Polk County Florida ZIP Codes - Map and Full List

Polk County Florida is covered by a total of 58 ZIP Codes. There are 8 ZIP Codes in Polk County that extend into adjacent counties (Hardee County, Highlands County, Hillsborough County, Okeechobee County, and Osceola County). Of the ZIP codes within or partially within Polk County there are 34 Standard ZIP Codes, 1 Unique ZIP Codes and 22 PO Box ZIP Codes.

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Polk County Florida ZIP Code Map

Click on the ZIP Codes in the interactive map to view more information. The map control in the upper right corner can be used to toggle map layers on and off. The red outline is the border of Polk County and can be turned on and off. Each type of postal code can also be turned on and off.

List of ZIP Codes in Polk County

ZIP CodeZIP Code City/TownZIP Code Type
ZIP Code 33547
ZIP Code 33801
ZIP Code 33802
LakelandPO Box
ZIP Code 33803
ZIP Code 33804
LakelandPO Box
ZIP Code 33805
ZIP Code 33806
LakelandPO Box
ZIP Code 33807
LakelandPO Box
ZIP Code 33809
ZIP Code 33810
ZIP Code 33811
ZIP Code 33812
ZIP Code 33813
ZIP Code 33815
ZIP Code 33820
AlturasPO Box
ZIP Code 33823
ZIP Code 33825
Avon ParkStandard
ZIP Code 33827
Babson ParkStandard
ZIP Code 33830
ZIP Code 33831
BartowPO Box
ZIP Code 33834
Bowling GreenStandard
ZIP Code 33835
BradleyPO Box
ZIP Code 33836
DavenportPO Box
ZIP Code 33837
ZIP Code 33838
ZIP Code 33839
Eagle LakeStandard
ZIP Code 33840
Eaton ParkPO Box
ZIP Code 33841
Fort MeadeStandard
ZIP Code 33843
ZIP Code 33844
Haines CityStandard
ZIP Code 33845
Haines CityPO Box
ZIP Code 33846
Highland CityPO Box
ZIP Code 33847
HomelandPO Box
ZIP Code 33849
ZIP Code 33850
Lake AlfredStandard
ZIP Code 33851
Lake HamiltonPO Box
ZIP Code 33853
Lake WalesStandard
ZIP Code 33854
LakeshorePO Box
ZIP Code 33855
Indian Lake EstatesPO Box
ZIP Code 33856
NalcrestPO Box
ZIP Code 33858
LoughmanPO Box
ZIP Code 33859
Lake WalesStandard
ZIP Code 33860
ZIP Code 33863
NicholsPO Box
ZIP Code 33867
River RanchStandard
ZIP Code 33868
Polk CityStandard
ZIP Code 33877
WaverlyPO Box
ZIP Code 33880
Winter HavenStandard
ZIP Code 33881
Winter HavenStandard
ZIP Code 33882
Winter HavenPO Box
ZIP Code 33883
Winter HavenPO Box
ZIP Code 33884
Winter HavenStandard
ZIP Code 33885
Winter HavenPO Box
ZIP Code 33888
Winter HavenUnique
ZIP Code 33896
ZIP Code 33897
ZIP Code 33898
Lake WalesStandard
ZIP Code 34759

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