Ventura County California ZIP Codes - Map and Full List

Ventura County California is covered by a total of 54 ZIP Codes. There are 8 ZIP Codes in Ventura County that extend into adjacent counties (Kern County, Los Angeles County, San Luis Obispo County, and Santa Barbara County). Of the ZIP codes within or partially within Ventura County there are 30 Standard ZIP Codes, 5 Unique ZIP Codes and 19 PO Box ZIP Codes.

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Ventura County California ZIP Code Map

Click on the ZIP Codes in the interactive map to view more information. The map control in the upper right corner can be used to toggle map layers on and off. The red outline is the border of Ventura County and can be turned on and off. Each type of postal code can also be turned on and off.

List of ZIP Codes in Ventura County

ZIP CodeZIP Code City/TownZIP Code Type
ZIP Code 90265
ZIP Code 91304
Canoga ParkStandard
ZIP Code 91307
West HillsStandard
ZIP Code 91311
ZIP Code 91319
Newbury ParkPO Box
ZIP Code 91320
Newbury ParkStandard
ZIP Code 91358
Thousand OaksPO Box
ZIP Code 91359
Westlake VillagePO Box
ZIP Code 91360
Thousand OaksStandard
ZIP Code 91361
Westlake VillageStandard
ZIP Code 91362
Thousand OaksStandard
ZIP Code 91377
Oak ParkStandard
ZIP Code 93001
ZIP Code 93002
VenturaPO Box
ZIP Code 93003
ZIP Code 93004
ZIP Code 93005
VenturaPO Box
ZIP Code 93006
VenturaPO Box
ZIP Code 93007
VenturaPO Box
ZIP Code 93009
ZIP Code 93010
ZIP Code 93011
CamarilloPO Box
ZIP Code 93012
ZIP Code 93015
ZIP Code 93016
FillmorePO Box
ZIP Code 93020
MoorparkPO Box
ZIP Code 93021
ZIP Code 93022
Oak ViewStandard
ZIP Code 93023
ZIP Code 93024
OjaiPO Box
ZIP Code 93030
ZIP Code 93031
OxnardPO Box
ZIP Code 93032
OxnardPO Box
ZIP Code 93033
ZIP Code 93034
OxnardPO Box
ZIP Code 93035
ZIP Code 93036
ZIP Code 93040
PiruPO Box
ZIP Code 93041
Port HuenemeStandard
ZIP Code 93042
Point Mugu NawcUnique
ZIP Code 93043
Port Hueneme Cbc BaseUnique
ZIP Code 93044
Port HuenemePO Box
ZIP Code 93060
Santa PaulaStandard
ZIP Code 93061
Santa PaulaPO Box
ZIP Code 93062
Simi ValleyPO Box
ZIP Code 93063
Simi ValleyStandard
ZIP Code 93064
ZIP Code 93065
Simi ValleyStandard
ZIP Code 93066
ZIP Code 93094
Simi ValleyPO Box
ZIP Code 93099
Simi ValleyUnique
ZIP Code 93225
Frazier ParkStandard
ZIP Code 93243
ZIP Code 93252

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