Power Plants in Wisconsin

There are a total of 206 power plants in Wisconsin. The most common type of power plant in Wisconsin is Hydroelectric with a total of 60 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in Wisconsin with 7241.5 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas387241.5

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Map of Power Plants in Wisconsin

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Wisconsin

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric4.2Merrill54452
Alliant Energy Neenah
Wisconsin Power & Light Conatural gas304.5Neenah52601
Ameresco Janesville
AMERESCO Janesville LLCbiomass3.0Janesville53545
Apple River
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric1.4Somerset54025
Wisconsin Electric Power Cohydroelectric2.2Appleton54915
Arcadia Electric
City of Arcadia - (WI)petroleum16.9Arcadia54612
Arcadia Solar
Butter Solar, LLCsolar5.0Arcadia54612
City of Argyle - (WI)petroleum2.0Argyle53504
Arpin Dam
Renewable World Energies LLChydroelectric1.4Radisson54867
Badger Hollow I
Wisconsin Public Service Corpsolar150.0Montfort53569
City of Barron - (WI)petroleum8.4Barron54812
Barron Solar Array
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar3.0Barron54812
Bay Front
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotanatural gas41.0Ashland54806
Bear Creek
Wisconsin Power & Light Cosolar50.0Lone Rock53556
Beloit Memorial Hospital Power Plant
Beloit Memorial Hospitalnatural gas3.0Beloit53511
Berlin Landfill Gas
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass2.4Berlin54923
Big Falls
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric3.3Glen Fora54563
Consolidated Water Power Cohydroelectric5.4Biron54494
Biron Mill
ND Paper, Inc.coal55.3Wisconsin Rapids54494
Blount Street
Madison Gas & Electric Conatural gas95.1Madison53703
Blue Prairie Solar, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.5Black River Falls54615
Blue Sky Green Field Wind Project
Wisconsin Electric Power Cowind145.2Fond du Lac54935
Wisconsin Electric Power Cohydroelectric5.3Florence54121
Butler Ridge
Butler Ridge Wind Energy Centerwind54.0Mayville53050
Caldron Falls
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric6.4Town of Stephenson54114
Capitol Heat and Power
State of Wisconsinpetroleum2.0Madison53703
Village of Cashton - (WI)petroleum3.5Cashton54619
Cashton Greens Wind Farm
Cashton Greens Wind Farm LLCwind4.8Cashton54619
Cashton Solar
Butter Solar, LLCsolar2.0Cashton54619
Castle Rock
Wisconsin River Power Companyhydroelectric14.0Adams53934
Cedar Falls (WI)
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric3.6Menomonie54751
Cedar Ridge
Wisconsin Power & Light Cowind67.7Eden53019
Chippewa Falls
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric12.1Chippewa Falls54729
City of Sheboygan Solar
Wisconsin Power & Light Cosolar1.0Sheboygan53081
Clam River Dam
Renewable World Energies LLChydroelectric1.2Danbury54830
Columbia (WI)
Wisconsin Power & Light Cocoal1148.1Pardeville53954
Combined Locks
City of Kaukaunahydroelectric6.2Combined Locks54113
Combined Locks Energy Center
Appleton Coated LLCnatural gas51.9Combined Locks54113
Wisconsin Electric Power Conatural gas364.4Watertown53094
Conrath DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.0Conrath54731
Consumer Operations LLC
Georgia-Pacific Consumer Oper. Green Bay LLCnatural gas41.0Green Bay54304
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric19.9Chippewa Falls54729
Cumberland (WI)
City of Cumberland - (WI)natural gas21.0Cumberland54829
Cumberland Solar
Butter Solar, LLCsolar2.5Cumberland54829
Custer Energy Center
Manitowoc Public Utilitiesnatural gas22.0Manitowoc54221
Dairyland WTE Plant
Energy Systems Group LLCbiomass1.4New Franken54229
Danbury Dam
Renewable World Energies LLChydroelectric1.0Danbury54830
Danbury Diesel
Northwestern Wisconsin Elec Copetroleum5.0Danbury54830
Dane County Airport Solar
