90002 Frequently Asked Questions

A: ZIP Code 90002 is Located in Los Angeles California. Portions of 90002 are also in Florence-Graham.

A: ZIP Code 90002 is Located Entirely in Los Angeles County California.

A: The Area Codes for 90002 are 213 and 323

A: 90002 is within by the California 43rd Congressional District, the California 37th Congressional District and the California 42nd Congressional District.

A: 90002 is within California State Assembly District 59 and California State Assembly District 64.

A: 90002 is within California State Senate District 30, California State Senate District 33 and California State Senate District 35.

A: The 2021 population of ZIP Code 90002 is 54384. The population growth rate in 90002 is 2.89%.

A: The majority race/ethnicity of people residing in 90002 is Hispanic (60.28%). The majority race/ethnicity of students attending public schools in 90002 is Hispanic(77.96%).

A: The median household income in 90002 is $46,159 (2021) and the average adjusted income is $32,140 (2019).
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