Power Plants in South Carolina

There are a total of 197 power plants in South Carolina. The most common type of power plant in South Carolina is Solar with a total of 106 locations. Nuclear generates the most power in South Carolina with 6600.4 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas186512
Pumped Storage32956

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Map of Power Plants in South Carolina

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in South Carolina

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
1634 Solar
1634 Solar, LLCsolar2.0Hartsville29550
99 Islands
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric15.2Blacksburg29702
AGA TAG Solar III LLCsolar2.0Spartanburg29303
ATOOD Solar III LLCsolar2.0Spartanburg29303
Abbot Solar
Abbot Solar, LLCsolar2.0Manning29102
Ace Solar
ACE Solar, LLCsolar1.0Piedmont29673
Adams Solar SC, LLCsolar2.0Piedmont29673
Allendale Biomass
Allendale Biomass LLCbiomass19.2Fairfax29810
Allora Solar, LLC
Allora Solar, LLCsolar75.0Gilbert29054
Anderson (SC)
Anderson Solar Farm, LLCsolar2.0Anderson29624
Anderson Regional Landfill
South Carolina Public Service Authoritybiomass3.0Belton29627
Atood II
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Cowpens29330
Augusta Solar
Augusta Solar, LLCsolar2.0Greenwood29646
BMW Manufacturing Co
BMW Manufacturing Co LLCbiomass10.0Greer29651
Bad Creek
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCpumped storage1600.0Salem29676
Ballenger Road Solar A
Ballenger Road Solar Asolar2.0Inman29349
Bani Solar
Bani Solar, LLCsolar2.0Olanta29114
Barnwell Solar
Barnwell Solar, LLCsolar5.4Barnwell29812
Bell Bay Solar Farm
Bell Bay Solar Farmsolar1.6Conway29527
Berkeley County Landfill
South Carolina Public Service Authoritybiomass3.0Moncks Corner29761
Berry Road Solar
RPSC Solar 3, LLCsolar2.0Pelzer29669
Beulah Solar
Beulah Solar, LLCsolar74.9 0
Bishopville Solar II, LLC
Bishopville Solar II, LLCsolar10.0Bishopville29010
Blacktip Solar
Blacktip Solar, LLCsolar2.0Scranton29591
Blackville Solar Farm, LLC
Dominion Energy Inc.solar7.2Blackville29817
Blackville Solar II
DP-C2 Episode 1 LLCsolar20.0Blackville29817
Bloom Solar
Bloom Solar, LLCsolar2.0Summerton29148
Bluebird Solar SC LLC
Bluebird Solar LLCsolar3.0Pendleton29670
Bond Solar
Bond Solar, LLCsolar2.0Summerton29148
Bonefish Solar
Bonefish Solar, LLCsolar2.0Manning29102
Boyds Mill Hydro
Northbrook Carolina Hydro LLChydroelectric1.4Ware Shoals29692
Briarwood Solar, LLCsolar2.0Greenwood29646
Broad River Energy Center
Broad River Energy LLCnatural gas856.9Gaffney29340
Bryant Road Solar
JSD Flatwood PV-1, LLCsolar2.0Spartanburg29388
Bull Street Plant
City of Orangeburg - (SC)natural gas2.0Orangeburg29115
Camden South Carolina
Invistanatural gas17.5Lugoff29078
Cameron Solar
Cameron Solar, LLCsolar20.0Cameron29030
Cameron Solar II
Cameron Solar II, LLCsolar4.1Cameron29030
Cardinal Solar LLC
Cardinal Solar LLCsolar7.0Marion29571
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnuclear2310.2York29745
Cedar Creek
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric45.0Great Falls29055
Centerfield Cooper Solar, LLC
Centerfield Cooper Solar, LLCsolar75.0Chesterfield29709
Central Energy Facility
Clemson University - Main Campusnatural gas4.7Clemson29634
Central Plant
Bob Jones Universitypetroleum4.1Greenville29614
Champion Solar
Champion Solar, LLCsolar10.8Pelion29123
Cherokee County Cogen
Cherokee County Cogen Partners LLCnatural gas86.0Gaffney29340
Cherokee Falls
Hydroland Omega LLChydroelectric1.0Blacksburg29702
Cherry Blossom Solar LLC
