54915 Frequently Asked Questions

A: ZIP Code 54915 is Located in Appleton Wisconsin. Portions of 54915 are also in Harrison, Fox Crossing, Kimberly, Menasha, Buchanan.

A: ZIP Code 54915 is Located Primarily in Outagamie County Wisconsin with Portions in Calumet County.

A: The Current Sales Tax in ZIP Code 54915 is 5.5%

A: The Area Codes for 54915 are 274 and 920

A: 54915 is within by the Wisconsin 8th Congressional District and the Wisconsin 6th Congressional District.

A: 54915 is within Wisconsin State Assembly District 3, Wisconsin State Assembly District 56 and Wisconsin State Assembly District 57.

A: 54915 is within Wisconsin State Senate District 1 and Wisconsin State Senate District 19.

A: The 2022 population of ZIP Code 54915 is 43815. The population growth rate in 54915 is 0.70%.

A: The majority race/ethnicity of people residing in 54915 is White (85.91%). The majority race/ethnicity of students attending public schools in 54915 is White(71.13%).

A: The median household income in 54915 is $74,424 (2021) and the average adjusted income is $433,740 (2021).
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