Madison Gas & Electric Cosolar10.8Madison53704
De Pere Energy Center
Wisconsin Public Service Corpnatural gas164.0De Pere54115
Deertrack Park Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass6.4Watertown53094
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric7.3Eau Claire54701
Diesel Generators
Madison Gas & Electric Copetroleum53.8Madison53703
Domtar Paper Company Rothschild
Domtar Paper Company Rothschildhydroelectric1.1Rothschild54474
Downsville DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.0Menomonee54751
Du Bay
Consolidated Water Power Cohydroelectric7.2Eau Pleine54455
ENGIE 2020 ProjectCo-WI1 LLC
ENGIE 2020 ProjectCo-WI1 LLCsolar1.0Fond Du Lac54937
Wisconsin Power & Light Cocoal409.1Sheboygan53081
Elk Mound
Dairyland Power Coopnatural gas64.6Elk Mound54739
Elm Road Generating Station
Wisconsin Electric Power Cocoal1269.1Oak Creek53154
City of Elroy - (WI)petroleum6.6Elroy53929
Elroy Solar
Butter Solar, LLCsolar1.5Mauston53948
Epic Verona
Epic Hosting, LLCpetroleum43.2Verona53593
FCPC Renewable Generation
FCPC Renewable Generation, LLCbiomass1.0Milwaukee53233
City of Fennimore - (WI)petroleum7.4Fennimore53809
Fennimore Solar
Butter Solar, LLCsolar3.0Fennimore53809
Fiber Recovery, Inc.
Fiber Recovery, Incbiomass2.4Ringle54471
Madison Gas & Electric Conatural gas31.1Madison53719
Flambeau Crowley Rapids Project
Renewable World Energies LLChydroelectric1.5Park Falls54552
Flambeau Hydroelectric Station
Dairyland Power Coophydroelectric24.1Ladysmith54848
Flambeau Lower Project
Renewable World Energies LLChydroelectric1.2Park Falls54552
Flambeau Solar Partners
Flambeau Solar Partners, LLCsolar2.5Phillips54555
Forward Wind Energy Center
Wisconsin Public Service Corpwind129.0Brownsville53006
Fox Energy Center
Wisconsin Public Service Corpnatural gas574.1Wrightstown54130
Frederic Diesel
Northwestern Wisconsin Elec Copetroleum13.5Frederic54837
French Island
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotapetroleum135.0La Cross54601
Galactic Wind
Galactic Windwind9.9Waunakee53597
Georgia-Pacific Corp - Nekoosa Mill
Domtar Industries Incnatural gas35.1Nekoosa54457
Wisconsin Electric Power Copetroleum263.6Germantown53022
Glacier Hills
Wisconsin Electric Power Cowind162.0Cambria53923
Dahlberg Light & Power Copetroleum2.8Gordon54838
Grandfather Falls
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric17.2Irma54442
Grantsburg Diesel
Northwestern Wisconsin Elec Copetroleum6.3Grantsburg54840
HQC Rock River Solar Power Gen Station
HQC Rock River Solar Power Generation Station LLCsolar2.1Beloit53511
Hat Rapids
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric1.7Rhinelander54501
Hermsdorf Solar
Madison Gas & Electric Cosolar8.0Madison53718
High Falls (WI)
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric7.0Town of Stephenson54114
Hodag Solar
Wisconsin Public Service Corpsolar7.5Rhinelander54501
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric21.9Holcombe54745
IKEA Oak Creek Rooftop PV System
IKEA Property Incsolar1.2Oak Creek53154
Island Street Peaking Plant
WPPI Energynatural gas52.4Kaukauna54130
Jefferson Solar Park
Concord New Energysolar1.0Jefferson53549
Jim Falls
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric25.0Jim Falls54748
John P Madgett
Dairyland Power Coopcoal389.8Alma54610
Johnson Falls
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric3.4Town of Stephenson54114
Kaukauna City Hydro
City of Kaukaunahydroelectric4.8Kaukauna54130
Kaukauna Gas Turbine
City of Kaukaunanatural gas15.8Kaukauna54130
Kaukauna Paper Mill
Thilmany LLCbiomass44.6Kaukauna54130
Wisconsin Power & Light Cohydroelectric9.5Wisconsin Dells53965
Kimberly Mill
City of Kaukaunahydroelectric2.1Appleton54136
Kohler Solar
Wisconsin Power & Light Cosolar2.3Kohler53044
LAC Courte Oreilles Hydroelect
Renewable World Energies LLChydroelectric3.2Winter54896
LSP-Whitewater LP
Whitewater Operating Services LLCnatural gas261.0Whitewater53190
