Power Plants in Washington

There are a total of 142 power plants in Washington. The most common type of power plant in Washington is Hydroelectric with a total of 75 locations. Hydroelectric generates the most power in Washington with 21766.3 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas163367.9

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Map of Power Plants in Washington

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Washington

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
Adams Nielson Solar
Strata Manager, LLCsolar19.2Lind99341
City of Tacoma - (WA)hydroelectric50.4La Grande98348
Arlington Microgrid
PUD 1 of Snohomish Countybatteries1.5Arlington98223
Big Horn Wind II
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind50.0Bickleton99322
Big Horn Wind Project
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind199.0Bickelton99322
Biotech LS 0836
Washington State Universitypetroleum1.0Pullman99164
Black Creek
Black Creek Hydro Inchydroelectric3.7Snoqualmie98065
Boulder Park
Avista Corpnatural gas24.6Spokane99027
City of Seattle - (WA)hydroelectric1122.8Metaline99152
Box Canyon
PUD No 1 of Pend Oreille Countyhydroelectric90.0Ione99139
Calligan Creek Hydroelectric Project
PUD 1 of Snohomish Countyhydroelectric6.0Snoqualmie98065
Camas Solar Project
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Ellensburg98926
Cedar Falls (WA)
City of Seattle - (WA)hydroelectric30.0North Bend98045
Cedar Hills
Bio Energy Washington, LLCbiomass5.4Maple Valley98038
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric12.0Benton City99320
Chehalis Generating Facility
PacifiCorpnatural gas477.0Chehalis98532
PUD No 1 of Chelan Countyhydroelectric62.1Wenatchee98801
Chief Joseph
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric2456.2Bridgeport98813
Coastal Energy Project
Coastal Community Action Programwind6.0Aberdeen98520
Columbia Generating Station
Energy Northwestnuclear1151.0Richland99352
Cosmo Specialty Fibers Plant
Cosmo Specialty Fibersbiomass17.0Cosmopolis98537
Yakima-Tieton Irrigation Disthydroelectric1.6Tieton98947
Cowlitz Falls
PUD No 1 of Lewis Countyhydroelectric70.0Randle98377
Crystal Mountain
Puget Sound Energy Incpetroleum2.5Greenwater98446
Cushman 1
City of Tacoma - (WA)hydroelectric53.4Shelton98584
Cushman 2
City of Tacoma - (WA)hydroelectric93.6Shelton98584
Hampton Lumber Mills - Washington Incbiomass4.5Darrington98241
City of Seattle - (WA)hydroelectric182.4Rockport98283
Drop 2 (WA)
Yakama Powerhydroelectric2.1Wapato98951
Drop 3 (WA)
Yakama Powerhydroelectric1.0Wapato98951
Electron Hydro LLChydroelectric25.8Orting98360
Eltopia Branch Canal 4.6
Columbia Basin Hydropowerhydroelectric2.2Pasco99301
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas159.4Bellingham98225
FPL Energy Vansycle LLC (WA)
FPL Energy Vansycle LLCwind176.9Touchet99360
Ferndale Generating Station
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas270.0Ferndale98248
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas134.0Tacoma98446
Frederickson Power LP
Frederickson Power LPnatural gas246.0Tacoma98446
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas280.0Mt Vernon98233
Glacier Battery Storage
Puget Sound Energy Incbatteries2.0Glacier98244
Goldendale Generating Station
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas263.7Goldendale98620
Goodnoe Hills
City of Seattle - (WA)hydroelectric193.0Rockport98283
Grand Coulee
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric7079.0Grand Coulee99133
Grays Harbor Energy Facility
Invenergy Services LLCnatural gas595.0Elma98541
Grimes Way
Washington State Universitynatural gas3.7Pullman99164
H M Jackson
PUD 1 of Snohomish Countyhydroelectric96.0Sultan98294
HF Sinclair Puget Sound Refining
HF Sinclair Corporationnatural gas120.0Anacortes98221
Hancock Creek Hydroelectric Project
PUD 1 of Snohomish Countyhydroelectric6.0Snoqualmie98065
Harvest Wind Project
Harvest Wind Project TICwind98.9Roosevelt99356
Hopkins Ridge Wind
Puget Sound Energy Incwind156.6Dayton99328
Horn Rapids Solar, Storage and Training
Energy Northwestsolar4.2Richland99354
Ice Harbor
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric499.0Burbank99323
Juniper Canyon I Wind Project
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind148.8Bickleton99322
Kettle Falls Generating Station
Avista Corpbiomass56.2Kettle Falls99141
Koma Kulshan
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric12.4Concrete98237
LRI LFGTE Facility
Frontier Operation Servicesbiomass4.5Graham98338
City of Tacoma - (WA)hydroelectric64.0La Grande98348
Lilliwaup Falls Generating
William G. Reed Jrhydroelectric1.4Lilliwaup98555
Linden Wind Energy Project
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerwind50.0Goldendale98620
Little Falls (WA)
Avista Corphydroelectric43.2Ford99013
Little Goose
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric810.0Dayton99328
Long Lake
Avista Corphydroelectric89.5Ford99013
Longview Fibre
Longview Fibre Cobiomass47.0Longview98632
Lower Baker
Puget Sound Energy Inchydroelectric102.4Concrete98237
Lower Granite
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric802.0Pomeroy99347
