XXXV, LLCsolar13.5Kirby27855
Turner Shoals
Northbrook Carolina Hydro LLChydroelectric5.4Mill Springs28756
Northbrook Tuxedo, LLChydroelectric6.4Flat Rock28731
Two Lines Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Hickory28602
Two Mile Desert Project
Citizens Enterprises Corporationsolar16.2Hertford27944
Two Mile Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Winfall27985
Underwood PV2
Ecoplexus, Incsolar16.0Murfreesboro27855
Univ of NC Chapel Hill Cogen Facility
University of North Carolinanatural gas32.3Chapel Hill27599
Upchurch Solar Center LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Elm City27822
Uwharrie Mountain Renewable
Uwharrie Mountain Renewable Energy, LLCbiomass9.6Mt. Gilead27306
Van Buren
Van Buren Solar, LLCsolar2.0Roseboro28382
Van Slyke Solar Center, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Elm City27822
Vance Solar Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.9Kittrell27544
Vaughn Creek PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar20.0Murfreesboro27855
Ventura Solar, LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Taylorsville28681
Strata Manager, LLCsolar2.0Chapel Hill27517
Vicksburg Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Henderson27537
Violet Solar
Violet Solar, LLCsolar5.0Mount Pleasant28124
Viper Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Rockfish28731
W H Weatherspoon
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)petroleum124.0Lumberton28358
Waco Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Waco28169
Wadesboro 4
Strata Manager, LLCsolar1.9Wadesboro28170
Wadesboro Farm 1
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Wadesboro28170
Wadesboro Farm 2
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Wadesboro28170
Wadesboro Farm 3
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Wadesboro28170
Wadesboro Solar
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar5.0Wadesboro28170
Wagstaff Farm 1
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Roxboro27574
Wake County LFG Facility
Ingenco Renewable Development, LLCbiomass9.0Apex27502
Wake RJ3 Solar Energy Storage
North Carolina El Member Corpbatteries1.1Wake Forest27587
Wakefield Solar
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Nebulon27597
AES Distributed Energysolar1.8Wallace28398
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)hydroelectric112.0Waterville37821
Walters Solar (FLS 260)
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Orrum28369
Warbler Holdings
SolRiver Capital LLCsolar4.0Shelby28150
Ward WTP
City Of High Pointpetroleum2.0High Point27260
Warren Solar Farm LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Newton Grove28366
Warrenton Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar4.0Warrenton27589
Warrenton I Solar
Warrenton Solar I LLCsolar4.9Warrenton27589
Warsaw Farm
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)solar65.0Warsaw28398
Warsaw I
AES Distributed Energysolar2.0Warsaw28398
Warsaw II
AES Distributed Energysolar2.0Warsaw28398
Washington Airport Solar LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Washington27889
Washington Millfield Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Bath27808
Washington White Post Solar LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar12.4Bath27808
Waste Management Piedmont LFGTE Project
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass2.4Kernersville27284
Water Filter Plant #2
City of Morganton - (NC)petroleum1.7Morganton28655
Watson Seed Farm PV1
Ecoplexus, Incsolar20.0Whitakers27891
Watts Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar5.0Maxton28364
Wayne County
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)natural gas822.0Goldsboro27530
Wayne Solar I LLC
Wayne Solar I, LLCsolar5.0Mount Olive28365
Wayne Solar II LLC
Wayne Solar II, LLCsolar5.0Goldsboro27530
Wayne Solar III LLC
Wayne Solar III, LLCsolar5.0Goldsboro27534
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Goldsboro27534
Wellons Farm
Wellons Farm, LLCsolar5.0Smithfield27577
Wendell Solar Farm LLC
Sol Systemssolar5.0Wendell27591
West Salisbury Farm LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Salisbury28147
West Siler
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Siler City27344
Westside WWTP
City Of High Pointpetroleum1.8Thomasville27360
Whiskey Solar
Whiskey Solar, LLCsolar5.0 0
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar12.0Whitakers27891
Whitakers Farm (Fisher Rd)
Strata Manager, LLCsolar3.4Whitakers27891
White Cross Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Chapel Hill27516
White Farm Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Woodland27897
White Street Renewables
White Street Renewables LLCsolar5.0Greensboro27405
Wilkinson Solar LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar80.6Pantego27860
Willard Solar
NES Olympossolar5.0Willard28478
Williamston Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Williamston27892
Williamston Speight Solar, LLC
Williamston Speight Solar, LLCsolar15.0Williamston27892
Williamston West Farm, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Williamston27892
Wilson Farm 1
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Elm City27822
Wilson Solar Farm 1
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar3.3Wilson27893
Wilson Solar Farm 2
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar3.8Lucama27851
Wilson Solar Farm 3
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar9.0Wilson27851
Wilson Solar Farm 4
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar9.0Wilson27893
Wilson Solar Farm 5
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar9.5Wilson27893
Wilson Solar Farm 6
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar9.7Wilson27893
Wilson Solar Farm 7
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar9.2Wilson27893
Windsor Cooper HIill Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Windsor27983
Windsor Hwy 17 Solar
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Windsor27983
Windsor Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Windsor27983
Winton Solar
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Winton27986
Woodland Church Farm
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Albertson28508
Woodland Solar
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar5.0Woodland27897
Woodleaf Solar Facility
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCsolar6.0Salisbury28147
Woodsdale Farm, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar2.0Roxboro27574
Works 53
PPG Ind Fiber Glass Prdcts Incpetroleum3.0Lexington27292
Wortham Solar Farm
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Henderson27537
Wyse Fork Solar Farm, LLC
Wyse Fork Solar Farm, LLCsolar2.0Dover28526
XPF Solar Field
United Therapeutics Corporationsolar3.0Durham27713
Yadkin 601 Farm
Yadkin 601 Farm, LLCsolar3.0Yadkinville27055
Yadkinville Solar
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.5Yadkinville27055
Yanceyville Farm
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar5.0Blanch27212
Yanceyville Farm 2 LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar5.0Blanch27212
Yanceyville Farm 3, LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Blanch27212
York Road Solar I, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar1.9Kings Mountain28086
ZV Solar 1
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.0Red Springs28377
ZV Solar 2, LLC
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar4.9Red Springs28377
ZV Solar 3, LLC
SRE Utility Solar 1, LLCsolar4.9Red Springs28377
Zuma Solar, LLC
Sol Systemssolar3.0Providence27315
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