La Farge
La Farge Municipal Electric Copetroleum1.5La Farge54639
Ladysmith Dam
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric1.0Ladysmith54848
Lafayette DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.0Chippewa Falls54729
Liberty Pole DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.1Viroqua54665
Little Chute
City of Kaukaunahydroelectric3.3Combined Locks54113
Little Quinnesec Falls Hydro Project
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric9.0Niagara54151
MMSD Jones Island Wastewater
Milwaukee Metro Sewerage Distnatural gas26.8Milwaukee53207
MMSD South Shore Wastewater
Milwaukee Metro Sewerage Distbiomass5.0Oak Creek53154
Manitowoc Public Utilitiespetroleum102.4Manitowoc54221
Marshfield Utilities Gas Plant
City of Marshfield - (WI)natural gas53.3Marshfield54449
Medford DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar2.0Medford54451
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric2.2Menomonie54751
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric2.3Merrill54452
Metro Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass9.0Franklin53132
Middleton Airport Solar
Madison Gas & Electric Cosolar5.6Middleton53562
Middleton Biogas Solar, LLC
Middleton Biogas Solar, LLCsolar2.2Middleton53562
Montfort Wind Energy Center
Wisconsin Electric Power Cowind30.0Montfort53569
Mosinee Mill
Ahlstrom-Munksjo NA Specialty Solutions, LLCbiomass21.4Mosinee54455
Mt. Hope DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.0Mt. Hope53816
New Auburn DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar2.5New Auburn54757
New Badger
City of Kaukaunahydroelectric8.0Kaukauna54130
New Lisbon
City of New Lisbonpetroleum7.6New Lisbon53950
New Lisbon Solar
Butter Solar, LLCsolar2.5New Lisbon53950
Nine Springs
Madison Gas & Electric Conatural gas12.6Madison53713
North Rock
Wisconsin Power & Light Cosolar50.0Edgerton53534
O'Brien Solar Fields
Madison Gas & Electric Cosolar22.1Fitchburg53593
Oconto Falls Lower
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric2.0Oconto Falls54154
Oconto Falls Upper
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric1.1Oconto Falls54154
Omega Hills Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass11.7Germantown53051
Onalaska Campus Landfill Biogas
Gundersen Lutheran Biogas I LLCbiomass1.1Onalaska54650
Packaging of America Tomahawk Mill
PCA-Tomahawk Millbiomass14.7Tomahawk54487
Paris (WI)
Wisconsin Electric Power Conatural gas367.8Union Grove53182
Park Mill
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric2.1Marinette54143
Wisconsin River Power Companyhydroelectric20.0Necedah54646
Pheasant Run Landfill Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass8.8Bristol53104
Wisconsin Electric Power Cohydroelectric3.2Florence54121
Point Beach Nuclear Plant
NextEra Energy Point Beach LLCnuclear1211.0Two Rivers54241
Point Beach Solar
Point Beach Solarsolar100.0Two Creeks54241
Port Edwards Mill
Domtar Industries Inchydroelectric6.6Port Edwards54469
Port Washington Generating Station
Wisconsin Electric Power Conatural gas1245.8Port Washington53074
Portage Industrial Battery
Wisconsin Power & Light Cobatteries5.0Portage53901
Potato Rapids
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric1.3Town of Porterfield54143
Prairie Du Sac
Wisconsin Power & Light Cohydroelectric29.0Prairie du Sac53578
Wisconsin Public Service Corpnatural gas79.0Green Bay54303
Quilt Block Wind Farm LLC
Quilt Block Wind Farm LLCwind98.0Darlington53530
Rapide Croche
City of Kaukaunahydroelectric2.4Kaukana54130
Red Barn Energy
Allete Clean Energywind91.6Montfort53569
Rhinelander Mill
Ahlstrom-Munksjonatural gas12.3Rhinelander54501
Rice Lake Solar Array
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar3.8Rice Lake54864
Richland Center Renewable Energy LLC
Richland Center Renewable Energy LLCbiomass1.6Richland Center53581
Riverside Energy Center