Lower Monumental
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric790.0Kahlotus99335
Lower Snake River Wind Energy Project
Puget Sound Energy Incwind342.7Pomeroy99347
Lund Hill Solar
Avangrid Renewables LLCsolar150.0Bickleton99322
PUD 1 of Snohomish Countybatteries2.0Everett98203
Main Canal Headworks
Columbia Basin Hydropowerhydroelectric26.8Coulee City99115
Marengo Wind Plant
City of Tacoma - (WA)hydroelectric164.0Silver Creek98585
McKinley Paper Co. - Washington Mill
McKinley Paper Co. - Washington Millbiomass12.0Port Angeles98363
McNary Dam Fish Attraction Project
Northern Wasco County PUDhydroelectric9.0Plymouth99346
Meyers Falls
Hydro Technology Systems Inchydroelectric1.6Kettle Falls99141
Mint Farm Generating Station
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas270.0Longview98632
Monroe Street
Avista Corphydroelectric15.0Spokane99201
City of Tacoma - (WA)hydroelectric343.0Silver Creek98585
City of Seattle - (WA)hydroelectric2.3Rockport98283
Nine Canyon
Energy Northwestwind95.0Kennewick99336
Nine Mile
Avista Corphydroelectric37.6Nine Mile99026
Nippon Dynawave Packaging Longview WA
Nippon Dynawave Packaging Co.biomass58.0Longview98632
Nooksack Hydro
Puget Sound Hydro LLChydroelectric2.8Glacier98244
Northeast (WA)
Avista Corpnatural gas45.0Spokane99207
Orchard Avenue 1
Yakima-Tieton Irrigation Disthydroelectric1.6Yakima98908
PEC Headworks
PUD No 2 of Grant Countyhydroelectric6.6Moses Lake98837
Energy Northwesthydroelectric26.0Packwood98361
Onward Energywind105.3Oakesdale99170
Penstemon Solar Project
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Ellensburg98926
Port Townsend Paper
Port Townsend Paper Cobiomass7.8Port Townsend98368
Potholes East Canal 66.0
Columbia Basin Hydropowerhydroelectric2.3Pasco99301
Priest Rapids
PUD No 2 of Grant Countyhydroelectric950.0Mattawa99349
Quincy Chute
PUD No 2 of Grant Countyhydroelectric9.4Quincy98848
Rattlesnake Flat
Rattlesnake Flat, LLCwind144.0Ritzville99169
River Road Gen Plant
PUD No 1 of Clark County - (WA)natural gas220.0Vancouver98660
Rock Island
PUD No 1 of Chelan Countyhydroelectric503.2Wenatchee98801
Rocky Brook Hydroelectric
Rocky Brook Electric Inchydroelectric0.1Brinnon98320
Rocky Reach
PUD No 1 of Chelan Countyhydroelectric1253.9Wenatchee98801
City of Seattle - (WA)hydroelectric450.0Rockport98283
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric12.9Yakima98901
Russell D Smith
Columbia Basin Hydropowerhydroelectric6.1Othello99344
Sagebrush Power Partners
Sagebrush Power Partners, LLCwind100.7Ellensburg98922
Sheep Creek Hydro
Sheep Creek Hydro Inchydroelectric1.6Northport99157
Sierra Pacific Aberdeen
Sierra Pacific Industriesbiomass17.4Aberdeen98520
Sierra Pacific Burlington Facility
Sierra Pacific Industriesbiomass24.6Mt Vernon98273
TransAlta Centralia Gen LLChydroelectric1.0Tenino98530
Skookumchuck Wind Facility
Southern Power Cowind136.8Rainier98576
Puget Sound Energy Inchydroelectric12.1Snoqualmie98065
Snoqualmie 2
Puget Sound Energy Inchydroelectric33.6Snoqualmie98024
South Fork Tolt
City of Seattle - (WA)hydroelectric16.8North Bend98045
Spokane Waste to Energy
City of Spokanebiomass22.7Spokane99224
Sumas Power Plant
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas125.5Sumas98295
Summer Falls Power Plant
Columbia Basin Hydropowerhydroelectric92.0Coulee City99115
Swauk Wind LLC
Gamesa Wind US LLCwind4.3Thorp98946
Swift 1
Swift 2
Tieton Dam Hydro Electric Project
City of Burbank Water and Powerhydroelectric13.8Rimrock98937
Transalta Centralia Generation
TransAlta Centralia Gen LLCcoal670.0Centralia98531
Tucannon River Wind Farm
Portland General Electric Cowind266.8Dayton99328
Tuolumne Wind Project
Turlock Irrigation Districtwind136.3Goldendale98620
Twin Falls Hydro
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric22.8North Bend98033
Twin Reservoirs
Walla Walla City ofhydroelectric1.8Walla Walla99362
University of Washington Power Plant
University of Washingtonpetroleum12.0Seattle98195
Upper Baker
Puget Sound Energy Inchydroelectric103.4Concrete98237
Upper Falls
Avista Corphydroelectric10.2Spokane99201
Upriver Dam Hydro Plant
City of Spokanehydroelectric4.5Spokane99212
Urtica Solar Project
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Ellensburg98926
Vantage Wind Energy LLC
Invenergy Services LLCwind90.0Ellensburg98926
PUD No 2 of Grant Countyhydroelectric1220.0Beverly99321
Weeks Falls
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric4.2North Bend98045
PUD No 1 of Douglas Countyhydroelectric873.0Pateros98846
West Point Treatment Plant
King County Dept-Natural Resbiomass4.6Seattle98199
WestRock (WA)
WestRock (WA)biomass55.0Tacoma98421
White Creek Wind Farm
White Creek Wind 1 LLCwind204.0Roosevelt99356
Puget Sound Energy Incnatural gas134.0Blaine98230
Wild Horse
Puget Sound Energy Incwind273.1Ellensburg98926
Windy Flats Wind Project
Windy Flats Partners LLCwind262.2Centerville98613
City of Tacoma - (WA)hydroelectric15.5Montesano98520
City of Centralia - (WA)hydroelectric11.4Yelm98597
Youngs Creek Hydroelectric Project
PUD 1 of Snohomish Countyhydroelectric7.9Monroe98272
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