CBH Lessor LLCsolar10.0Hemingway29554
City West Diesel Plant
Lockhart Power Copetroleum7.2Union29379
Clifton Dam 3 Power Station
Converse Energy Inchydroelectric1.2Converse29329
Coit GT
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incpetroleum26.0Columbia29201
Colleton Solar Farm
TIG Sun Energy I LLCsolar2.5Walterboro29488
Columbia Canal Hydro
City of Columbia SChydroelectric9.9Columbia29202
Columbia Energy Center (SC)
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incnatural gas558.0Gaston29053
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incnatural gas415.0Cope29038
South Carolina Public Service Authoritycoal2370.0Cross29436
Crown Solar Center, LLCsolar3.0Lancaster29720
Darlington County
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)natural gas234.0Hartsville29550
Darlington Solar, LLC
Darlington Solar, LLCsolar10.0Darlington29532
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric42.0Great Falls29055
Denmark Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar6.0Denmark29042
Diamond Solar
DP-C2 Episode 1 LLCsolar8.2Pelion29123
Dorchester Biomass
Dorchester Biomass LLCbiomass20.0Harleyville29448
Duke Energy CHP at Clemson University
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas12.5Clemson29634
Edison Solar
DP-C2 Episode 1 LLCsolar4.8Barnwell29812
Enoree Phase II Landfill Gas Recovery
Enerdyne Power Systems Incbiomass3.0Greer29651
Estill Solar
Estill Solar I, LLCsolar20.0Estill29918
Estill Solar II
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar10.2Estill29918
Fairfield Pumped Storage
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incpumped storage576.0Jenkinsville29065
Fishing Creek
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric51.0Great Falls29055
Florence Mill
Freedom Solar
Freedom Solar, LLCsolar5.0Nichols97392
Gaines Solar
Gaines Solarsolar2.0Bishopville29010
Gary Solar
Gary Solar, LLCsolar2.0Bishopville29010
Gaston II
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar7.5Swansea29160
Gaston Shoals
Northbrook Carolina Hydro II, LLChydroelectric7.5Blacksburg29702
Gaston Solar I - SC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar10.2Gaston29160
Georgetown LFGTE
South Carolina Public Service Authoritybiomass1.0Georgetown29442
Gold Mine
Gold Mine Solar, LLCsolar1.5Bradley29819
Goldenrod Solar
Goldenrod Solar, LLCsolar2.0Pamplico29583
Great Falls (SC)
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric12.0Great Falls29055
Gunsight Solar, LLC
Gunsight Solar, LLCsolar75.0Swansea29160
H B Robinson
Duke Energy Progress - (NC)nuclear759.0Hartsville29550
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incnatural gas126.0Charleston Heights29405
Haley Solar
Haley Solar, LLCsolar8.2Allendale29810
Hampton Solar 2
Hampton Solar II, LLCsolar20.0Hampton29924
Hampton Solar I
Hampton Solar I, LLCsolar6.8Hampton29924
Hecate Energy West Newberry, LLC
Hecate Energy West Newberry, LLCsolar3.5Newberry29108
Hickson Solar, LLC
Hickson Solar, LLCsolar2.0Wallace29596
Hilton Head
South Carolina Public Service Authoritypetroleum84.0Hilton Head Island29926
Hollidays Bridge Hydro
Northbrook Carolina Hydro LLChydroelectric4.8Honea Path29654
Honea Path
Central Electric Powerpetroleum2.4Honea Path29620
Horry Land Fill Gas Site
South Carolina Public Service Authoritybiomass3.3Conway29526
Cubico USA, LLCsolar75.0Bowman29018
International Paper Georgetown Mill
International Paper Co-GT Millbiomass90.4Georgetown29440
J Strom Thurmond
USCE-Savannah Districthydroelectric336.0Clarks Hill29821
Jamison Solar Farm
