Chester County Pennsylvania ZIP Codes - Map and Full List

Chester County Pennsylvania is covered by a total of 68 ZIP Codes. There are 12 ZIP Codes in Chester County that extend into adjacent counties (Berks County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, and Montgomery County). Of the ZIP codes within or partially within Chester County there are 33 Standard ZIP Codes, 5 Unique ZIP Codes and 29 PO Box ZIP Codes.

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Chester County Pennsylvania ZIP Code Map

Click on the ZIP Codes in the interactive map to view more information. The map control in the upper right corner can be used to toggle map layers on and off. The red outline is the border of Chester County and can be turned on and off. Each type of postal code can also be turned on and off.

List of ZIP Codes in Chester County

ZIP CodeZIP Code City/TownZIP Code Type
ZIP Code 17527
ZIP Code 17555
ZIP Code 19073
Newtown SquareStandard
ZIP Code 19087
ZIP Code 19301
ZIP Code 19310
ZIP Code 19311
ZIP Code 19312
ZIP Code 19316
BrandamorePO Box
ZIP Code 19317
Chadds FordStandard
ZIP Code 19318
ChathamPO Box
ZIP Code 19320
ZIP Code 19330
ZIP Code 19333
ZIP Code 19335
ZIP Code 19341
ZIP Code 19343
ZIP Code 19344
Honey BrookStandard
ZIP Code 19345
Immaculata UniversityPO Box
ZIP Code 19346
KeltonPO Box
ZIP Code 19347
KemblesvillePO Box
ZIP Code 19348
Kennett SquareStandard
ZIP Code 19350
ZIP Code 19351
LewisvillePO Box
ZIP Code 19352
Lincoln UniversityStandard
ZIP Code 19353
LionvillePO Box
ZIP Code 19354
LyndellPO Box
ZIP Code 19355
ZIP Code 19357
MendenhallPO Box
ZIP Code 19358
ModenaPO Box
ZIP Code 19360
New LondonPO Box
ZIP Code 19362
ZIP Code 19363
ZIP Code 19365
ZIP Code 19366
PocopsonPO Box
ZIP Code 19367
PomeroyPO Box
ZIP Code 19369
SadsburyvillePO Box
ZIP Code 19371
SupleePO Box
ZIP Code 19372
ZIP Code 19374
ZIP Code 19375
UnionvillePO Box
ZIP Code 19376
WagontownPO Box
ZIP Code 19380
West ChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19381
West ChesterPO Box
ZIP Code 19382
West ChesterStandard
ZIP Code 19383
West ChesterUnique
ZIP Code 19390
West GroveStandard
ZIP Code 19395
WesttownPO Box
ZIP Code 19398
SoutheasternPO Box
ZIP Code 19399
SoutheasternPO Box
ZIP Code 19406
King Of PrussiaStandard
ZIP Code 19421
BirchrunvillePO Box
ZIP Code 19425
Chester SpringsStandard
ZIP Code 19432
DevaultPO Box
ZIP Code 19442
KimbertonPO Box
ZIP Code 19457
Parker FordPO Box
ZIP Code 19460
ZIP Code 19465
ZIP Code 19470
Saint PetersPO Box
ZIP Code 19475
Spring CityStandard
ZIP Code 19480
UwchlandPO Box
ZIP Code 19481
Valley ForgePO Box
ZIP Code 19482
Valley ForgePO Box
ZIP Code 19493
Valley ForgeUnique
ZIP Code 19494
Valley ForgeUnique
ZIP Code 19495
Valley ForgeUnique
ZIP Code 19496
Valley ForgeUnique
ZIP Code 19520

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