Monroe County Florida ZIP Codes by Median Household Income - Map and List

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Map of Monroe County Florida Median Household Income by ZIP Code

Click on the ZIP Codes in the interactive map to view more information. The map control in the upper right corner can be used to toggle map layers on and off. The red outline is the border of Monroe County and can be turned on and off. Each type of postal code can also be turned on and off.

List of ZIP Codes in Monroe County With Median Household Income - 2021

ZIP CodeZIP Code City/TownZIP TypeMedian Household Income(2021)
ZIP Code 33001
Long KeyPO Box$46,397
ZIP Code 33034
ZIP Code 33036
ZIP Code 33037
Key LargoStandard$67,236
ZIP Code 33040
Key WestStandard$73,884
ZIP Code 33042
Summerland KeyStandard$95,365
ZIP Code 33043
Big Pine KeyStandard$71,364
ZIP Code 33050
ZIP Code 33051
Key Colony BeachPO Box$94,485
ZIP Code 33070
Source: US Census Bureau

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