Jamison Solar Farmsolar1.2Orangeburg29118
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incnatural gas895.0Hardeeville29927
South Carolina Public Service Authorityhydroelectric140.0Moncks Corner29461
Jefferson Solar
Jefferson Solarsolar8.2Hartsville29550
Jessamine Solar
Jessamine Solar, LLCsolar1.9Marion29571
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCpumped storage780.0Salem29676
John S Rainey
South Carolina Public Service Authoritynatural gas977.0Starr29684
WestRock North Charlestonbiomass85.0Charleston29423
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric152.0Seneca29672
Lee County Landfill
South Carolina Public Service Authoritybiomass10.6Bishopville29010
Lily Solar
X-Elio North America Incsolar70.0Martin29836
Limelight Solar I, LLC
Limelight Solar I, LLCsolar2.0Spartanburg29301
Limelight Solar II LLC
Limelight Solar II LLCsolar2.0Spartanburg29307
Limelight Solar III, LLC
Limelight Solar III, LLCsolar3.6Spartanburg29301
Lockhart Power Cohydroelectric18.0Lockhart29364
MCRD Parris Island PV Hybrid
Ameresco Federal Solutionssolar17.0Parris Island29905
Marlboro Mill
Domtar Paper Company Bennettsvillebiomass34.2Bennettsville29512
Marshall Solar
Marshall Solarsolar2.0Hartsville29550
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incnatural gas250.0Columbia29212
Cubico USA, LLCsolar72.1St. Matthews29135
Midway Green Solar
Midway Green Solar, LLCsolar12.8Union29379
Mill Creek (SC)
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas563.0Blacksburg29702
Moffett Solar Project
Dominion Renewable Energysolar71.4Ridgeland29936
Mohea Solar Energy Center, LLC
Mohea Solar Energy Center, LLCsolar5.0Gaffney29340
Myrtle Beach
South Carolina Public Service Authoritypetroleum75.0Myrtle Beach29577
Neal Shoals
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inchydroelectric4.4Union29379
North Road Peak
City of Orangeburg - (SC)petroleum13.0Oangeburg29115
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnuclear2554.0Seneca29672
Odyssey Solar
Odyssey Solar, LLCsolar8.2Pelion29123
Ogburn Solar, LLC
Ogburn Solar, LLCsolar2.0Jefferson29550
Omtanke Solar
DG South Carolina Solar, LLCsolar6.0Ridgeville29472
Otarre Solar Park
TIG Sun Energy IV, LLCsolar1.6Cayce29033
Otis Elevator Company Solar
Otis Elevator Companysolar1.0Florence29501
Pacolet Diesel Generation Facility
Lockhart Power Copetroleum5.4Pacolet29372
Palmetto Plains
Cubico USA, LLCsolar75.0Bowman29018
Parr Hydro
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inchydroelectric15.0Jenkinsville29065
Pelzer Lower
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric3.1Williamston29627
Pelzer Solar I
Pelzer Solar I, LLCsolar1.0Pelzer29669
Pelzer Upper
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric1.9Petzer29669
Peony Solar
Peony Solar, LLCsolar39.0Springfield29146
Piedmont Hydro Power Project
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric1.0Piedmont29673
Pinson Solar Farm
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar20.0Woodruff29388
Rankin Solar Center, LLC
Rankin Solar Center, LLCsolar10.0Florence29506
Redwing Solar
Redwing Solar, LLCsolar2.0Darlington29532
Richardson Solar
DP-C2 Episode 1 LLCsolar3.6Barnswell29812
Richland County Landfill
South Carolina Public Service Authoritybiomass8.2Lugoff29078
Ridgeland Solar Project
Dominion Renewable Energysolar10.0Ridgeland29936
River Solar
River Solar, LLCsolar2.0Lynchburg29080
Rocky River (SC)
City of Abbeville - (SC)hydroelectric3.6Iva29655
Rowesville Rd Plant
City of Orangeburg - (SC)natural gas8.4Orangeburg29115
Runway Solar Farm