Wisconsin Power & Light Conatural gas560.4Beloit53511
RockGen Energy Center
Dairyland Power Coopnatural gas489.0Cambridge53523
Rothschild Biomass Cogen Facility
Wisconsin Electric Power Cobiomass45.7Rothschild54474
Sand Lake DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.0Centuria54824
Sandstone Rapids
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric3.8Town of Stephenson54114
Sauk DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.0Wonewoc53968
Saxon Falls
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric1.0Saxon54559
Shamrock Solar LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar3.0Black River Falls54615
Sheboygan Falls
Wisconsin Power & Light Conatural gas301.1Sheboygan53085
Shirley Wind
Duke Energy Renewables Serviceswind20.0Denmark54208
Solon Diesel
Dahlberg Light & Power Copetroleum6.4Solon Springs54873
South Fond Du Lac
Wisconsin Power & Light Conatural gas328.2Fond du Lac54937
South Oak Creek
Wisconsin Electric Power Cocoal1112.0Oak Creek53154
Spooner Solar Array
AEP Onsite Partners, LLCsolar2.1Spooner54801
St Croix Falls
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric15.2St Croix Falls54024
Stevens Point
Consolidated Water Power Cohydroelectric4.8Stevens Point54481
Stevens Point Mill
Pixelle Specialty Solution, LLCnatural gas7.0Stevens Point54481
Oconto Electric Cooperativehydroelectric0.6Oconto Falls54154
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Merrillan54754
Stromland Solar
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar3.0Cochrane54622
Sycamore (WI)
Madison Gas & Electric Conatural gas29.6Madison53714
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric0.8Bruce54848
Timberline Trail Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass3.2Weyerhaeser54895
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric2.6Tomahawk54487
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric0.7Hayward54888
Twin Falls (WI)
Wisconsin Electric Power Cohydroelectric9.2Florence54121
Two Creeks Solar
Wisconsin Public Service Corpsolar150.0Two Rivers54241
UW Madison Charter Street Plant
State of Wisconsinnatural gas11.0Madison53715
Valley (WI)
Wisconsin Electric Power Conatural gas268.4Milwaukee53233
Village of Viola - (WI)petroleum1.8Viola54664
Viresco Turtle Lake
Viresco Turtle Lakebiomass3.2Turtle Lake54889
Warren DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar2.2Roberts54023
Washington Island
Washington Island El Coop, Incpetroleum5.0Washington Island54246
Waupun Correctional Central Heating Plt
State of Wisconsinpetroleum4.3Waupun53963
Wisconsin Public Service Corphydroelectric5.4Wausau54401
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.natural gas10.0Sturtevant53177
West Campus Cogeneration Facility
Madison Gas & Electric Conatural gas129.6Madison53701
West Marinette
Wisconsin Public Service Corpnatural gas153.0Peshtigo54143
West Marinette 34
Madison Gas & Electric Conatural gas70.2Peshtigo54143
West Riverside Energy Center
Wisconsin Power & Light Conatural gas710.4Beloit53511
Wisconsin Public Service Corpcoal951.1Rothschild54474
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotanatural gas234.0Eau Claire54701
Whistling Winds DPC Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.5New Lisbon53950
White River (WI)
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric0.4Ashland54806
Consolidated Water Power Cohydroelectric5.1Whiting54481
Wind Turbine
Madison Gas & Electric Cowind11.0Casco54205
Winnebago County Landfill Gas
Winnebago Countybiomass2.5Oshkosh54901
North Central Power Co Incpetroleum5.6Winter54896
Wisconsin Rapids
Consolidated Water Power Cohydroelectric8.8Wisconsin Rapids54495
Wisconsin Rapids Pulp Mill
Verso Corporationbiomass64.7Wisconsin Rapids54495
Northern States Power Co - Minnesotahydroelectric18.0Chippewa Falls54729
Wood County
Wisconsin Power & Light Cosolar150.0Nekoosa54457
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