Runway Solar Farmsolar2.0Myrtle Beach29577
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar2.0Hampton29924
SCE&G Nimitz CSG
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar8.0Ridgeland29936
SCE&G Springfield CSG
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar6.1Springfield29146
Saluda Dam
Northbrook Carolina Hydro LLChydroelectric2.4Greenville29611
Saluda Lexington
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inchydroelectric198.5Columbia29212
Saluda Solar II
Saluda Solar II, LLCsolar3.4Saluda29138
Saluda Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar6.8Saluda29138
Sapphire Solar
Sapphire Solar, LLCsolar2.0Lake City29560
Savannah River Site Biomass Cogen
Seabrook Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar72.5Seabrook29940
Central Electric Powerpetroleum2.4York29745
Seneca City of
City of Seneca - (SC)petroleum9.0Seneca29678
Shaw Creek Solar, LLC
Shaw Creek Solarsolar74.9Aiken29801
Sonoco Products Co
Sonoco Products Cobiomass40.5Hartsville29550
South Solar
South Solar, LLCsolar2.0Pamplico29583
Southern Current One, LLC
Southern Current One, LLCsolar10.2Fairfax29827
Spartanburg Water System
Spartanburg Commissioners PWpetroleum3.0Chesnee29323
South Carolina Public Service Authorityhydroelectric2.0Pineville29468
St Stephen
US Army Corps of Engineershydroelectric84.0St. Stephen29479
St. Matthews Solar
St. Matthews Solar, LLCsolar10.2Matthews29135
Substation 20 Plant
City of Orangeburg - (SC)natural gas2.0Orangeburg29115
Swamp Fox Solar
Swamp Fox Solar, LLCsolar10.8Pelion29123
Sylvamo Corporation Eastover Facility
Sylvamo Corporation - Eastoverbiomass103.0Eastover29044
TWE Bowman Solar Project
TWE Bowman Solar Project, LLCsolar73.1Bowman29018
Tedder Solar
Tedder Solarsolar2.0Darlington29532
Thermal Kem
Central Electric Powerpetroleum2.4Rock Hill29730
Trask East Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar12.0Beaufort29906
Union Renewable Energy Facility
Lockhart Power Cobiomass2.4Enoree29335
Upper Pacolet Hydro
Lockhart Power Cohydroelectric1.1Pacolet29372
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incnatural gas640.0Beech Island29842
V C Summer
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Incnuclear977.2Jenkinsville29065
Central Electric Powerpetroleum2.4Westminster29693
Vincent Solar
Vincent Solar, LLCsolar2.0Lynchburg29080
W S Lee
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCnatural gas864.0Williamston29697
Ware Shoals Hydro Project
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric6.0Ware Shoals29692
Watauga Solar
Watauga Solar, LLCsolar2.0Society Hill29593
Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inccoal684.0Eastover29044
Wateree Hydro
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric85.0Ridgeway29130
Weaver Solar
Weaver Solarsolar2.0Lynchburg29080
Webb Forging
Central Electric Powerpetroleum4.8Carlisle29031
Wellford Renewable Energy Plant
Lockhart Power Cobiomass1.6Spartanburg29385
White Horse Solar A
White Horse Solar Asolar2.0Greenville29605
Whitetail Solar
SolRiver Capital LLCsolar10.0Dillon29536
Whitt Solar
Whitt Solar, LLCsolar2.0Piedmont29673
South Carolina Genertg Co, Inccoal605.0Goose Creek29445
Willis Solar
Willis Solar, LLCsolar2.0Pamplico29583
South Carolina Public Service Authoritycoal1130.0Georgetown29440
Woodfields Solar
Woodfields Solar, LLCsolar2.0Greenwood29646
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLChydroelectric60.0Fort Mill29708
Yemassee Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar10.0Yemassee29945
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